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I love a good character driven novel and Morton s recently released Florence Gordon is among the best I ve read After finishing that nexpected gem a 5 star read and favorite of 2014 I dove straight into his backlist selecting this 1998 title because it was on my library s shelf Once again I found an introspective intelligent novel a slow Mirror Image (SWAT: Top Cops unfolding of characters and beautiful writing When there is a mismatch between a persons idealized version and reality what does one do Heather is a young woman who wants to write her graduate thesis on an author who has profoundly influence her life For Heather she was anxious in meeting her favorite author because she knew that her idolized expectation rarely meets the reality of the man For Heather fear of anyndertaking means she should How to Write Erotica undertake it For someone who persists despite fear of thenknown means curiousity is what drives her When ncertainty meets her she charges forward Whereas Heather thought of Schiller as her soulmate since his writing spoke to her soul the physical reality of seeing an old man in front of her got in the way of her idealized vision of him Not only is she trying to write a thesis about him but she is also trying to build a career around reintroducing him to the world The man who helped her develop as a person would also launch her own career She entices him with her project by saying getting to know a young woman like herself might reinvigorate him Just like his work has been an inspiration for her she promises that she could be the much needed muse for him to finish his own book When they got to his apartment because she wanted to borrow a copy of one of his books that she does not own she noticed that the apartment smelled like an old man and he owned countless books which thrilled her she felt that she was in the seat of power of the imagination She stole a picture of him as a vigorous youth so she had something to go with her idealized vision of him Heather ses her sexualized youth as bait so she can get to know him better Heather thinks Ariel is an airhead and she would be a better daughter to such a great literary mind The fact that Heather thinks Leonard is a great writer while Arial is not much of a reader further decreased the esteem Heather has for Arial Heather thinks that Arial is another boring 40 yrs old aerobic instructor obsessed with her biological clock and meditates for her well being For Heather who is focused on her career she cannot relate to the seemingly pointless desire to reproduce instead of having an individual purpose that drives a person Young Heather did not belong to her ADHD generation She loved to read had an intensity wild rebellious streak to her While her parents settled into bourgeois contentment she felt she was destined for greater things She love Schiller s work because it gave her her motto of personal liberation above all else From his work she learned that each person is responsible for their own happiness and one cannot be a caretaker for someone else s happiness no matter how much you love them Meeting Schiller thrilled her while she loved his intellectual power she cannot stand the smell of the old man he has become Although she imagined an artist as rebellious Schiller fastidiousness was at odds with how he pictured the man who wrote so passionately about personal liberation would be She admired the integrity of how serious he took his work but she saw the results of going against the grain meant he had to closet himself in a suit of emotional armor and become a fossilized man Schiller was preparing to die since he was young by living a spartan life so he would have a Buddhist detachment Soldiers Pregnancy Protocol until Heather came and he re experienced desire He wanted her to be in love with him Her radiantgliness captivated him He loved her spirited boldness and was full of life Schiller took Ariel to a party by a former student and current publisher Leslie Schiller respected publishers who published books on its literary merit without regard to its commercial value He is an old school purist who lived only for his art of writing He was jealous that Heather paid complete attention to Sandra a editor for the Village voice When he decided to leave because he did not want to play second fiddle for Heather s affections Heather decided to go with him to his apartment Food play with honey allowed them to segue to physicality As a youth Schiller sexual energy was boundless but it gradually declined as he aged which was complicated with his numerous chronic disease I like the description of how Leonard and Stella slowly and mutually discovered how to create mutual pleasure in each other After Stella s death his last 4 relationships held sexual desire as a minor component to all 4 relationships It was touching how Schiller kept the date with Stella in Paris after 40 years and 30 years after her death Their life in Paris was marked by simplicity love and work which was the happiest time in his life For Schiller he was glad that sex was in his past because it rarely flowed for him Heather touching him asked him to go back to a period that was fraught with anxiety for him Schiller has gotten to a point in his life where reading a good book is preferable to having sex with a mid twenty year old woman who is offering herself to him even if she says all she wants to do is to cuddle with him to ease his anxiety He performed Reiki on her while she was nude and he is fully clothed while she looked straight into his eyes to look at his eternal youthful soul Despite Heather s extensive sexual experience only Schiller made her feel worthy of awe Morning after their intimate encounter he still made her feel worthy of awe She left early after their intimate encounter because she liked leaving men wanting of her She felt intoxicated by her sexual generosity toward Schiller But in the end she forgot Schiller touching her Heather s interest in Schiller made him feel young despite his chronic medical conditions Schiller decided to give him the keys to the house to signify his trust in her After Schiller gave Heather the keys to the apartment her initial reaction was to cringe but she decided to take the keys since she wanted to see what the natural conclusion to what she started would be Whereas Schiller just wanted to stare at her in awe she was ashamed by her crass desire to have and discard once her desired object was Behind the Throne (Morgan Crowe Trilogy, usedp When Heather finished the draft of her thes. Leonard Schiller is a novelist in his seventies a second string but respectable talent who produced only a small handful of books Heather Wolfe is an attractive graduate student in her twenties She read Schiller’s novels when she was growing p and they changed her life When.

Is for him to read he knew there would be withering criticism of his work that he would not like On Heather s 25th birthday when she gave him the finished thesis for him to read he innately knew that their relationship was over Schiller impressed Heather when he edited her thesis and returned her work to her Schiller knew that Heather would never put him or his work in a book just as he was disappointed by a famous critic who despite promises to favorably critic his two novels he liked and place him on the literary map never got around to doing it For awhile he stopped writing when he realized the world did not appreciate what he did So why do something that the world did not want ntil one night he learned from dreams that the world was bound by stories that give life meaning For an atheist he needed stories to make meaning in his life but he also realized that he is a writer because that was who he was not because of any external accolades Heather went from being Schiller s worshiper to his betrayer and now she wants to start over with their relationship Heather still cared for Schiller as a friend whom she hoped to occasionally touch base with When Schiller did not show Captivated by the Millionaire up to their coffee date she immediately went to his apartment only to find a stroked out Schiller She did not want to see her idol as an invalid Ariel freaked out when she realized that her father and Heather had an intimate encounter Ariel was shocked by the extreme age difference between her father and Heather She also thought that he was betraying the memory of her mother Aside from the extreme age difference between in age Ariel needed to feel important to her father because for much of her life he was an absentee father because of his work Heather s thesis centered around personal liberation in Schiller s work She wondered why Schiller s work took a turn for the worse after her first two books Unlike Schiller Sandra seemed to be a woman full of life so Heather naturally gravitated toward her Both Sandra and Schiller encouraged Heather to write with conviction and not to let feelings get in the way in the pursuit for thenvarnished truth When she decided to write with conviction her thesis flowed and she finished in the allotted time she gave herself She decided the reason Schiller s work suffered was due to his stultifying routine of concentrating on his art instead of allowing competing interest from his life to inform his art What once awed her about Schiller his deliberate sense of self meticulous purity in his writing now annoyed her about him especially when she compared him to the vivacious Sandra What she really loved was Schiller as a young man full of bravado that he no longer had because of age and disease She felt disloyal but also believed in the conviction of the truth in her thesis Whereas Ariel s philosophy In life is go with the flow Heather has go against the grain mentality In driving Ariel s advice of going with the flow saved them from a potentially disastrous accident She hated Heather as much as Heather hated her Ariel was jealous that Heather was successful n life and Ariel and she is not While Heather had the optimistic promise of youth Ariel is a washed A Mighty Big Wish up has been which added to thencomfortable competition between the two for Ariel s father s affection As a child Leonard ignored Ariel and lived in his own little world which explains why Ariel is no protective of his affections Ariel noticed her father changed the way he behaved around Heather and Ariel was jealous of the attention that Heather paid to Leonard It is true that we change our behavior when we are trying to impress someone Ariel wants her father to need her to feel seful She was also touchy because Peter the guy who was suppose to be the father of her children found a younger girl to sleep around with She wanted to forget her past now that Peter broke p with her and she The Italians Stolen Bride uit her job She met a man who she named Victor Mature because he was ready to settle down just as she is ready to start having babies While they both like Woody Allen she was offended by a portrayal of an aerobics instructor as an airhead She contends that being an aerobic instructor does not relate to the amount of depth a person has while Victor says she is being oversensitive to a movie character It was her Jewish sense of dread when something on the surface is too good to be true itsually is that leads her to conclude that Heather is Leonard s angel of death Does having major surgery mean someone gives The Greek Tycoons Mistress up and becomes depressed since his body is no longer his When she got back to NYC she concentrated on rehabilitating her father She was touched that they shared the same longing for ecstasy He wants to be a transcendentalist monk who combines stoicism asceticism and ecstasy Her rehabilitation for him was a chance for her to have the fatherdaughter relationship that she never had growingp Although he tried to portray himself as a stand offish father he really loved her and felt a dizzying rush of tenderness and protectiveness for her For her birthday they went to see Ariel s old dance company she was in Tikki Tikki Tembo until her knees gave out Schiller thinks that Ariel was too innocently trusting of peoples and events in her life Schiller was baffled by the kindness of strangers in the city Even though all fathers are protective of their daughters Ariel seems especially ill euipped to live in NYC because of her trusting nature talking to strangers keeping her keys out where anyone could steal them She was like a child than a grown woman She had two nervous breakdown the first happened in her first year of college and the second was due to inevitable breakp with Peter When Ariel came home to take care of Leonard he found she needed him as much as he needed her His protectiveness of his daughter stems from when he juxtaposes her with the self possessed Heather who seemed to have purpose in her life Since Ariel s purpose of being dancer is in her past she seems aimless compared to Heather whose purposes is mental and thus only old age dementia can take it away from her Schiller can spin a tale out of nothing thus making her daughter feel better but one wishes he believed the tale he was spinning for Ariel instead of saying it for BS sake At least Schiller is a good dad trying to make his daughter feel good about her ditzyness of consulting a psychic She retained her physical exuberance of her youth with an inalienable core. The ambitious Heather decides to write her master’s thesis about Schiller’s work and sets out to meet him convinced she can bring Schiller back into the literary world’s spotlight the nexpected conseuences of their meeting alter everything in Schiller’s ordered life.

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READ Starting Out In the Evening AUTHOR Brian Morton – lavitamin.us

Of well being As Schiller proves no one wants to die a slow painful death no one ever wants to have a chronic disease that makes him slowly decay Being in the declining stage of his life Schiller was annoyed in seeing healthy young people dance Leonard can not relate to Ariel need for partnership since he has been by himself for a long time that he has forgotten the feelings of longing Victor is a compromise boyfriend a decent guy whom Ariel wants just to have kids with not love Ariel was ready to sleep with Victor on her third date with him but rejected him instead because he was not passionate about his job She wanted to be with someone who was in love with his job She was married to Ted for two and a half years in her late twenties to a forty year but they could not have kids for some reason She then proceeded to go out with a few men who did not want to have kids or she did not want to have kids with them After Victor Ariel started dating Sam who pontificated though most of the things he talked about was interesting the problem was he would not shut p when he started talking For example who knew that public transit sed to be run by competing private enterprise and had to be bailed out by government since it was a losing enterprise Of course since it became a public good then government kept it During her date with Sam Ariel bumped into Casey whom she was still in love with so she left her date with Sam for Casey For his part Casey loved Ariel s youthful exuberance and the fact that she always managed to make him smile Although Ariel suggested that they keep the relationship light the issue of children threatened to derail the relationship again Casey did not want to have children because the first time he tried marriage with kids was an tter failure He still felt the result of the divorce from his first wife stunted the growth and relationship with his son William and thought the responsible thing to do is not to have children Although both Casey and Leonard had an antipathetic relationship when Ariel first introduced him Leonard warmed Twos Company up to Casey when he helped Leonard out when he had a stroke Casey was also amazed by Ariel s care taking instincts that he lacked Instead of dying and going to heaven Leonard decided to live not because of his daughter Ariel but because he hadnfinished business in the book dedicated to Stella When stroke made Leonard an invalid Heather tried to be nice to him but was met by a slap in her face for her insincerity In the end he slapped her because their relationship changed from one that helped the other out to Heather not wanting to see Leonard because she would pity him When you cannot control your body any is it time to die What good is life when one has to struggle to live Brian Morton s book is a gem The characters though flawed are well drawn Ariel was the exception She seemed a bit of a loopy stereotype Most of the action of this book takes place on the human interior a place Morton has clearly explored since the reflections are dead on He raises His Convenient Highland Wedding uestions about art and life and what gives meaning to both And he offers an array of answers always with compassion Morton s writing never gets in the way of his ideas but it can be memorable too There also is a story and it s not bad The events kept my interest and moved along at a comfortable pace One thing I didn t like about the novel is that occasionally the shift to a different character felt abrupt I ll probably come back to this one Like the last Brian Morton book Florence Gordon that I read this one takes place in my Upper Westside of Manhattan neighborhood but even personally it inhabits the neighborhood of anybody who is aging stunned by how fast time has gone the changes to their body the shift in their taste and plagued by theestion if what you offer the world isn t needed then why continue to bring it your offerings Since I m a writer and the story exposes a real writer s real mundane life I was interested Starting Out in the Evening is the story of New York intellectual Leonard Schiller a seventy one year writer of lonely integrity who meets twenty four year old Heather a calculating and shrewd grad student researching her master s thesis on him Here s why she is so enadThe people she admired in his books were people who walked away from the lives that other people expected them to live Ellen in his first novel the b This thoughtful and intelligent novel presents Secret Hideout (Cooper, us with three individuals at different points in their lives the first Leonard Schiller a 71 year old author who after two heart operations knows he is close to death but is still determined to finish his last novel even as his four previous works have gone out of print the second his 39 year old daughter Ariel a dancer who has become an exercise instructor and is hoping to find fulfillment in becoming a parent finally the third Heather Wolfe a 24 year old graduate student looking to launch her career as a literary critic in New York and writing her thesis on the author who inspired her early pursuit of freedom There is a fourth character whose thoughts we also follow but I won t identify as this individual enters the book only in the latter halfMorton is a master at getting into each of the character s minds though they re of different generations race sex and preoccupation and he manages to make them each incredibly sympathetic even as they frustrates and challenge our patienceEven as the book itself weaves False Family uotes from great artists into the fabric of the conversation on how to best live one s life though never in a pedantic or obtrusive manner it constantly presents the reader with its own passages worth recording and mulling over on pursuing a creative life having fun striving and struggling This is a book whose ideas are worth contemplating even if the plotrges Regency Improprieties us to speed through it to find out what happens next my favorite combination What if the work you create inspires lessons that you don t necessarily intend Is it worth creating if the product of your efforts will never be shared with others What should drives in our career recognition posterity enjoyment discipline morals What ought we to do if furthering our own goals means sacrificing the goals of others At what point is it degrading to seek the approval of our mentors Though the word can make me Cinderella Bride ueasy it is true that this is an immensely tender book Just don t read it in a car or plane if thatnsettles you. What follows is a asi romantic friendship and intellectual engagement that investigates the meaning of art fame and personal connection Nothing less than a triumph The New York Times Book Review Starting Out in the Evening is Brian Morton’s most widely acclaimed novel to da.

See this thread for informationBRIAN MORTON is the author of four previous novels including Starting Out in the Evening which was a Salon favorite book of the year and was made into an acclaimed feature film and A Window Across the River which was a Book Club selection on the Today show He is the director of the MFA program at Sarah Lawrence and teaches at New York University and the Bennington Writing Seminars

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