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I read Should You be a River from a list of possible Caldecott award contenders for Chapter and Verse Book Club It is through the lense of illustrations that I will first review this bookI absolutely appreciate the creativity and uniueness of the cut paper collage and I thought the nature photography added even dimension to the pages My favorite page was the sun setting over the water and my daughter who is 6 particularly liked the fold out pages I thought the color pallet was kind of boring and blah Lots of subdued tones I ve been a part of the Chapter Verse conversation regarding award winning books long enough to know that even though we are talking about children s books the awards don t necessarily in fact hardly ever o to the books that most appeal to kids I did however read all three of our contenders with my daughter and asked her opinion of them She really liked the pictures of nature but didn t understand the collage aspect of the illustrations She said they looked messy The last thing that really stood out to me was the calligraphy I didn t like it I felt like I was spending a lot of my focus on figuring out what the words were and then having to The Astral Codex go back to reread in order to understand the context of those words and for young kids it is nearly impossible for them to read some words like caress and sway and snugly Now to critiue the book as a whole After reading the book through the first time and admittedly feeling a bit confused about the overall message I ran across the author s note and cried Then I reread the book again andot it It made sense but it made sense to me as an adult and a parent and it makes sense to Ed Young and his kids I don t know that this book appeals to the masses of kids who will pick it up to read because it s located in the E Should you be a river I'll race your rapids downstream Should you be a seed I'll dream you a vision of towering treesThis personally inspired poem by an award wi.

kindle book Should You Be a River –

Y I am not a fan of the color palette used in the book the illustrations are rather dark and ominous However they are supportive of the rivernature theme in the book I am not sure that they would appeal to a younger audience nor would they necessarily be understood without some adult Here There Be Witches guidance I think they would be successful with adult readersI always enjoy Ed Young s work However I think the audience for his very literary work has limited appeal This poem picturebook is an absolute testament to love and the extraordinary measures that one wouldo for the one they love This book combines collage paper tearing paper foldouts and beautiful photographs of nature to create breath taking images Another uniue design element found in this book is that on each page that speaks about a person performing an action there is a hidden human figure acting out what the text describes This provides the added element of trying to find the paper person in the images as it is not always that clear While this book contains amazing images however the message may be lost to children From an adult perspective this is a touching story of how someone would Story of the Liberty Bell go to any means necessary and do whatever it took in order to be with and support the one they loved A young reader may not be able to comprehend the significant depth and meaning this holds A poem of love set to beautiful photoscollages by a father helping his children deal with the loss of their mother and life as a single parent I really liked this poem book that I believe was inspirational and full of hope I think it would be areat book about encouragement for students of all ages This book is about love love for yourself and love for others A amazing artwork and design with a wonderful poem A powerful read aloud bookCopright 2015. River takes the reader on a breathtaking visual journeyThis book is a ift to treasure and share with loved ones of every ageHow many ways can you say I love yo.

Ection where they et their books thus I m Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog giving it a 2 star rating and is 3 out of 3 Caldecott contenders I have to say I usually hate this type of thing Love you Forever by Munsch makes me want to hurlYet I ll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm always makes me sob and is one of my favorites The sentiments here in this love poem are lovely and the art is absolutely stunning A beautiful children s art book with pages that appear to have 3D multi layers even touch they re simply printed A short poem with one line per page Simplyorgeous artistically complex Lovely illustrations Inventive illustrations I m not sure that it was uite meant for children But then I did have certain professors in my MA program Should You Be a River by Ed Young is one of the selections for our Chapter and Verse Book Club s mock Caldecott Award for 2016 Of the three choices we are discussing for our Mock Caldecott this is my 3 choiceHowever it is a book I would buy for a child or adult in my lifeHow could you not love a book with the background story that this one has After the death of his wife It became apparent to Young early on that he had a lot of shortcomings when it came to being both a mother and a father to his two daughters He eventually wrote this poem in response to the situation Should You Be a River is a beautiful ode to parenting and its responsibilitiesThe illustrations in which the nature photography of Sean Kernan was used to create cut paper collages is interesting as was the use of a couple of three page spreads The illustrations are abstract rather than literal featuring a large parent like figure in combination with Kernan s nature photos There is also lots of movement in the illustrations which appropriately supports the riverflowing of life idea of the book Personall. Nning author and artist celebrates the trials and triumphs of unconditional love Using an innovative mix of cut paper photographs and calligraphy Should You Be

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Ed Young is the illustrator of than eighty books for children seventeen of which he has also written Among his books is the Caldecott Medal winner Lon Po Po which he both wrote and illustrated He says that his work is inspired by the philosophy of Chinese painting He lives in Westchester County New York

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