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New town New start New neighbor What could a irl want for ChristmasWell how about a daughter that doesn t et in trouble right from the start and a cop for a neighbor that seems way too interested in helping out when all you want to do is keep your past hiddenSweet truthful filled with holiday spirit A reat way to spend an afternoon with visions of Christmas dancing about Follow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinteresttumblrYouTubeBook BabblersInstagram This is ninth in a series and most of the books in it are pretty Verdammt verliebt good Not this one though So read the othersI m abandoning this So now that it s officially fall I m assuming everyone is ok with me talking about holiday novels all the time right Great Haha just wanted toet that out of the way I have become a huge fan of Thayne s magical series set in Haven Point and nothing is better than a new book that s set during Christmas to me All of her books have a sense of enchantment but this one had a little extra magic that made me feel like a The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, giddy little kid on Christmas EveThis book follows Dani and Ruben who have intense chemistry that they re both trying to ignore what is it about those storylines that always make me so happy They were adorable and then Dani also has two daughters who rounded out the main cast Little Mia totally stole my heart immediately and while it took me a little longer to warm to her sister Silver she won me over in the end As always this is full of wonderful characters that you learn to know and love and youet to check in with a handful of characters from the previous books as wellAs much as reading in Inverloch Volume 4 general is my escape from reality when I really want to be swept away I know I can always turn to a Thayne novel There is something so uncomplicated and easy about her books I always end up in a happy slightlyiddy mood when I m finished I think she always restores my faith in humanity a little with each book and for escapism she is one of the best I ll follow this series as long as she keeps writing about it firm fan hereSeason of Wonder in three words Magical Sweet and Heartfelt Season of Wonder is the ninth book in RaeAnne Thayne s Haven Point series and it s another wonderful addition to the series Although it is book nine in the series it s a book you can easily enjoy as a standalone novel I have not read all the Haven Point books yet I never find myself lost Sure you appreciate some side characters some couples better if you have read the prior books but this does not take away from the story being iven within Season of WonderYou should also note despite the festive theme the title the cover the time of year in which the story takes place this book is one that can be enjoyed at any point in the year The story occurs with a festive backdrop a backdrop that adds to the effect of the story but does not take away from the tale being told Therefore do not feel as though this is a festive only book as the storyline is enjoyable no matter what point in the year you read itAlthough I would not label Season of Wonder my favourite book in the Haven Point series it did have all I had hoped for from the series all the things I have come to enjoy The series is super sweet offering up a clean romance story that has He’s iving her children a season of wonderDani Capelli seized a chance to start over in a small town with her daughters Now facing her first Christmas in Haven Point she wonders if leaving New York was a mistake Dani loves working alongside veterinarian Dr Morales but her two children aren’t adjusting to small.

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ebook books Season of Wonder Haven Point #9 – lavitamin.us

Tting in and ets into trouble Realizing she may have made a mistake by not taking advantage of the kindness and friendship of the community Dani reluctantly accepts the help of Deputy Ruben Morales She s reluctant because she s been attracted to him since she first laid eyes on him and doesn t want or need the complication of a romance with all she s ot oing on Ruben s had his eye on Dani since she first moved next door but she s been standoffish and prickly until Silver ets into trouble As Ruben helps with Silver the walls Dani had erected slowly start to crumble and they The Horse in Celtic Culture get close Ruben helps Dani and herirls rediscover the magic of the holiday season experiencing the joy of iving without expecting anything in return I loved Ruben and his family They had so much patience and love Dani and her irls certainly needed a lot of both Season of Wonder was so sweet and low on angst A story that left me with warm fuzzy feels perfect for the Winter Holiday season A copy was kindly provided by HN via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I love the worlds RaeAnne has created I enjoy Every Boys Dream going to each little town and becoming part of the communities she has made When Frank Morales hires Dani Capelli for his vet practice with the view to her taking on work and ultimately taking over Dani sees it as a chance to escape from a troubled past For her and her twoirls Silver and Mia Haven Point is a new start away from the drama and scandal that her late ex husband caused Silver 13 misses her old friends and has been causing some heartache for Dani with her attitude Dani with her background as a foster child and her recent problems with her ex husband tries to keep her distance from others in the community But her next door neighbour Ruben and the son of her boss is not so easy to ignore Dani is attracted to him buy wary about becoming involved iven her history Yet he seems determined to be helpful even when Dani tries to deter him and when Silver causes problems that involve others in the community The Morales family Frank Myra and Ruben are a delightful caring family who enjoy helping others The type of family anyone would love to belong to Dani is likable a she strives to battle the issues of her past Mia is a sweetie and Silver though a teenager with a few issues does tend to row on the reader This is a sweet story not without some dramatic incidents and set in a place that sounds idyllic I liked the way the community A Succession of Bad Days gathered together for their celebrations and to help each otherGiven the state of our world at time and the number of bleak novels around it s lovey to read aboutenuine warm hearted caring people Not that all of them are Like any community there are those who always want to believe the worst of others but here they are in the minority A feel ood story about people moving on from the past I really enjoyed this story of family love romance and community spirit A charming beach or holiday read or really anytime you just need a left in spirits Although this is apparently book 9 in this series of Haven Point novel it reads fine as a stand alone novel If you like feel ood holiday stories with lots of traditions hot cocoa and warm fuzzies you will enjoy the latest book in Haven Poin. Caring and softhearted and she needs all the love and protection he can ive When Dani’s teenage daughter starts acting out Ruben draws on family traditions to show the irls just how magical a Haven Point Christmas can be But can he convince Dani that she’s found a home for the holidays and forever in his arms.

Deeper tale to tell With a bit of drama a tiny bit of mystery one that is obvious but still enjoyable and plenty of feel ood moment this one sucks you in deep and leaves you turning the pages at a rapid paceWithout a doubt you ll be wearing a stupid smile on your face as the romance develops between the two characters and by the end you ll be desperate for of the series This is my first read for this author Although the book is part of a series it can easily be read as a stand alone The book centers around a small Idaho town close to the Christmas holiday Dani and her two irls have moved across coun Check out all of my reviews at OF WONDER A Haven Point Novel 9 by RaeAnne Thayne is a contemporary holiday romance set in the small town of Haven Point Idaho This book is part of a series and has some crossover characters but it is easily read as a standalone Daniela Dani Capelli is done with veterinary school and has moved herself and her two daughters from Boston to the small town of Haven Point She has a one year internship lined up with Dr Morales and is hoping to buy his practice when he retires in the next year It is a fresh start and she hopes this will be the life she has always wanted for herself and her daughters Silver and Mia Dani loves her job but thirteen year old Silver is having difficulties adjusting to small town life Deputy Sheriff Ruben Morales lives next door to the new vet and her daughters He is curious about his father s new associate She seems to be very caring and loving towards her animal patients and her daughters but she has a very prickly exterior around him When he The Beast House / After Midnight goes out of his way to help Dani with Silver she begins to fall for the handsome deputy but she has a secret that she refuses to expose which could possibly destroy their new life in this small town and make Ruben hate her Ruben refuses toive up on Dani and includes all of the Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) girls in his own family s holiday traditions and a Christmas in Haven Point becomes life changing for them all I loved all the characters in this story Dani has overcome so much and yet she could not leave her past hurts and mistakes in the past That past though is what drove her to be everything for herirls Ruben was the perfect hero for Dani with his steadfastness and belief in love family and justice Silver and Mia were realistic and sweet additions to the story I loved all the dogs too This romance is sweet and has an intense moment of self forgiveness No sex scenes but lots of love Along with the romance the author intertwines a believable story of a teenager dealing with emotions and troubles that impact her whole family The small town of Haven Point is charming and just right for this Christmas love storyWritten for and posted first on The Romance Reviews Dani a single mom of two I Walk in Dread girls moved to Haven Point after her veterinary school mentor invited her into his practice Haven Point a small idyllic town sounded exactly like the kind of wholesome town she wants her kids torow up in However Dani holds herself back from The Life You Save getting close worried that people might find out about her ex and then judge her family by his wrongs Wrongs thatot him killed Dani re thinks that decision when her teenage daughter Silver has trouble fi. Town life And then there’s Dr Morales’s son Ruben Dani’s next door neighbor Gorgeous muscled and dependable the deputy sheriff is everything she secretly craves and can’t bear to risk lovingand losingRuben never pictured himself falling for a big city woman like Dani But beneath her prickly facade she’s.

I'm not one of those people who knew from birth she was destined to become a writer I always loved to read and throughout my childhood I could usually be found with a book in my hands To the disgust of my friends I even enjoyed creative writing assignments that made them all groan But I had other dreams besides writing I wanted to be an actress or a teacher or a lawyerLife took a different t