online epub The Secret Life of a Snowflake –

online epub The Secret Life of a Snowflake –

FASCINATED not bored The photographs are beautiful there is instructions on how to produce a geometrically correct snowflake using paper and illustrations to represent the reality of size On a scale of 1 5 I give this book a SIX Yes it s that good Doing some weather reading this summer and this book about snow and snowflakes is lovely Libbrecht is a scientist who has devoted his career to studying snow but writes about it in lay friendly language I learned so much I will appreciate this winter s snow on so many new levels this year This book is a good companion to Snowflake Bentley by Jacueline Briggs Martin This book by Kenneth Libbrecht who is a professor of physics at Caltech where he studies how crystals grow will inform young ones what a snowflake is and how it develops and how beautiful each snowflake is by his gorgeous photography This book even gives you directions to make paper snowflakes A definite must for your children s science shelf To see this review as well as this week s favorite children s books please visit wwwreadrantrockandrollcom The Secret Life of a Snowflake has to be one of the most beautiful children s science books I ve seen The author Dr Kenneth Libbrecht is a professor of physics and studies crystals Not only does the book contain many photographs of Dr Libbrecht s snowflake finding s it also teaches facts about them Many of these facts I never knew as an adult which makes this a book for everyone Some of them include Why is snow the color white How are snowflakes made Why are they all so different Why do snowflakes all have 6 branchesThe author even covers the different states of water clouds the birth of a snowflake and provides a pattern for cutting your own paper snowflake This is a wonderful book that would be perfect for applying in a science curriculum for kids If you simply can t wait to read this book you can visit his website at wwwsnowcrystalscom Here you will find countless photos of close up snowflakes Simply Amazing Of the world and weather that add up flake by flake to the white landscape of winter Aimed at readers from 6 to 12 The Secret Life of a Snowflake gets to the heart of one of nature’s most magical phenomena while making the wonder of the snowflake all the real.

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CalTech webpage about snow Aimed for grades 4 6 this is a delightful fun read for winter Fantastic A wonderful follow up to Snowflake Bentley Beautiful photos and very interesting Many of us won t pick up a children s book unless we are reading with a child By doing so we may miss out on a lot This book is suitable for children and young adults but it was also beneficial to me It relates a great many things about snowflakes that I didn t know or forgot Libbrecht communicates both his passion and understanding of his subject His photographs are exuisite and reinforce his discussion of both the science and artistry of snowflakes and how they come to beIt is straightforward it is short its prose is clear and it is beautiful This book is awesome I grabbed in from the seasonal shelf at the library because there weren t a lot of Christmas books left and I thought my kids might be mildly interested Turns out they were completley fascinated by it and so was I Kenneth Libbrech is a scientist who takes photos of snowflakes under a microscope The book is filled with his beautiful images as well as lots of interesting facts about how snowflakes are formed I definitely learned some things I didn t know before On one page he teaches us how to make a realistic paper snowflake My kids and I had so much fun getting out the scissors and making our own snowflakes together We also got sugar and salt out of the cupboard and examined the crystals up close We searched for hexagon shapes in our house We examined the snowflake ornaments on our tree to see if they were designed correctly We discussed water molecules and condensation and light reflection in a way that was fun and interestingIf you want to get your kids engaged in science in a fun way I highly recommend this book I was thrilled this book arrived from the library ust in time for a unit study on snow I did with my love to learners see Thomas Jefferson Education The science is written in such a manner that the kids were. Mitten Told by a scientist who knows snowflakes better than almost anyone the story features his brilliant photographs of real snowflakes snowflakes forming in the author’s lab water evaporating clouds developing ice crystals rain dew and frost all the elements.

Summary This book tells the Everwar (Cal Leandros, journey of a snowflake as it is created in the clouds to the way it melts on your tongue It is told by a scientist and includes photographs of actual snowflakes You will learn about the development of snowflakes how they form and Review This book is fabulous to spark students interests in the many wonders of science as well as photography Students will be amazed by the close up photographs of snowflakes that are included within this book They will see snowflakes as they never have beforeOther Books you might pair with connect to This book could connect to Snowflake Bentley by Jacueline Briggs Martin In this book Wilson Bentley had an enthusiasm for photographing snowflakes and realized that no two snowflakes are alike This is also addressed within The Secret Life of a SnowflakeDelicious uote No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place This is a very interesting book and written well for young people to understand and enjoy There are lots of pictures and projects to interest young minds and older ones as well What do snowflakes have to do with the Cal Tech Physics Department A lot come to find out Dr Kenneth Libbrecht uses snowflakes to study how crystals grow and how temperature affects the direction and depth of crystal growth Everyone s heard that no two snowflakes are alike but because Libbrecht has documented the many different ways snowflakes develop and form he s also managed to do the math to tell how many different kind of snowflakes there can be and it s a bigger number than the number of atoms in the universe Get OUT Really Why is snow white Why do we sometimes get giant clumpy flakes and sometimes tiny powdery flakes How come snowflakes never have 5 or 7 arms This illustrated guide makes understanding the science of snow easy and the photos are incredible Dr Libbrecht takes his own photos of snowflakes using a microscope so you get o see all of the magical hexagonal details He s also written other books on snow and keeps Before a snowflake melts on your tongue it makes an epicourney This is the beautiful full color story of that ourney step by step from a single snowflake’s creation in the clouds through its fall to earth to its brief and sparkling appearance on a child’s.

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