EBOOK BOOK Battle of Brooklyn 1776 by John J. Gallagher – lavitamin.us

EBOOK BOOK Battle of Brooklyn 1776 by John J. Gallagher – lavitamin.us

Really enjoy anything on this particular battle in the Revolutionary War Great detail on how the battle was fought I found the accounts to be exciting and uite iveting This the first battle of the war was uite extraordinary Washington s escape to Manhattan was miraculous I m a No Limits (Brutal Master recent Brooklynesident and was interested in our part of the Revolutionary War one of the first major skirmishes. It is not often ealized that in Brooklyn New York for a few tense hours in 1776 the fate of the entire United States hung by a thread An American defeat the Battle of Brooklyn has been all but neglected in our collective memory for what it earned with the blood of its participants honored status as one of history's great battles Besides being the largest clash of the Revolution in terms of both troops and casualties the action at Brooklyn sometimes called The Battle of Long Island brought the fledgling American epublic to the brink of disaster At the height of the fighting only the valiant sacrifice of one egiment the Marylanders staved off a catastrophe The British army meanwhile executed a three pronged surpris.

Took place blocks from my home John Gallagher does a good job of introducing me to the political and social climate of the summer of 1776 as America ebelled against King George III in a fight for our independence He Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose relates the history in an easy to digest format dropping in interesting tidbits of trivia along the way to keep it interesting What I enjoyed most about the book was in allowing th. E assault with admirable professionalism The wilds of Brooklyn became a killing ground for the British and Hessian troops who were able to begin the war convinced the colonials would not be able to stand against their onslaught of bullets and steel While a drama ofare intensity on its surface the Battle of Brooklyn also holds a larger significance the King's men did not invade Brooklyn to face other kings' men; they were sent to fight a population Rules of engagement were uncertain and passions for and against the The Kaya-Girl rebellionan high When the smoke cleared at Brooklyn in 1776 the modern age of democratic warfare had begun One can sympathize with the plight of George Washington who while charged with the task of def.

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E eader to follow the progression of the battle by giving the eader geographic locations and street crossings of current Brooklyn with lots of maps and pictures This gives me a history to hold in my head as I walk around my borough and have already visited some of the locations noted in the text including the Old Stone House which I used as a location for my own short story about that battle. Eating the finest army of the Old World had to mold citizen soldiers from throughout the thirteen colonies patriots into a viable military force If any man turns his back today I will shoot him through was one message he conveyed to his troops At Brooklyn the young American army did not uite meet its commander's expectations Still it Omnibus Films remained in the field And the evacuation conducted after the battle was a masterpiece of efficiency ensuring that the New World's armed forces would fight another day The Battle of Brooklyn was a victory for the British Empire But contained within the triumph was a demonstration of the type of Americanesolve and courage that would eventually esult in independence for the United State.

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