FREE BOOK Pint Sized Protector author Charlie Richards –

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FREE BOOK Pint Sized Protector author Charlie Richards –

Charlie Richards ☆ 7 review

Ajax is so scared and who can blame im but when e smells Cayden in the ouse Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales he is comforted without knowing why Cayden knows why Ajax ande are mates Slowly Cayden lures Ajax to shift and gets A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, him to trust and eventually love Their mating is a beautiful thing to watch Ajax may be small in stature bute knows ROMANTIC TAKEOVER how to take care ofis mate in bed and outAs usual I love seeing previous characters as they are woven into each new story to elp both in explaining things connections and in elping to protecting their brothers mates Whether they are actual blood family or formed through circumstances I Keeper of the Light highly recommend this book Well worth the time and money Richards is just phoning these in now but they re still like crack to me Damn you Charlie Richard. Leelp from the mate pull Cayden earns the cat’s curiosity if not Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, his trust enough forim to shift anyway That opens up a whole new world of uestions Ajax grew up away from shifters and knows little of their ways Can Cayden convince the solitary shifter of the benefits of staying with im.

Kitty Ajax was one of the shifters rescued in Russia He was a cat shifter and e found The Women of Easter his mate with a wolf Toss in some shifter politics and the bad guys coming to town A very good story Cayden Rochette s job as a negotiator for the Stone Ridge wolf pack often takesim out of town for long periods of time When Why Are You So Scared? he returnsome from a particularly difficult negotiation The Power of One he finds an Andean mountain cat shifter living withis brothers He is delighted to discover that Ajax is The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, his mate but there are many problems Ajax was rescued with a group of shifters He is very shy andas not even shifted yet He grew up knowing only torture and is unfamiliar with the ways of a normal life The mate pull is strong and soon Cayden He Who Dares has earnedis trust and The Thing About December he shifts Now. Cayden Rochette works as a negotiator for the Stone Ridge wolf pack For decadese Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar has worked behind the scenes withis alpha to secure peace for the pack’s future which often leads to long stretches away from t home After one such assignmente discovers a cat shifter staying in is ouse

To convince Stand Up and Fight him there is to lifeThe way these captive shiftersad been treated was terrible Ajax ad very little trust in anyone and id most of the time He was not sure who Now Is the Hour he could trust Cayden was delighted to find that Ajax wasis mate and knew patience was the key to winning Londons Glory (Bryant May, him over And oncee did Ajax become Jingle Bells his pint sized protector Charlie Richards knowsow to write stories of love and lust ealing and trust As they find shifters eld captive for long periods of time their problems are deep and painful but Stone Ridge is there to Troys help them Excitement danger love and beautiful relationships are theall mark of this series Don t miss Pint sized Protector it is amazing I absolutely loved this story Every book in this series Knights Templar in Britain has been amazing. Sis brothers’ guest One sniff is all it takes to realize the small feline is Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, his mate Still the Andean mountain cat is a shy shifter recently rescued from years of torture at theands of scientists The cat asn’t even shifted yet even after staying with the wolves for weeks With a litt.