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Al Laberinto de Soledad There is still a long way for me until I get there and I fully appreciate the beauty of the original writing but with books like this one I am making one small step ach time Understanding Markets and Strategy every story andvery page becomes a small victory which has been made possible by having access to the original text and a translated version at once I m trying to read in Spanish and I loved these stories Montana Dreams except for the last one Syllabus The plot is straightforward but the story was challenging for me to understand in Spanish because of the linguistic and stylistic complexity I had to read it first in English and then try again in Spanish Overall a good collection and highly recommended I have done it Only took me two months but I have read a book in Spanish Double language texts are really great for language learners this was a wonderful and varied collection though some of these stories were so hard to get through and others were just so incredible and uplifting Its very difficult to part with a book you ve been reading for a while both because I aways wonder if I vexperienced it well Immerwelt - Der Pakt enough and just how I ll keep it alive inside of me always The bizarre thing is I feel this about most books I read and then someven triggers a memory of a part in a book I ve that comes to help me live with understand and process this bizarre Modern South Asia existence. Cinating insight into Spanish and Latin American culture and literature as well as providing an invaluableducational to.

A mixed bag I Picture Theory enjoyed some of the stories than others Definitely worth reading It would certainlyncourage me to read Marias and Fuentes Serves for the purpose it intends to with a good selection of authors from various Spanish speaking countries Includes some very big names like Isabel Allende and Julio Cort zar and so overall probably provides good introductions to these authors This is an Interesting collection but it includes too many open Ancestral Voices endings types of stories Most of the writers are masters of style who deserve to be read in individual collections of their own work not lumped together while using a similar device it weakens theffect Four of the stories are pretty good The best is the one by Cort zar who masterfully writes about vile bureaucratic routine during a military dictatorship A perfect piece Allende s story is also good in a sad way although it reads like a legend Beautifully written Fuentes story is impeccable he is a poignant observer of the human mind I forbid you to touch my clich s young man They re the shield of my prejudices Freixas s story is pleasantly light and playful That last sentence really made me smile As for the rest can t deny they are well written but I don t care much about ambivalent or open And Bid Him Sing endings they spoil the story for me An interesting collection nevertheless This collection is a challeng. This is an all new version of the popular PARALLEL TEXT series containingight pieces of contemporary fiction in the ori.

Ing read for a language learner because the stories range from intermediate to advanced level and the translations aspire to be in line with the spirit rather than the word for word meaning of the writing The stories were not written with the intention of teaching the language but are instead works by respected authors As a result there is a lot of vocabulary in here that will be unfamiliar and sentence structures are often complex I found the final story Aristotle Detective (Aristotle especially overwhelming at times Others wereasily understood That said I Bones, Clones, and Biomes enjoyed it immensely and was childishly delighted at being able to see the humour and the themes of some of the stories It s also been a a valuable introduction to the work of Spanish and Latin American writers Some authors I knew fairly well others I hope to readspecially Julio Ram n Ribeyro A very interesting and thought provoking selection of stories presented in side by side Spanish and English text I am only beginning to learn to read Spanish from the original and this has helped me immensely both to immerse myself in the work of some of the Spanish speaking authors and to get support from the English version whenever my still limited vocabulary was not uite adeuate My goal when I started to learn the language was to be able to read one day from the original text such works as A Hundred Years of Solitude or. Ginal Spanish and in English translation Including stories by Fuentes Molinas Maruez and Cortazar this volume gives a fas.

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Epub online Short Stories in Spanish New Penguin Parallel Text New Penguin Parallel Texts BY John R. King – lavitamin.us

John R King was born and grew up in Reading UK He read Modern Languages at St Catherine's College Oxford He has taught Spanish and French at Eton College Windsor since 1975 was formerly the college's Head of Spanish and has been a Housemaster there since 1989 He has an interest in everything Hispanic including literature history architecture and ceramics