READ BOOK War Of The Archangels The Satanic Uprising –

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READ BOOK War Of The Archangels The Satanic Uprising –

Kingdom Nations Lucifer whose heart became rot with sin sparked a revolution of destruction taking with him one third of the Angels creating the Unholy Six Galactic Alliance The fallen ones were turned into hideous Red Dragons called Draco Reptilians known as the Draconians who waged an all out war throughout

Eons ago God created the terrestrial niverse filled with billions of galaxies for the Angelic citizens of Heaven who cultivated these innumerable planetary systems and created vast empires The Archangels ruled these galactic realms nder God's directives and governmental system known as The United Federation Of.

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He Kingdom in the hopes of taking the very Throne of HeavenTo counter the supreme Serpentine Dragon Satan the dark sorcerer of Rahab Yeshua established the Guardian Knights led by Michael who traverse the niverse waging war against the evil empire and delivering liberty freedom and justice to allAnd so it begin.