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Wingers Finished Need to re read 4 to link up the continuing story lines What a twisty twisted tale this turned out to be Although Edwardson has been on my list of Scandinavian crime authors to read for some time I had previously put off reading any of his novels because they had been described as rath No I didn t read this in Swedish they had it on maybe for free and I read it there because apparently I wasn t already bored nough with Swedish mystery novels I have to wonder at myself I hated very Dragon Tattoo book and read them all Not really read Listened to on Audible Sometimes its best to not listen to really good things on Audible so you don t mind interruptions and you don t care that really only heard half of itI never read an Erik Winter novel before but Erik Winter is boring and After too many mediocre Scandinavian crime stories this was just what I needed A proper noir Classic in the Sj wall Wahl lements and atmosphere yet much modern Meet Erik Winter 39 in a crisis because of his life changing his girlfriend just moved in and he ll soon be a dad While he and his fiancee should be spending their time getting ready for Winter Jr s arrival Winter gets involved in the investigation of a brutal murder of a couple a few steps from his home The beginning before the investigations take off seems to take a bit longer but it all binds in beautifully It s a beautiful lost very noir atmosphere first where Winter s parents live in Spain and then back to Gothenburg It s something of the same cold Sj wall Wahl Sweden and Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, even in winter but it doesn t seem so out of date Unlike in the old noir you get to know the people much intimately Yet the same claustrophobic noir atmosphere is still there Sweden s second largest city yet it feels like a small village whereveryone knows who you are and where you live At least the bad guys do Great atmosphere and characters I ll definitely need to try another Edwardson soonThe claustrophobic atmosphere and some of the characters are what raised this to 4 stars The crime and its motivations were not the main virtues they seem to follow the Sj wall Wahl line too well There were also a few oddities in the translation by Laurie Thompson it seems some of the other books of the series are translated by others A Fairly Honourable Defeat eg like greased lightning which I had always taken as a Finnishxpression but which apparently was here simply translated from Swedish So I got to page 197 and realized that I didn t care about Winter Angela the other cop s marriage whether Winter did anything with the girl in Spain or anything Sun and Shadow the first Detective Erik Winter novel by Swedish writer Ake Edwardson to be translated into English 1999 is a dark psychological mystery that chronicles two grotesue double murders and the xhausting investigation that follows The plot is complex and it delivers the build up to a fine suspenseful ndingEdwardson s style is literary The writing is strong Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue especially the descriptive language and the dialogue After Detective Winter visits his father who has just had a heart attack and with whom Winter has had a strained relationship he tells his. Orld of the gothic he becomesnmeshed in a riddle of nightmares where he must untangle good from vil and sun from shado.

I wanted to like this book Things that were good1 The setting Gothenburg Sweden I loved the cold both in the landscape and in the relationships between the characters 2 The murders Black metal dismembered bodies and obvious female issues Yes Gruesome just the way I like it in my thrillers And that was about it The book was LONG It took me an seasoned fast reader 25 DAYS TO FINISH True I ve been busy But I also haven t wanted to pick it up at night or at work during my lunch breaks because Sun and Shadow just wasn t very interesting Instead of focusing on the gore or the mystery solving or the action of the plot Edwardson meanders through a few months of multiple troubled characters none of whom are particularly compelling or interesting The mystery wraps up unconvincingly The inspector comes off as not particularly bright And I was just glad to have stopped the thing My first foray into the world of Erik Winter I liked it a lot I ve also been reading the Irene Hiss series which takes place in Goteborg very different I still don t uite get the killers motivatio Sun and Shadow rolls out month by month and begins in the months just prior to the new millenium Set in Goteborg Sweden the action begins to heat up with the discovery of a truly grizzly double murder that leads Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter and his team into a very dark place The only clue left behind is a tape of some bizarre kind of metal music and Winter knows that he and his team are going to be lucky to solve this gruesome crime That s the basic story but there s a lot to this book than just stopping a murdererEdwardson s novel 3rd in the series is of a character study As the pressures mount the author allows the readers inside the heads of the main characters not just the policemen but others involved in the story as wel This is apparently the third book in Ake Edwardson s Erik Winter series but it was the first one to be translated into English from the original Swedish and so was the first one I was able to read This put me a bit at sea as a reader because there were freuent references throughout the book to vents that had happened arlier and that were I suppose covered in the other books I had to guess at their significanceAnother problem that I had with the book was its formatting in Kindle Edwardson switches back and forth with the voice in which the story is told almost from paragraph to paragraph at times We ll get a few paragraphs of things from Erik Winter s perspective Then we may hear from his girlfriend Angela or from one of the policemen with whom he works That s not a problem xcept that there is almost always no break to show the change in voice So I m reading along thinking that I m still hearing Erik Winter s thoughts and suddenly I realize that the perspective has changed and this is someone Gone (Gone, else s mind that I m in Really would it have killed them to put a double space between paragraphs that represent a change in perspective It certainly would have lessened my confusionAnd as long as I m putting my uibbles with the book up front Edwardson s narrative style seems passive in thextreme I m not. From the three time winner of the Swedish Crime Writers' AwardA couple are found murdered in their flat in Gothenburg the.

One who glories in reading the minute blood and guts details of horrible murders but it does help the reader I think to at least be told in the most matter of fact way possible just what has happened to the victims Here we have a couple murdered in their home who apparently had their heads cut off and stuck on the top of Threads Of The Shroud each others bodies but this comes outver so slowly and haltingly in the narrative When the police arrive on the scene it is merely hinted at but never stated Later another couple is attacked in their home and the man is killed but for some unknown reason the murderer doesn t finish the job on the woman She is grievously injured apparently but we are never told what her injuries are And in the All Seated on the Ground ending of the story we have the hero s pregnant girlfriend kidnapped and held captive for days and Spoiler alert finally rescued unharmed but we get no details of that kidnapping or the rescue We are simply told that it happened Very frustrating for the reader At least for this readerIn addition the story goes a bit off trackarly on with a subplot concerning Erik Winter s parents who have retired to Costa del Sol in Spain His father suffers a health Untitled. emergency and Erik goes there to be with them and the story just seems to meander along without any real purpose I assume this was intended to fully flesh out the character of Erik in the reader s mind But the digression goes on too long for my taste and didn t add much to the story When Erik returns to Sweden he has the further personal complications of his doctor girlfriend who is pregnant with their first child getting ready to move in with himven though she obviously has reservations And then almost immediately he is plunged into the investigation of the gruesome murders This is certainly very different from Wiring every other Swedish or Scandinavian murder mysterythriller that I ve read in that it is told in such a passive voice While that isn t necessarily a bad thing Edwardson s iteration of it didn t catch my imagination The book was okay but just that Translated from Swedish by Laurie ThompsonIt had started rainingAt page 100 After an amazingly confused start where only stalwart fans of Edwardsson s Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter would bother to continue it has settled down I love these stories because they are based in G teborg and I can picture the places involved the lurking teenage gangs and the abundance of buskers I have been reading these as and when I can lay a hand on one so have been taking them out of order There is a progression in the private lives of the policemen involved which makes them uite addictive but I wouldn t necessarily recommend them to anyone hereWarning DCI Winter stories are always gorefests so take heed if you are into soft mysteries that need less bandages Pages 166167Apparently there is a difference between Death Metal and Black Metal Black Metal is where the tempo is uicker and you need to arm yersel with a text that you singalong to the music with It is basically a black mass text to the strains of a caterwaul and seems to be intrinsic toxplaining the deaths of a married couple who are Ir bodies symbolically arranged in a mysterious and grotesue fashion As Winter follows the trail of clues into the cult

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Ebook Free Sol och skugga ↠ Åke Edwardson – lavitamin.us

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