book epub Super Brain Power 28 Minutes to a Supercharged Brain –

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These soundtracks have been sold worldwide to alter mind states and coax the brain into an alpha theta pattern The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of deep meditative awareness and whole brain synchronyunfolding higher statesf consciousness The second soundtrack n the bonus CD is Musical Brain Boost Based n recent studies n the power f music and how it stimulates intelligence it is designed to enhance focus concentration and learning by applying a specific musical formula Super Brain Power teaches you how to set up a brain lab in the privacy f your homeunleash both left and right brain poweroperate your brain for peak performancediscover accele.

Rated learning secretsopen creative floodgatesmind mapping workshopvisualization workshopintuition trainingdream workshopplus mindscripting technology 19 uniue mind development tools and workshops Plus learn how the Brian Supercharger technology was invented and is used to erase fears and wipe ut self sabotaging behavior Includes reprint f a double blind study which as reported by thestudy's author Dr Lawrence Cory; daily usage seems to have a profound effect n the mental functioning f its listenerthe Brain Supercharger appears to alter the personality f its users in essentially positive and life enhancing way.

The world's first bookCD combination you actually plug your brain intoto launch altered states experiences The goal f Super Brain Power is to share a powerful transformation technology Not just talk about itbut experience it This is a new media form designed not nly to teach ideas in an external sense but to literally take your brain n a ride An inner journey f self discovery unleashing peak experiences and insights by redirecting the energy patterns The Stringbean Murders of the brain The enclosed bonus CD contains 2 powerful experimental soundtracks The first Super Intelligence uses the Brain Supercharger technologyver 500000 f.

book epub Super Brain Power 28 Minutes to a Supercharged Brain –

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