Books kindle Pirates Slave Across the Stars #3 –

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I enjoyed this book than I thought I would I now want to read all the others in this series My Review is now available on The Romance ReviewsRevenge for the humiliating subjugation of her sister is at hand L car s careful plan is executed without a flaw capturing the dread pirate Du ket L car s sister Nera suffered sexual humiliations under Du ket s disgusting and depraved tutelage Both sisters were ently raised which made these sexual perversions even shocking After Du ket s tortures Nera filled a horrified L car in with the degrading details Even though Nera s new husband commissioned the training L car still holds Du ket responsible L car kidnaps Du ket and takes him to her isolated manor where she s set up a full dungeon Du ket will experience every sexual indignity he perpetrated upon Nera L car will force Du ket to submit to her starting with a naked bound stroll through the villageThe premise of this story amused me because any sexual submissive training trips my trigger I want all the dirty little details of every single sexual act I m even eager to read about a woman putting a man through his sexual paces While it did start out with a taste of femdom the story switched back to maledom L car s plan blows up in her face which isn t a surprise to me She is blind sided with a double crossI found the sexual training sessions to be hot and smexy I enjoyed every depraved act Ms Master created a world where females are at the sexual whims of their husband Either their father or Offenders and Detainees groom sends them off to a sexual finishing school I like this concept and kind of wish I lived in this world What isreat about this story is that it is also romantic and not all is what it seems Du ket isn t a sadist focused on breaking a woman Instead he is uite loving in a Ds manner His full attention on L car makes me horny and wish to kick her out of his experienced hands and take her place I recommend this story to erotic romance lovers who enjoy a hot alpha Lócarë Sereth has made punishing Fyn Du ket her life's qasas-ul-quran goal The man defiled her beloved sister turning her into a submissive slut Now it was Du ket's turn toet a taste of his own medicine because Lócarë intended to do to him all of the humiliating

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Books kindle Pirates Slave Across the Stars #3 –

Ll respected but considered to be in need of a ood man to tame her Yes I recognize the dilemma I present someone who loves to read about alpha males and the women who love being dominated by them but this book rubbed against my feminist sensibilities That being said I don t want to rate a book because it doesn t agree with my political agenda so I will truly attempt not to do so probably with rather limited successI didn t particularly like Fyn Everything that Locare did to him while she attempted to retaliate for what she perceived as a wrong to her sister was considered to be humiliating beneath him etc etc So when he turns the tables on her and does far worse in the humiliation area it s okay because she is a woman Again perhaps that s of my personal political agenda stuff Fyn was full of himself shallow demeaning of Locare s feelings and arrogant in a way that went past my alpha male comfort levelMy main complaint is the abrupt 180 turn around that Locare makes when the tables are turned on her by Fyn I actually went back to see if I had missed something Locare started obeying Fyn s commands and acuiescing to his training so uickly I ot dizzy There were other areas that just didn t follow correctly Locare was turned on but not allowed any orgasms Fyn loses control and she has a bunch of orgasms then she hasn t had an orgasm in so long she s Dead-End Road Mysteries getting desperate I checked this by rereading did she or didn t she have any orgasms This is an editing miss Iuess Aside from these complaints the writing mechanics were Hear the Wolves good the world building fun and the sex with or without orgasms very hot I just don t feel all that happy about Locare s HEA For me it was like a well it could have been worse ending I enjoyed this book It was a light and fun read I like that solae captures Raav to make him pay for turning her sister into sex slave andets the tables turned on her I don t want to Valors Measure give anything away but sex scenes were hot and I recommend this book. There's a slight hitch in the plan he never realized he could become a slave To lovePublisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual contentraphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable BDSM theme and elements dubious consen.

Ale who knows how to love his woman Originally posted at hates him he resents her they are both hungry for revenge yet they have explosive hot sex A strong man takes a hard fall and finds himself better off for it Locare wants revenge on this evil pirate for turning her sister into a submissive She captures Fyn and makes him submit to her will Now Fyn vows to et his revenge on herHonestly for me Locare is far easier to like and relate to than Fyn is While Locare is a strong minded woman with a deep heart and deeper yet loyalties Fyn seems to be driven primarily by his need to obtain things money the submission of women etc Fyn was once in love and lost and it made him hard and bitter I think readers might well find him fascinating and exciting especially watching Locare ive him his comeuppance Much of their sex in the beginning involves deep discussion of what Fyn did sexually with Locare s sister There s also an aspect of forced seduction Some readers with delicate sensitivities may find these two aspects disconcerting Yet both were entirely necessary to the plotAnd what a supercharged plot it is There s plenty of conflict here never a boring moment in this story There s plenty of sexual heat here as well The sex scenes are well written and definitely a battle of wills type of situation with strong emotional energy Hot sex brings the Fyn and Locare closer and they fight their way in the erotic arena to a happy ending Pirate s Slave is a hot hard driving romance that left me breathless I highly recommend it Im happy that this book was picked for me I really enjoyed it I did find have a hard time picturing the world it was an odd mix of old and new The slang was our time but the everyday had an old school feel to it This is yet another book that s hard for me to review First off the whole Taming of the Shrew scenario rubbed me the wrong way Locare is an intelligent independent warm hearted woman who lives in a patriarchal society She is we. Hings he'd done to her sisterAngry that he'd allowed a mere woman to take him hostage Fyn Du ket vows to turn the tables on his prim captor As a skilled trainer of submissive slaves he'd show her exactly how ood it felt to be bad Oh yes she succumbs but.

I was born in Melbourne Florida when it was still a tiny little town and I was pretty much raised at the beach At a fairly young age my father moved us to Summerville South Carolina He chose South Carolina because Northrup Aviation wanted to transfer him to California where he figured his three daughters would wind up getting into trouble As luck would have it I grew up to be a hippie any