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I loved the part written by Austen which I loved and found surprisingly different from her other novels going off in new directions I hesitated over whether to read the part by Another Lady an Australian writer called Marie Dobbs but in the end carried on I did uite enjoy her part too but it isn t much like Austen really although she does have a dry witty tone and sometimes gets in some uite Austen like weighted sentences here s an exampleRemoved for some time from the influence of each other both he and his sister improved in temper and though their real characters underwent no revolution they at least learned to hide them successfully from others The big difference is that her story is lighter and frothier and of a romance like Georgette Heyer I suspect if Austen had finished the book it would have been very different from this versionReally I d like to give this book five stars for Austen and three for Dobbs I was going to go on a rant but it is not necessary If you did not like the Sanditon miniseries on ITV PBS Masterpiece just read this You will be happier The End First read June 11 20082nd reading June 17 2012 Please note the author who published this under the name of Another Lady also publishes under the names Anne Telscombe and Marie Dobbs I m not sure if either is her real name but for the sake of brevity I m calling her Dobbs from here on out To properly explain to you why I love this novel first I need to set the scene the year was 2008 I wasn t blogging yet and was in need of some structure I was planning my summer reading and wishing for something like Jane Austen when I realized that there were all these adaptations out there At first I was a bit startled People would dare to continue and adapt Jane Austen The horror But then I thought Maybe I could just embrace it Maybe I could have a Summer of Jane and read all the adaptations I can get my hands on sound fam Random girl Oh I ve heard of that authorMe JaneAustenGirl Yeah Me polite everyone nows Austen but I don t want to embarrass you smile This is Sandition definitely not one of her famous ones She wrote the first 11 chapters but never completed itGirl Oh yeah I ve totally heard of that one Her daughter finished itMe too horrified for words Jane Austen s daughter My Sister much less polite than me Idiot Jane Austen didn t have a daughter Me Wellit went to her niece Who also didn t finish it but maybe that s what you re thinking of Girl shrugsSoJane Austen Famous author You might have heard of her But you probably haven t heard of Sanditionexcept maybe you have because there is that new miniseries coming out Austen wrote the first 11 chapters and died which honestly is one of the world s great literary tragedies because it starts off marvelously Chapter 3 begins Every neighborhood should have a great lady Genius Sign me up for But she did not write so some enterprising author came along and finished it In 1975 Which is a mixed bag I uickly fell for the main couple but the conclusion really alienated me Laughing gray eyes and abductions have in common with a Georgette Heyer novel than Austen I love Heyer but Austen and Heyer are very different vibes Mashing them together worksbut only to a point And unlike both those authors this novels suffers from a bad case of hindsight Characters enthuse about gaslights and other inventions just about to make it big If actually written by Austen such perspicacity would represent outstanding prophetic insight From another it just feels out of place and highlights the gulf between the actual Austen portion of the book and the non Austen Characters also dance without gloves on which horrified meOverall I loved the beginning and middle but the climax and conclusion jars the story by taking a very un Austen route to happily ever after Still I thoroughly enjoyed just about every minute of the trip Didn t love the hero s reason for loving the heroine butthat s an analysis for another re read This book was by Jane Austen. From the publisher Sanditon was Jane Austen's last novel beueathed unfinished to her niece This is its completion praised for its delicacy wit and discretionWhen Charlotte Heywood eldest daughter of a family of fourteen is invited to stay with Mr and Mrs Parker of Sanditon.

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Free online Sanditon By Jane Austen –

Lious Miss Denham and her brother Sir Edward Denham who is one of the most ridiculous characters I ve ever come across Imagine a man who has all of Catherine Morland s love of gothic novels but is old enough to now better He is without sense full of conceit and fancies himself as a gallant He has a tendency to misuote poetry badly And he will not use one word where fifteen will suffice He sought to entertain them with his longest syllables and most edifying sentences In addition to these characters we also have Mr Parker s siblings who all come to visit during Charlotte s stay Three of them are great invalids or fancy themselves as such but all the Parkers share a trait of being very enthusiastic about their pet projects Mr Parker has Sanditon while the others have illness being a busybody seaweed and directing the course of events to fill their timeI really liked Charlotte as a heroine Amongst such oddbods her normality shone through She is sensible and unromantic but this doesn t mean her heart is safe from being touched Charlotte is much perceptive than the other inhabitants of Sanditon and she picks up on intrigues that most people there are unaware of She also has a bit of a lack of self esteem and she is by no means vain I don t want to tell you too much about the plot but there are some intrigues afoot some villainy planned and uite a bit of manipulation of others for their own good going on and our dear Charlotte will be observing and trying to understand it allAs for the join between Austen s work and that of the other author Marie Dobbs who also wrote under the name Anne Telscombe I didn t notice it either but over the course of the book I felt that it began to feel and modern The characters frankness with each other surprised me as did some of the events As the plot moved on I felt it moved further and further away from an Austen novel This isn t to say that I didn t enjoy it I enjoyed the book very much and found myself thinking of it when I wasn t reading it but I think it s a safe bet to say that Austen wouldn t have ended the book this way It felt in the style of Georgette Heyer than Austen to me In fact Charlotte reminded me a little of Ancilla Trent in The Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer because she was so much aware of what was going on than the other people staying in Sanditon and Charlotte s relationship with the hero also reminded me of this book This was a wonderfully entertaining read and I d recommend it I d rate this as a five star read It s an act of true bravery of Marie Dobbs to have attempted to finish this work I can imagine her primary reason for this effort was an act of love for Austen and sympathy with other Austen fans in mourning their having finished Austen s extant work Dobbs wanted to give readers when Austen herself could not which is precisely why I bought this book because I too found myself in mourning and wanted to believe others could carry on her legacy So no I can t fault Dobb I am so pleased with this uncompleted last novel of Jane Austen s that was finished by another lady It tells the story of Charlotte Heywood who is visiting friends in a seaside town call Having watched Masterpiece Classic s production of Sanditon I turned back to this 1975 completion of the novel which I hadn t read since 1975 when it first came out Although it doesn t at all follow the story that Andrew Davies wrote for the production it it nonetheless completely charming and utterly diverting It was for me the perfect antidote to these trying times through which we re living It s my intention in this year 2020 to re read all of Jane Austen s work with Mansfield Park coming up next I ll be doing that on an every other book I read fashion For Austen fans this book is a must because the point at which Another Lady takes over and completes the narrative is completely indistinguishable from the rest of the text It s a masterful accomplishment I adored the experience of once again diving into Regency Englan. D Clara and from the feckless Sidney Parker to his hypochondriac sisters A heroine whose clear sighted common sense is often at war with romance she cannot help observing around her both folly and romance in many guises but can she herself resist the attractions of the hear.

And Another Lady mostly by the other lady The first 11 chapters were by Austen mostly and it was obvious By the end of the 11th chapter though there was no real indication of where the plot would go except for using other Austen novels as a guide seems reasonable so most of the plot is by the other lady as well It is pretty much a published piece of fan fiction Not bad fan fiction but not great fan fiction either and not even close to the author it is meant to honor That said I enjoyed reading it once I decided not to hold the bulk of the book up to Austen s It took me some time to get into this book and I m not sure why I had previously read the piece that Jane Austen had written and enjoyed it There are a huge cast of characters in this novel At times I had to flick back to remind myself of who it was I was reading about The heroine Charlotte seemed a bit wet and too goody goody for me at the beginning but as the book went on she did improve The hero was a likable character and I took it to him from the start even though he took a while to appear in the storyOf course there are some completely silly and annoying people in it Diana Parker is the standout annoyance for me She s always arranging and managing things without getting anything done and running here there and everywhere with out ever arriving Lord Edward is one of the silliest creatures ever and would have been disowned by family today Sidney is also a very managing person but he pulls it off because he does it for the right reasons and has total loyalty to his friends There was an unexpected side romance in it which I thought was a lovely addition to the book and I was cheering for the coupleThe merging of the old fragment and the part written by A Lady is seamless The language is the same and the story finished as you would imagine Jane intended Once I got into it I was swept along and enjoyed it very much This review was first posted on Babblings of a Bookworm early 1817 Jane Austen began writing a story called Sanditon She was only able to work on it for around 7 weeks before her health deteriorated to such an extent that she had to abandon it She died around 4 months later beueathing the unfinished manuscript to her niece Anna Austen Lefroy There are a number of continuations of the book there s a list on Wikipedia but the reason I chose to read this one written in 1975 was because I saw a recommendation on a blog if I recall correctly it was The Bookrat saying that they hadn t noticed the join between Austen s words and the completion I thought I d go into it without nowing where the join took place eitherA confusion in address and a carriage accident leads to the introduction of Mr Tom Parker and his wife Mary to the Heywood family Mr Parker injures his ankle and being friendly people Mr Heywood invites the Parkers to stay until the ankle injury has healed Mr and Mrs Parker wish to return the civility by inviting the Heywood family to stay with them at their home in the seaside resort of Sanditon The Heywoods won t agree to all go but eldest daughter Charlotte who in her early 20s sets off for Sanditon with the Parkers Mr Parker s favourite subject is Sanditon which he has invested in and hopes to see become a fashionable resort He is a little ridiculous in his fulsome praise of the place stating that it can cure every ailment The sea air and sea bathing together were nearly infallible one or the other of them being a match for every disorder of the stomach the lungs or the blood They were anti spasmodic anti pulmonary anti septic anti bilious and anti rheumatic Charlotte is introduced to the society in Sanditon who are a very interesting selection of people Firstly there is the grande dame of Sanditon Lady Denham who is a very contrary lady she is stingy but she is also interested in making Sanditon a fashionable location so the Parkers are een to remain on terms with her Her favour is also being courted by relatives of her late husband the superci. She accepts with alacrity intrigued to visit the once uiet town being promoted by Mr Parker as the newly fashionable resort for sea bathingAs a guest of the Parkers Charlotte is introduced to the full range of Sanditon polite society from Lady Denham to her impoverished war.

Jane Austen was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction set among the landed gentry earned her a place as one of the most widely read writers in English literature her realism and biting social commentary cementing her historical importance among scholars and critics Austen lived her entire life as part of a close knit family located on the lower fringes of the English landed gentr

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