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Predictable life or to throw caution to the wind and chase after a mysterious strangerHow we approach our lives through deliberate choices or through following fate helps create the mood and tone of the story The internal debates the characters have with their consciences make their actions realistic and understandable Erik suffers from his choices knowing that his actions bring death to others He agonizes over these decisions even as he claims the souls Mina faces her choices with determination but with the knowledge that she cannot control fate some things are ust out of her hands And sometimes taking a leap of faith can lead to negative conseuencesAs introspective as the characters are this is a romance Death is something that comes for all of us but McIntyre manages to put a human and a humane face on the grim reaper that leads a reader rooting for him to find love Not going to liegive me a sexy reaper any day and I will read it So that definitely impacted my enjoyment of the story I enjoyed some of the new elements Ms McIntryre brought to old ideas As a writer of Reaper romance myself it is fun to see how other s execute it The story while strong in world building lacked a tiny bit in character development in my opinion I loved themlet s be clearbut something was off about Mina Soul Solution is part of the Beyond Fairytale series of Katherine McIntyre a series of short reads that show you a modern and refreshing version of the stories we all heard as toddlers In this story we get to meet Erik Anderson a man that long ago bargain his own soul and now rides the Copenhagen line in search of souls to collect Yes he is a grim reaper and that train route is his curse As years passed by he learned to stay distant to stay sane since one touch takes away little bits of a human s soul However no matter how engraved he had his mantra in his brain his heart couldn t care less when he met the auburn. A and what keeps him sane Until Mina Castner drops into his life like a whirlwind one spilled drink leading to staying up until dawn with the woman He believed one night couldn’t hurt but he sorely underestimated her determination Every encounter between them.

Free read Soul Solution AUTHOR Katherine McIntyre –

Haired beauty Mina She is everything he ever wanted but never thought he could have easy going cheerful refreshing He knows he has to collect souls to pay his debt but what could a couple of days with Mina could do After all his time in servitude he deserves a few days He promised himself that would be the case butwould he be able to let go when the time comesI really loved this modern fairy tale romance story We are used to have a damsel in distress in those stories but in this case Erik is the one bearing the curse His personality is so solemn His eyes are full of guilt and we get to see that even when he looks at Mina Even though she made him feel so full of life she also reminded him that she deserves better than a cursed soul that could and would kill her I felt bad for him when I saw how much he yearned for for a life with her and really wished that time could stop so they didn t have to part I was also captivated by Mina She was so very full of life and a little too na ve He warned a lot of times but for some reason she sensed there was to him I truly don t know if I respect and admire her or feel sorry that she lacks a self preservation sense Nevertheless I loved how she complemented Erik so much Another fact that I wanted to discuss is how much I wanted to slap the Gatekeeper Erik s boss He was such a mean insensitive cruel Ice King You will see what I mean later and would want to do the same but he did serve a purpose at the end I suppose I must confess the ending was no big surprise for me I was kind of expecting it and probably a lot of readers will too Nevertheless the plot was great and no one complains when you get a happy ending right However bear in mind that it always comes with a price and this is no exception I truly recommend this short novel to any modern fairy tale lovers that yearn for than what the legends convey 4 fangsReviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Roc. Is reprieve from the guilt of reaping souls every night but it can’t last Even if she sparks long buried feelings and even if her sheer presence intoxicates him he can’t let this continue For humans his touch is poison and if he slips up it could cost her li.

This love story between Mina and Erik was worth reading The story is a uick and easy read with a new twist on the classic love story The soul reapers is a engrossing plot to go with Makes you think what would happen if this were real I think parts of the story were rushed and the complete personality changebehaviors was a bit odd in Mina and the ending was a bit predictable Characters were enchanting and I would like to see to this story I would like to read of this author in the future I was lucky enough to win this book in a goodreads giveaway thank you Warning possible spoilersWhen Mina finally has enough with her arrogant blind date she ditches him and ends up meeting Erik a soul collectorgrim reaper trying to earn his thousand souls to get out of a bad deal Throughout the week as Mina and Erik hang out often they naturally grow closer and it becomes increasingly difficult to say good bye Mina keeps searching for answers only Erik can t give them or tell her the truth for fear of scaring or hurting her literallyHowever on the last day Possible SpoilersI enjoyed this novel uite a bit Paranormal romance is not something I usually read but I was intrigued by the author s description of the characters This did not feature vampires werewolves or zombies but grim reapers Romance with death incarnate is fascinating to say the leastWhat type of a person could serve as a grim reaper How would this profession for lack of a better word affect that person Through Erik the reader catches a glimpse into the supernatural elements that are intertwined with a world much like our own and sees how one choice can change a person s life foreverBut the story is not only set in the supernatural The narrative is balanced by the inclusion of Mina and her very human concerns about love and relationships This is where McIntyre s skill shines through Mina faces the same type of a life altering choice to remain in her. For Erik Anderson the Copenhagen line is his curse He takes the train every night en route to collect souls Like any lovelorn fool he bargained his own long ago and now pays the price a lifetime of loneliness as a grim reaper Stay distant that’s been his mantr.

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Strong women Strong wordsKatherine McIntyre is a feisty chick with a big attitude despite her short stature She writes stories featuring snarky women ragtag crews and men with bad attitudes—high chance for a passionate speech thrown into the mix As an eternal geek and tomboy who’s always stepped to her own beat she’s made it her mission to write stories that represent the broad spectrum of

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