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Me for a serious oop The rhyme scheme such as it is appears to be ABCCD EDFFG When I write it out My Indian Kitchen like that it makes aot sense On the page however I was stumped by how to read it aloud particularly when the Lots of Mommies last word of dandy didn t seem to rhyme with anything Poemsike these are rarities in a sea of verse that works I just wished that they all flowed as nicely as poems ike The White House Gang about Teddy Roosevelt being a part of his son s rough and tumble crew or A Presidential Memo about NixonRobert Neubecker was an interesting fella to tap for this book I know he s done a ot of different books over the years but my primary association with him is still Wow City and its spin offs Neubecker s job here is hardly easy anyway First there s the issue of making the presidents recognizable done well enough though caricaturist he will never hope to be Then there s the issue of throwing than one race into the images Whenever we talk about the presidents we have to wait an awfully Fantasy Man long time before we can get to Barack Neubecker slips in different ethnicities when he reasonably can The fellow aghast at John uincy Adams skinny dipping Folks in the angry mob of Whigs not so sure about that one circa 1841 but all right The trumpeter playing Hail to the Chief to Chester A Arthur You don t necessarily believe that they were there all the time and we could debate if it s historically misleading to say that they were but ateast Neubecker s making an effort That s somethingAs for the art itself Neubecker has a good eye for what the most interesting thing to highlight in a given poem might be Often he has to get a ittle creative Grover Cleveland was the only president to serve two nonconsecutive terms Have him shaking hands with himself President Eisenhower was only one of seven brothers all known as Ike Show a picture of seven identical boys all different ages all with the same face Sometimes the images don t make reference to the poems but to the small notes that come afterwards For example the image that accompanies the Rutherford B Hayes poem The President s on the Phone shows Rutherford reacting to a high C described in the note as sung by one of his friends and that shattered the telephone s sounding board Hey man Making this kind of stuff interesting about dudes who are seriously dull is no easy matterThe closest approximation this book has to any other in your average everyday children s room is that classic Caldecott winner So You Want to be President by Judith St George Like this book that one identified various presidents and highlighted some uirks Katz eschews the known stories as well as the scandals and controversies that dogged many of the men in here In the process she grants some of these fellows a posthumous present something to remember them by Not the big things but the ittle ones The details and funny matters that made them human beings Because as far as I can tell the best way to get a kid interested in something is to point out something weird about it After that it may not be smooth sailing but at east they l have something to remember President Taft for besides the Judiciary Act of 1925 of courseFor ages 6 10 Did you know that Bill Clinton once almost put an audience to sleep because his speech was so boring The President s Stuck in the Bathtub is a wonderfully humorous collection poems each about one of the Presidents of the United States From these poems audiences Divine Magnetic Lands learn a wide range of facts about American presidents There are a wide range of facts from the informative to theighthearted This book would be a great addition to an upper elementary classroom read aloud Each poem could be read before Frog and the Treasure learning about a new president or just as a great addition to aesson on American history The collections of poems are a great avenue to engage students I believe that by incorporating this book into the classroom can help to spark an interest in poetry for many studentsI chose this as my WOW book because I The Butterfly Club liked how this book took a genre that many can see as boring and turn it into an entertaining and engaging read Personally I am not a fan of poetry It is not my first choice of genre However once I started reading this poems I was turning the page eager for the nextaugh that was to await me on the other pages 43 poems reveal interesting tidbits about every President Informative footnotes provide historical background for each poem A fun way to Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors liven up American History This book is super cute It s a funook at each president that focuses on His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, lesser known facts and humorous stories. Who haveived in the White House With footnotes relating the facts behind the inspiration for each poem and a section called “Presidential Notes and uotes” in the back this is one hilarious history esson that kids will elect to read over and over agai.

read The Presidents Stuck in the Bathtub

BOOK READ The Presidents Stuck in the Bathtub –

This was definitely a WOW book for me because I am fascinated with Presidential History When I think back on earning History in school I had a hard time with it not because it was not interesting but because I was overwhelmed by the amount of facts that I needed to memorize for tests Disliking History and Social studies was a trend for me in school until my 9th grade History teacher presented information to me in a completely new way On the first day of class she told us that History is ike a big story book of all that has happened over time When you try to study for tests don t try to memorize facts alone Instead treat each piece of history as a new part of a story and replay that story in your mind Every good story needs characters and a plot I really enjoyed this book of poems because it turns history of 44 people into a story format Each page contains a poem about a President the pages are in order of Presidential election the illustrations are beautiful and the Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women language is accessible to upper elementary students The feature that sets this book apart from any other book about presidents is that the poems don t detail the Presidentsives Instead it takes a fun fact or important accomplishment and turns it into a poem with creative anguage Each poem also contains the dates that the President served in office and a summary at the end of the poem of the factual information that the poem was based on Overall this book was very funny and informative and I think my students one day would enjoy it as much as I did As I read through these poems there were several ideas that came to my mind of how I could use it in my classroom one day This book would be an excellent resource for my classroom ibrary to get kids interested in History as well as poems The first way that I would use this poem is during an interdisciplinary unit on Poetry and History In History we would be Blue Skies and Gunfire learning all about Presidents but specifically about how events in the Presidentsives shaped how they made decisions in office During ELA we would study poetry biographies and autobiographies about Presidents Reading this book would be a great choice to read to the class because the poems contain factual information so they are essentially mini biography poems For the first few days of this unit I would engage my class in reading these poems as well as teach them about the main features of poems and biographies Once I feel that my students are comfortable with these features I would tell them that they are going to create poems about their own ives using one fun factaccomplishment ike the President poems did After the completion of these projects I would have each student share theirs with the class Another way that I could use this book is to teach about Poetry types One thing that I noticed while reading this book is that different rhyming schemes are present Also the poems have different organizations and stanzas I would start the 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 lesson my choosing two poems that are completely different types to display at the front of the room I would then ask the students to try to point out what they notice and find differences between the two The President s Stuck in the Bathtub Poems About the Presidents by Susan Katz 2012Genre PoetryFormat BookPlot summaryA poetic celebration ofesser known presidential events and eccentricitiesConsiderations or precautions for readers advisory strong Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, language sex death religious overtones violence etc No special considerationsReview citation if available Betty Carter The Horn Book Guide Fall 2012 v23 i2 p1711 Section source used to find the material Horn Book guideRecommended age Grades K 3 Playfully illustrated entertaining poems about each president reveal amusing facts and each verse is accompanied by a brief informative note Iove the concept of this book a poem about each of the Presidents However the uality of the poems was uneven and it would have been very helpful if a note had been given on each page or at the back of the book as to what poetic form was being used Some poems rhymed some didn t I think this might confuse some young readers I do Born Fighting like the way the poems revealittle known facts about each President or his presidency which made it interesting I especially Dr. Simon Forman liked the poem about Thomas Jefferson because I didn t know about the inventions mentioned I also didn t know that some of the Presidentsike Gerald Ford had changed their names before becoming President The poem about Harding s tendency to use alliteration in speeches made me want to find a recording of one The story about Harry. Playful political poems about the penchants and peccadilloes of the presidentsSure William Taft got stuck in his tub but did you know that John uincy Adams used to skinny dip in the Potomac Herbert Hoover spoke Chinese with his wife and Gerald Ford had his

S Truman thinking that the White House was haunted I actually read a few months ago in another children s book about ghosts in the White House The author provides additional facts including a uote nickname and something that the President was first in doing at the back of the book I m not wild about the illustrations but they Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside ll do This book should certainly spark the interest of young readers Recommended I LOVED this book It is a poetic anthology of all of our presidents Susan Katz playfully provides tidbits of political andor personal information about all of the men of the White House I enjoy this book because it is an excellent way to expose students to the presidents in aight hearted manner As a social studies teacher I feel that we focus so much on the formal accomplishments of presidents that we tend to forget that they were real people By jokingl I enjoyed reading this children s book filled with Presidential factoids I even A Wartime Nurse learned a few new things about the Presidents Funny what kids pick up When I was a tot of four I had aittle electronic game that came with its own book You d turn the pages and press the button that corresponded to the correct trivia uestion In this way I Split learned that Mozart wrote his first piece of music when he was five I figured I had someeeway because of this that Marie Antoinette had her head cut off and that President Taft got stuck in his bathtub because he was so fat That s the kind of presidential wisdom a kid s gonna carry with them the rest of their When Stories Clash life It s also how Iearned that teaching kids about famous people at a young age actually will stick with them into adulthood if the medium is interesting enough Poetry would not be my first method of instilling memories but in The President s Stuck in the Bathtub Poems About the Presidents poet Susan Katz does a darn good job Sword of Honour Second To None locating fun facts about even the dullesteaders They may not have been eual in stature but at The Extra Cadaver Murder least in this book each one has his say whether it s escaping a vicious rabbit or seeing the occasional ghostThey ve been dull and scintillating Clever and thick Remarkably tall and surprisingly short And what s with all the parrots as pets With great dexterity and even greater patience Susan Katz culls entices and sometimes even forces interesting facts out of each and every one of our presidents That done she turns those traits or events into poems being sure to include fun additional facts at the bottom of each page The result is that kids get to meet Elevator Operator John F Kennedy the Funny Looking James Buchanan and even Vegetating George HW Bush Accompanied by work by illustrator Robert Neubecker the book is a ribaldook at our nation s Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 leaders Backmatter includes dates uotes nicknames and firsts for each manAs it says on the bookflap Susan Katz discovered while working on this book that not all American presidents were very funny people and she found herself doing research for this one project than for all her other books put together I m not surprised to hear it since the sheer number of new facts here are astounding She even seems to have made a conscious effort to avoid the obvious ones George Washington s teeth Lincoln s jokes etc Of course you can t help but wonder if Ms Katz made too much work for herself when she included a note on what each president was the first to do and didn t go with the obvious answers George Washington First president pictured on a postage stamp Abraham Lincoln First president born outside the boundaries of the thirteen original states in Kentucky No mean featIn one of the reviews I read the reviewer complained that Katz brings up facts about the presidents that aren t particularly interesting Millard Fill was boring James Madison was short John Adams rotund etc Seems to me that isn t very fair consider how much fun their poems and the accompanying illustrations are in the end Besides I consider Millard Fill theetter X of the presidential world You know how every time you get an alphabet book you flip to the etter X to figure out how the authors chose to handle that difficult etter Well the same goes for Fill Even William Henry Harrison s interesting as The Simpsons put it I died in thirty daysThe poetry itself mostly worked There are however a few times that it really rankled I m not a particularly creative person when it comes to scans and rhymes I Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society like poems to make sense to me as they ABABAB or AABBCCD In this book you really have to go on a case by case basis with some of these poems Yankee Doodle Dandy about William McKinley for example threw. Ame changed from Leslie Lynch King It’s true In The President’s Stuck in the Bathtub theives of the presidents are served up as fact filled and fanciful poems that will make you augh cringe and gasp with amazement at the colorful cast of men and women.