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PER judgy about Pixie s Christmas decorations2 Called the fat women in a chubby chaser s mag she found pathetic and determined that any man who could be attracted to them was sick3 Was incredibly nosy Maybe this is just a part of all mysteries and I haven t noticed how awful it is ntil now but Tricia was seriously annoying me by asking everyone their business all the time 4 Talks constantly about calories eating healthy how she regrets eating some stupid danish for breakfast your diet is boring Tricia Shut p about it5 Lies to the town s wedding planner in order to get personal information from her Seriously she pretends she might get married when in reality she has NO intention of doing so then pointedly says she d only want a friend to be her wedding planner then pries the details of the wedding planner s recent breakup out of her 6 When a character confesses that she was raped Tricia immediately thinks How could he possibly have felt sexual desire for her She was fat And then she asks the lady how much older she was than her rapist as if to say Really I just can t believe anyone could rape you7 view spoiler Also great job nosy Tricia If she d called the police when she found out that Eleanor was the kid s aunt Eleanor wouldn t have been able to drink the poison But because she was so nosy and curious and had to know everyone s secrets personally Eleanor had the chance to kill herself Good work Tricia hide spoiler Don t read Not worth it I don t nderstand how so many people give this series such high marks Now I have a sense of humor and I do not get offended easily This book however was one disappointment after the other I ended p Former lover Tricia’s own sister Angelica Also throwing his hat in the ring is small business owner Stan Berry Unfortunately Stan isn’t in the race for longWhen Stan is found murdered his political rivals become suspects Angelica is going to need than a vote of confidence from her sister she needs Tric.

I will bet good money that the author lost every fan that has a BMI over 35 Rightfully so This seventh novel in the mystery series known as a Booktown Mystery continues to astound me as it continues to gather momentum with each volume publishedTricia Miles owner of Haven t A Clue bookstore in Stoneham New Hampshire is dealing with her ex husband Christopher Benson current on off again boyfriend Police Chief Baker and her sister Angelica Miles who is attempting to become the President of the Chamber of Commerce for Stoneham It is also nearing Thanksgiving the Christmas Holidays and her best friend Ginny s p coming weddingWhat else can cause additional angst Why of course Tricia s finding the corpse of Stan Berry the only other contender for the C of C s Presidency As this election heats Heart Of Stone (Morgans Mercenaries, up so does the search for the killer Can it be as simple as Angelica or the current Chamber s President Bob wanting the competition out of the way Or is it annknown relative wanting the estate OrI was surprised myself and truly can saythe killer was Not The Killing Type I was given this novel proof as a gift from the author to me as a friendship gift I just had to write this review as I m truly a fan of this series and seem to grow invested in the mysteries as the stories become ick paced intricate and the characters become fully developed I can honestly saythis is the best volume in the series to dateNow when is the next one due out Don t think I will read this author again the main character is so ptight and boring stiff Don t like the story line any Woooow Tricia is a TERRIBLE person Here are some of the things she does that pissed me off1 Was SU. In the latest New York Times bestselling Booktown Mystery amateur sleuth and bookstore owner Tricia Miles gets caught p in a local election that turns lethal It’s November in Stoneham New Hampshire and time for the Chamber of Commerce elections The long standing Chamber president is being challenged by

Summary Not the Killing Type

Kimming pages and skipping ahead to see that I correctly guessed who and why someone was murdered in this novel I am done reading this series The last two books were very disappointing I love the idea of small town cozy mysteries I liked this series a lot when I first started reading it However the last two novels I don t know if there are bad things happening in the author s personal life but the characters have evolved into assholes I tried 7 even after 6 was just rampant with rudeness and negativity As I read books in a series I typically like the characters Not with this novel The main character is obnoxious She is petty and shallow It might make a difference in the story if the author had an ability to se it to charm readers but she fails miserably at that At first I thought the author was changing things around Angelica wasn t such a bitch especially to her sister Tricia was coming to the conclusion she needed to lighten Montana Reunion (Big Sky Centennial, up But as I read and I realized nothing was going to change The mystery in itself was disappointing the the murderer was too obvious The background was even disappointing Chubby Chasers International Really The author wrote that one of the women in the magazines was the size of two zebras Seriously This is what your novels have turned to But even worse than that were Tricia s comments about people who were over weight I started praying someone would murder her if she mentioned her caloric intake one time So is the author overweight and doesn t like herself or is she skinny and afraid of gaining weight Trying to figure out why she would write constantly about Tricia s food intake and fear of eating too much at dinner. Ia to clear her name so she can win the electionTricia soonncovers a ballot box full of lies and betrayals and a chamber full of people who had grudges against the victim But were they serious enough to lead to murder It’s p to Tricia to pull the lever on a killer before it’s curtains for someone els.

The immensely popular Booktown Mystery series is what put Lorna Barrett’s name on the New York Times Bestseller list but it’s her talent whether writing as Lorna or LL Bartlett or Lorraine Bartlett that keeps her there This multi published Agatha nominated author pens the exciting Jeff Resnick Mysteries as well as the acclaimed Victoria Suare Mystery series and has many short stories

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