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940 There were almost no science fiction novels being published at that time and the ones that were were often just mindless pap This novel is not just a brainless pulp adventure although the swashbuckling action is at the forefront Jack Williamson was one of the all time grandmasters of science fiction and although this is from early in his career it is a well organized and exciting read Based on the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur it adds motivation and backstory to help round out the characters It s not uite up to the standards of some of the other Retro Hugo nominees but it is good enough to be on the final ballot and receive some attention Storyline 25Characters 25Writing Style 35World 25The only work from Jack Williamson which I had previously read The Legion of Time led me to expect a pulp science fiction novel written in the swashbuckling style of the 1930s magazine serials One can tell from the first page that this is no Legion of Time In fact this was not science fiction but a mythological historical fiction following a character from lore through his new adventures The first few chapters show a Williamson very much taking seriously the adventure tale setting the characters into place putting the mystical objects within reach giving the backstories and foreshadowing the trials to come The merits of the tale should not be overstated though Williamson never makes any genuine effort on the historical fiction angle merely snatching up a nown character and slipping him into a period and place which sounds plausible enough and then foregoing any cultural technological geographical details that would betray ignorance or error The defining feature of the book in fact was this confidently promising just enough with the writing style the intentions and the worldbuilding to lull the reader into accepting as fact that these things had already been accomplished Thereafter whenever the characters called for depth Williamson supplies some tawdry exchange When the plot needed careful planning and positioning he rammed through with momentum when the world was ready for some detail and description our author simply left it out If the first half of the book was written just capably enough to get you to think that this was something than pulp action adventure the second half was a frenzied dash to the end before you caught on to the fact that it was not It looks like this was originally published in Unknown magazine the fantasy companion to Astounding Science Fiction some uick reading tells me Given the time I can believe that this stood out as being capably written than the rest While Williamson and The Reign of Wizardry might fare well in comparison to his peers of the day they suffer badly when taken out of that very limited setting Nos narra como un ser ue se aburre mucho y le gusta los deportes de riesgos Se centra en uerer matar a un Rey Dios porue el lo vale Para conseguir esto pasara por guerras marinas pruebas luchas. Y called Captain Firebrand vowed to scale and destroy all three and to rid the world of the evil yoke of Crete But Minos had other defences besides the walls and many ways to attack as well.

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The Reign of Wizardry º BOOK AUTHOR Jack Williamson – lavitamin.us

In the introduction to this edition Williamson talks about how Campbell wanted the work for his new title Unknown to be very different from what was published in Weird Tales I find it strange to point it out in this work as sits much closer to the work of Howard than that of Leiber or DeCampLoosely based on Theseus and The Minotaur it blends lots of notes about older societies often anachronistically together into this story of evil scientist wizards controlling an island and these strongly muscly heroes trying to bring them down The whole story is rather expected the characters are cliches and there is a rather nasty racist undertone going through the story One to avoid I feel From the beginning Theseus is gunning for the fall of the Minoan empire His hell bent obsession is fueled by his unflappable bravado Despite the odds or the circumstances Theseus cannot and will not be daunted Fine and well but it seemed contrived Heroes don t have to be supermen Otherwise it was a decent read 35 starsI read this as one of the Best Novel nominees for the 1941 Retro Hugo Awards A surprisingly good reimagining of the tale of Theseus and the Labyrinth Because it s fantasy and mythically based it stands the test of time better than the Golden Age science fiction stories I ve been reading is a very competent retelling of the Greek legends of Theseus with some parts of other legends thrown in that rises to a cracking good conclusion I read the edition with 254 pages and while this story contains much in cliche and expected happenings it was still a highly entertaining read But the edition I got at least read like a messy manuscript in need of some cleaning up There was a lot of possibility for expanding on the details and taking time to savor a slower pace I don t take away from the book s rating for any of these reasons since I truly was entertained I loved the descriptions word choice and the little wizard Snish whose end did not satisfy me where his story is concerned The word choice got to be repetitive and I do like repetition to an extent but it got to be excessive Like I said it felt like a messy manuscript to me Interesting ending one I wished could have been savored with better pacing A uick read Recommended when you want to fly through pages and get some satisfying old school cliche on Reading Jack Williamson s Reign of Wizardry it s one of the Retro Hugo finalists is like stepping back into my childhood the days when many science fiction and fantasy novels were brisk swashbuckling adventure stories based sometimes uite openly other times subtly on legends and folktales and ancient historyReign of Wizardry is set in the time of the Minoan Empire and calls on the myth of Theseus the Athenian who illed the Minotaur and broke the hold of Minoan Crete over the Mediterranean world In Williamson s fantasy the power that sustains King Minos is wizardry and Theseus must set human courage and ingenuity against supernatural forces. Before the Glory of Greece Crete ruled the nown world and ept it enslaved by black magic The evil of Minos held sway protected by three unconuerable walls First is the fleet that they cal.

Aided by the love of Ariadne daughter of Minos and priestess of CybeleThis is a very Golden Age fantasy for all that it stays rather close to the bones of the Greek legend The hero is from the same mould as Conan bold strong smart a warrior with a touch of barbarian nobility fighting against the decadent cruel and immeasurably wealthy forces of corrupt magic The woman is a cypher who exists only to fall madly in love at the hero s passionate iss and betray everyone she s ever Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, known everything she s ever believed in to help him defeat the only world shenows It s a fast tightly plotted read that moves from set piece to set piece with efficiency and provides all the entertainment the Golden Age reader expected Thanks to the Sword and Sorcery Group on Goodreads continuing to sponsor group reads I re discovered Jack Williamson who wrote fantasy from 1930 2001 I tracked down The Reign of Wizardry with the Frank Frazetta cover and Golden Blood to read This review covers the firstThis 142 page novel first published in 1940 reads as a solid pulpy adventure It could easily have been a Howard Conan novella Jack Williamson presents the classic Theseus ie Minotaur slayer of Greek mythology and founder of Athens as a heroic avenger out to remove the evil Minoan sorcerers of CreteIn fact Theseus conceals his identity going as Captain Firebrand There is an over abundance of going undercover Firebrands even assumes the role of Gothrung the wandering Northman a third identity and very Conan like It reads real fast and in a few hours you join Firebrand on a dozen daunting missions Betrayals and disguised impostor ing abound It fits most reuirements of Sword Sorcery1 Magic abounds and it is usually evil black robed wizards dishing it out2 Our hero has a magic sword with special powers called Falling Star3 Melee lots of battles4 Fast pacing focus on action than character though the characters had just the right amount of depth5 Lots of early pulp adventure were steeped in historical fiction Robert E Howard s fascination with pioneer like adventure and the history infused Hyborian Age this one retells classic Greek mythology with pulpy flare6 Predicaments Theseus is constantly challenged by overwhelming odds and manages to survive somehowHighly recommended for fans of pulp adventure and Sword Sorcery Cover BlurbBefore the Glory of Greece Crete ruled the The Perfect Blend known world andept it enslaved by black magic The evil of Minos held sway protected by three unconuerable walls First is the fleet that they call the wooden wall Then there is a giant of living brass he is the second wall Then there is another barrier about the power of Minos the Wall of Wizardry Theseus the tall Achean the man they called Captain Firebrand vowed to scale and destroy all three and to rid the world of the evil yoke of Crete But Minos had other defences besides the walls and many ways to attack as well Retro Hugo Award Finalist 1940This short novel was first serialized in L the wooden wall Then there is a giant of living brass he is the second wall Then there is another barrier about the power of Minos the Wall of Wizardry Theseus the tall Achean the man the.

John Stewart Williamson who wrote as Jack Williamson and occasionally under the pseudonym Will Stewart was a US writer often referred to as the Dean of Science Fiction

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