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Lges what she must do Travis is aghast but when Caroline throws the ranch into to pot as an even trade faux marriage isn t looking so bad to TravisOf course things like this never come out perfect hence turning lives upside down for the pair and their families When it all becomes too hot to handle Caroline thinks that jumping ship may be her only option even after falling head over heels in love with her husband Travis also struggles with his convictions that become clouded by his ever emerging feelings for Caroline You have to wonder if these two will ever stop and take their inner most feeling into consideration instead of their carefully plotted out existences Cynthia D Alba has another winner of a tale here This second in her Texas Montgomery Mavericks series TEXAS TANGO can be read as a stand alone but I wouldn t miss TEXAS TWO STEP and the preuel to this series TEXAS TANGO is another one of those books that you can t put down until THE END Miss D Alba s sometimes stubborn characters make for one roller coaster of a ride in this tale of coming together a tale of family and belonging something that Caroline and Noah have been lacking in their lives and something that Travis can give them KIMBERLY My dual review with Karla posted at Swept Away By RomanceWhat workedKathleen says I love the whole faux wedding themeTRAVIS the hero worked for me on EVERY levelThe chemistry between Caroline and Travis was very believableKarla says The sweet and touching storyline and the reasons behind the fake wedding I will be honest the first chapter or so in I wasn t sure I m not a fan of deception but when Caroline laid it all out for Travis I was hoping he would agree to the plan No harm no foulright Maybe but lies even well intentioned ones have a way of snowballing out of control and that s exactly what happens However none of it was ever malicious only well meaning It was fun watching Travis and Caroline weaving the web and then watching them scramble to untangle themselves from it The family element in the book Caroline and Travis are front and center but all the secondary characters particularly Noah play an important role and gave the book a warm homey feel What didn t workKathleen says Once again NO epilogue For me epilogues are very important Other than that everything else workedKarla says The ending was somewhat rushed and for all we went through with the characters this story could have used an epilogue It s my only complaint There is a conclusive ending but I loved this couple so much I wanted Best scenesKathleen says I loved when Caroline and Travis were at Caroline s grandmother s hospital room Travis treated Caroline so gently and helped her through everythingWhen Caroline s brother Noah shows up and blabs that Caroline and Travis are marriedWhen Travis punishes Noah by making him muck out the horses stallsThe very best scene for me was when Travis shows up in Florida and tells Caroline he loves her and wants here to come back home with him Karla says So many good times in this book but I especially enjoyed the scenes that involved all the family members and of course the weddingvery bittersweet Favorite charactersKathleen says Hands down my favorite character was Travis Not only was he VERY SEXY but he just rolled with the punches He was gentle ind caring and VERY good in bed the perfect hero all aroundKarla says Travis Such a humble beautiful man whose heart was always in the right place He had nothing but good intentions and when he loved he loved so deeply He charmed the pants off of me I really liked Caroline too She wanted to do right by her grandmother was honest and fair in her offer to Travis and never tried to manipulate him I really thought Travis and her made a great couple Overall ThoughtsKathleen says This was an excellent read for me I was totally entertained from the beginning to the end I liked all the characters except one but you now a bad guywoman in a romance always add so much to the story line The love scenes were very SPICEY just the way I like them This was a fun read and I give it 5 BIG Stars Karla says Texas Tango had everything that I like in a book and plenty of it great dialogue steamy sexy fun wonderful characters and a story that captivated me and touched my heart It s not overburdened with angst although Caroline and Travis do have to try to stay ahead of the fabricated stories they spin and for them it was stressful but fun for the reader There is point when the tale becomes reality and it was sweet to watch it happen as the two of them fall in love This was a pleasure to read and I was left with a smile on my face but that smile was pretty much there from the first page to the last 45 Texas Sized Stars. At challenges his determination to never again place his heart at riskThe land he wants in exchange for a faux marriage Everyone wins Until things start to snowballand the hearts they stand to lose are their ownWarning This book contains a tortured widower who doesn’t want a wife and an independent doctor who doesn’t want a husband Hot stuff between the sheets and failed efforts to avoid emotional involvement.

Picked this book up at about 11 this morning and could not stop until I got to the last page I am a huge fan of cowboy romance novels and am rarely surprised But this series is bright and fresh the love stories have their twists and turns just like dance steps and in the end you get your happily ever after It truly has it allCaroline is exactly the smart fierce heroine that I love to read about she can handle things on her own and get through just fine but she uickly realizes that cupid has other plans for her in the shape of Travis Montgomery and the rest of the journey was filled with a grand scheme and some shenanigans haha and eventually riding off into the sunset Absolutely loved it I enjoyed this story with a variety of events centered around a romance Both hero and heroine had well established independent lifestyles yet maturely adapted to changing circumstances although the sexual aspect seemed a bit abrupt Doctor Caroline inherits a ranch from her great uncle and his neighbor Travis has been trying to buy it for years When Dr Caroline Graham inherits a ranch he wants Travis Montgomery thinks he will easily be able to buy it from her After all she is a traveling doctor and never stays too long in any place Caroline needs her ailing grandmother to believe she s happily married She proposes an exchange and at first Travis says no After all he s still grieving for his wife who died ten years before from cancer But he nows he s attracted to Caroline and soon they come to terms A fake marriage brings Caroline than she bargained for including the steadfast support and affection she didn t Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith know how badly she needed The strengths of this fun love story include a great supporting cast and well woven small town atmosphere Great contemporary westerns are very difficult to find and D Alba s series is a great place to find sexy ranchers and Texas life The hot scenes border on erotic though the love story is sweet yet sexy I m definitely going to read the rest of this series and from this author 45 Stars I wasn t sure at first but wowwhat a turnaround Travis was scrumptiousMy dual review with Kathleen posted at Swept Away By RomanceWhat workedKathleen says I love the whole faux wedding themeTRAVIS the hero worked for me on EVERY levelThe chemistry between Caroline and Travis was very believableKarla says The sweet and touching storyline and the reasons behind the fake wedding I will be honest the first chapter or so in I wasn t sure I m not a fan of deception but when Caroline laid it all out for Travis I was hoping he would agree to the plan No harm no foulright Maybe but lies even well intentioned ones have a way of snowballing out of control Caroline is in the last 6 months of a 2 year contract working in a medical clinic in Texas She s been moving place to place as a traveling Dr for years but has never stayed this long anywhere Since she s been there she s become close with the Montgomery family She s attracted to Travis Montgomery but he s never really spent than 5 minutes talking to her over the 18 months she s been there Now her great uncle has passed away and left her his ranch A ranch Travis has always wanted Caroline s parents have never been around and she and her much younger brother were raised by her grandmother and is now dying as well All her grandma Mamie wants is to see Caroline married before she dies so Travis get enlisted to fake marry her They make a deal He marries Caroline and she will gift him the ranch It all seems so simple until it all falls apart This was a great book Travis is such a sweetheart It s hard to find a man as giving as this one He s Caroline s rock with all the stuff that happens in her life They fall in love but past hurts and prideeep them from saying so Throw in Travis boisterous nosy family and Caroline s 14 yr old brother showing up and spilling the beans and it s a mess This book is a little predictable but i enjoyed it so much it didn t matter The sex scenes were way hot than i expected and i can t wait for book three hotness rating 3 out of 5 45 starsTexas Tango is the 2nd book in the Texas Montgomery Mavericks series by Cynthia D Alba I thought I loved the first one and I did but this second installment blew me awayDr Caroline Graham was raised by her grandmother Her parents were too busy traveling the world helping the less fortunate As an adult she has sort of carried on the nomadic lifestyle She travels from town to town filling in when a need for a physician is there Once the need is filled Caroline is on to the next place Taking care of her great uncle in the small Texas town is the closest she has been to setting down roots in years she s made friends is invited to family gathering. Their wedding might be fake but there’s no faking the mutual attractionTexas Montgomery Mavericks Book 2Dr Caroline Graham is happy with her nomadic lifestyle fulfilling short term medical contracts No emotional commitments no disappointments She’s always the one to walk away never the one left behindBut now her great uncle is gone and her grandmother is on her deathbed concerned about Caroline’s lack of

S and now is a landowner thanks to her uncle s will Caroline had no idea how much her uncle s will could make her life easier and complicate it further at the same time Her beloved grandmother is dying and all she wants is to see Caroline in love and settled It seems like the perfect solution to o 1 This started off rough real rough This book was slow boring and I was waiting for some chemistry to spark until Travis Montgomery eventually saved the day He was the perfect sexy cowboy gentleman He was great in his relationship with Caro and as a father figure for Noah Caro was a decent heroin not as annoying as she could have been I guess I really loved Noah2 One of THE funniest scenes I have EVER read happened when Noah showed up at the Montgomery household I cackled out loud for so long at that Good job Mrs D Alba3 This is my first book by this author and I will sure to check out some of her cowboys reads Caroline Graham is a very independent woman She learned early in her childhood not to depend on anyone Her parents were missionaries and they chose their path which did not include raising their daughter and son Caroline s grandmother Mamie raised her and her brother Noah When Caroline learns her grandmother is dying she nows she has to grant her the dying wish she has always wanted which is Caroline to be happily marriedTravis Montgomery is a successful rancher He nows the only thing that could make his ranch one of the best in the state is to acuire the property connected to his However the man that owns it refuses to sell to him When the owner of the property passes away and leaves the property to his niece Caroline Graham Travis vows he will do whatever it takes to get the propertyWhen Caroline comes to Travis asking him to pose as her fianc and allow her grandmother to perform a wedding they will never make legal in exchange for the property Travis nows it s an opportunity he can t refuse However neither Travis or Caroline expects the sparks to fly as their fake wedding becomes intense Their attraction continues to grow and when they come together it is explosive The chemistry between them is obvious Will either one admit their true feelings before it becomes to late Ms D Alba has written another exciting book in the Montgomery series She will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions with many surprises along the way If you like hot sexy cowboys with that southern cowboy charm you must read Texas Tango I cannot wait for stories to come from this author COMING IN NOVEMBERDr Caroline Graham was just biding her time in Texas Filling in for Dr s was her specialty leaving her to jump from state to state town to town without making any long tern commitments That is until she happened upon Whispering Springs and its inhabitants that included her great uncle Angus Fitzgerald and a menagerie of Montgomery s When Angus passes away and leaves his Singing Springs Ranch to her in his will he throws a wrench into to carefully plotted out life You see Dr Graham hasn t had stellar life even though she achieves greatness in becoming a physician Her nomadic missionary parents basically left their children on a family member s doorstep so they could traipse around the world taking care of everyone else s family but their own Caroline s teenage brother Noah has had had it the worst since he is only fourteen and being pawned off to secondary family members too old to understand teenage angst and needs Even Caroline doesn t now her own brother since she is over a decade older than her sibling and left as soon as she was ableThat being said the one true beloved family member to Caroline is her Grandmother Mamie who is terminally ill and waiting on Caroline to return to her with a man or to the point a fiance She holds on with every expectation that her niece will find a husband and be happy Caroline has been telling her grandmother that she has a boyfriend in Whispering Springs and she is truly happy even though it s a complete fabricationTravis Montgomery is done with marriage His wife died years ago of breast cancer leaving him devastated and never wanting to feel loss like he felt upon her death He s also a very ambitious man and when he hears that the coveted Singing Springs Ranch is in the hands of Dr Caroline Montgomery he wants it badly to add to his acreage The handsome Travis is never far from Caroline s thoughts So much so that when her aunt backs her into a corner to reveal who her imaginary boyfriend is she mutters his name before her head has time to rein her in Now stuck Caroline must devise a plan to get Travis to go along with a so called marriage for her ailing grandmother and make Mamie content in her last days Once Caroline divu. Husband than her own demise What’s the harm in a little white lie If a wedding will give her grandmother peace then a wedding she shall haveTravis Montgomery has one dream left to build the ranch he and his wife planned before he lost her to cancer There’s just one thing standing between him and the last bit of acreage he needs a last living heir who has one traveling foot out the doorand an unusual reuest th.

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online free Texas Tango Texas Montgomery Mavericks #2 –

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