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Nd moves on she knows that her relationship with Rogan is strong and she doesn t let Rynda get under her skin I think it helps that Rogan hardly ven notices Rynda is in the room when Nevad A strong 4 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Note some spoilers for the previous books in this series Burn for Me and White Hot You do need to read the first two books in this urban fantasy series before jumping into this third and at least for now last oneThe smoking hot adventures of Nevada Baylor and Connor Mad Rogan continue in Ilona Andrews Wildfire 2017 the third book of the HIDDEN LEGACY series set in an alternate version of our world in which a serum has unleashed magical powers in a minority of people The magical families are organized into Houses and typically marry to preserve and intensify the right combination of genetics so that their children will have the strongest possible magic and their Houses will stay powerful Nevada is the head of her family private investigator business and a powerful truthseeker a human lie detector who can also force others to speak the truth to her Rogan the head of House Rogan and the most powerful Prime telekinetic in Houston TexasNevada and Rogan are still fighting the ongoing secret conspiracy of certain magical Houses to destabilize Houston so a magical dictator called Caesar can take over but at least they have their new romantic relationship to give them support Nevada and Rogan are a couple now trying to figure out where their relationship will go from here But two new major problems have cropped upFirst Nevada s ruthless grandmother Victoria Tremaine has come to town trying to take control of Nevada and the Baylor clan by whatever means necessary Victoria one of the most powerful truthseekers in the country is the only member of her House Tremaine and it will die with her unless she s able to convince Nevada and her sisters to join her by fair means or foul Nevada s family agrees that joining House Tremaine is a repugnant prospect and fighting Victoria will be gravely dangerous given her vast resources The third option which they The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956 elect to pursue try to become an independent magical House the new House Baylor If two of them pass the official tests for a Prime level magic practitioner they ll have three years immunity against attack from Victoria and any other HousesSecond to make their livesven difficult and thicken the plot nicely Rogan s Fresh faith ex fianc Rynda a lovely and clingy redhead turns up begging Nevada for help finding her missing husband Brian a plant mage But it certainly looks to Nevada like she s trying to get Rogan as a backup plan in case her husband can t be found And Rogan soon gets sucked into Rynda s orbit because he s a protective kind of guy and wants to help an old friend who s begging for his time and assistance As Nevada begins to investigate the clues begin to link Brian s likely kidnapping to both the Caesar conspiracy and Victoria TremaineLike the prior books in the HIDDEN LEGACY series Wildfire has an imaginative fast paced plot with a large side of steamy romance For those who njoy this type of urban fantasy Wildfire is an intense and highly satisfying page turner marked by witty dialogue intelligent and kickass women and tough handsome men who are nevertheless respectful in a distinctly alpha kind of way It may be formulaic and I found the mystery that unfolds in Wildfire not uite as compelling and coherent as those in the prior books but still the xcitement rarely lets up And I was impressed that Rogan and Nevada when they have issues and misunderstandings talk about it like adults and work things out though it s usually after Rogan hurls a few large items around using his telekinetic powersOne of the big pluses in this series is the interpersonal relationships of the characters particularly the delightful family dynamics of the Baylor clan There s a great love between all of the members of the family The New Left the Origins of the Cold War even though sometimes it sxpressed through teasing and overprotectiveness Nevada isn t the only person in her family with Prime level powers but her younger sisters powers though very different from hers could put them in danger of losing their freedom if the Baylors aren t able to become a House and control their own destinies Fans of the series will be The Right Hook of Devin Velma excited to find out about fifteen year old Arabella s and sixteen year old cousin Leon s unusual superpowers and will be charmed by a couple of new animal characters who join the cast Sergeant Teddy annormous intelligent Kodiak bear who s an avowed pacifist and Zeus an arcane catlike creature from another dimensionBonus points for a truly funny math joke in the final pages and well for the whole final scene with the Baylor sisters which La Fleur du Mal ends this book in the series on a high note The Andrews have mentioned in online posts that they originally intended Wildfire to wrap up the series with a nice happilyver after but at their Graphic Design Rules editor s reuest left thending open Reckless ended There are definitely some plotlements that still need resolution so here s hoping for another Nevada and Rogan adventure in the near futureInitial comments YES Finally finally got the ARC does happy dance 199 on US Kindle July 16 2019Fangirl Trickster explosion to commence in 4321This book picks up immediately after book 2 Wild Hot These books definitely need to be read in order but I can t recommend this seriesnough Ilona Andrews has an amazing imagination They just top themselves with ach book Their writing gets better and better The pacing is off the charts in this and it s very plot driven although the Andrews have a magical way of making ven their supporting characters come to life with only a few sceneslines I don t know how they do it I love EVERY single character in this Mr Big even the bad guysHighlights The Baylor family all of them Victoria Tremaine Sergeant Teddy and ZeusOh who am I kidding If the Baylors had a house plant that showed up I d love it tooThis arcane realm fascinates me and I really think a whole series could be written about it The creatures that come from there and the Summoners I want to know I just lovevery single thing about this series Every thing All the thingsMy review for Burn for Me Five StarsMy review for White Hot Five StarsBuddy read with the Ilona Andrews Addicts group 45 starsOk so I caught a lot of good natured shit for not falling in love second book and that made me a teeny bit nervous to read this one Three stars is a RESPECTABLE rating you maniacsBut then I realized that I am a strong confident woman who is capable of standing up to a bunch of book geeks and voicing my opinionbecause y all don t scare me Or that s what I told myself The reality looked a bit like this So yeah I was kinda nervous what with all the IA Addicts out there If you ve met any of them you can t blame me There s no reasoning with those people Piss Flori în păr em off and there s nowhere to hide Kidding Kidding I love you nutters guysAnd you can all put down your pitchforks because I also loved this book This for whatever reason grabbed ahold of me in a way that the previous one did not I didn t want to put it down White Hot took me weeks to finish but Wildfire kept me up past my bedtime Huge difference What a page turnerNevada and Rogan are undeniably a great couple but the best thing for me was Nevada s willingness to step back and trust that Rogan loved her and not his whiny schemingxIt reminded me of how much I love the level of maturity Team Andrews writes into their romantic characters There was I thought the appropriate amount of insecurity but at the same time she wasn t willing to let it overtake the way she acted She called Rogan out about the way he was coddling his old fiancee and then moved on with her life She wasn t a doormat or a screeching green Kansas State eyed monster Well done And it s not just Rogan and Nevada that were carefully crafted Every one of the characters in this story felt two dimensional no matter how small a role they played That sort of reality in the writing is just one of the reasons so. Crucial player and sometimes a pawn but she also has to deal with hisx fiancée whose husband has disappeared and whose damsel in distress act is wearing very very thinRogan faces his own challenges too as Nevada’s magical rank has made her a desirable

Things around you have a way of turning interesting I do hate to be bored Oh yeah no boredom to worry about when Ilona Andrews is on the scene I loved this book so much that I want to marry it Or at least let me marry the authors Yes they are already married and so am I but I need them We can work something outWhat would make good bait for my marriage trap that I am building for the Andrews If you have been reading this series you will LOVE this book and if you haven t get your ass over to the kindle store library Barnes Noble whatever Cuz you need the awesomeness that is Nevada Baylor and her family They are literally magicI meant non lame magicNevada is our heroine and is a total badass girl You will like her almost as much as Kate Daniels I say almost because I m not sure it is scientifically possible to like anyone as much as many of us love Kate I mean we re not crazy or anything Really It s just that our rabid love for her burns within us like a thousand suns that s all But Nevada can Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) easily burn suns in the hundreds She s that cool Here is Nevada s reaction when her boyfriend sx comes in and is all over him like white on rice and one of her friends warns her to shut that shit down If Rynda s crying will make Rogan break up with me then our relationship wouldn t last anyway I love the attitude You go girl A man cheats because of a flaw in HIS character not a flaw in youHow dare you take the thimble The thimble is mine and you know itNevada is also a kick ass magic user She can not only tell if someone lies but can drag the truth from their brain This would be helpful in life I m not saying Humiliated Husband everyone lies all the time but most people are creative in their truthingIt s takes investigation but the truthers ARE out thereRogan is Nevada s boyfriend and he is in one word awesomesexylicious Also there is a magical pacifist super intelligent bear in the book That should benough to sell you on it right thereOh crap This isn t going to Warehouse Management end well This book was funxciting hilarious and original I m I Little Slave extremely happy that there will be another one in the series because I am not ready for it tond Plus the last line You can t leave us hanging there I read this whole trilogy like in seven days and absolutely loved it This one rightly deserves a review but because am a very lazy person hence I am writing down what l loved about these three books hereLet me first grumble about those awful covers I have seen these books on numerous occasions on my home feed but those covers always made me resist the books These covers don t simply do justice to the story that you get behind them I The Stall (Pony In Training expect better from these authors I just love their Kate Daniels novels but still I couldn t make me read these until I saw the rating of this trilogy of a friend Jaya She loves reading romance and if she says read this then I take her very seriously I have been reading non stop romance this year and thought of giving it a go How happy I am that I trusted her ratings for this trilogy instead of resentment of coversThe story reveals around Nevada Baylor and Connor Rogan Mad Rogan While Nevada is a small time Private Investigator Connor is the heir to one of the most powerful houses in Houston Texas One of her assignment brought them together and we see these two fighting demons mages illusionist and pyrokinetics Amidst all this Nevada get to know about her hidden legacy and we get a piece of her mind when she struggles accept her powers I was dreading the love triangle part after reading the blurb but all my fears were worthless Nevada and Connor were head over heels in love withach other There was no space for anyone THIEME Atlas of Anatomy elseIt was a well written story Tons of action cat and mouse chase and lots of secrets Secondary characters were awesome I loved the concept of people with superpowers and the struggle to survive and outshine among different magical houses I must say Ilona Andrews writes drool worthy lead pairs be it Kate Curran or Nevada Connor I don t think I can get over these twover Highly recommended 4819 Re readContinues to be one of my favourite trilogies 291117 Rogan POV from Wildfire Part 1 Re read 8917 If I could I d give this Sanibel Virgin even stars Now I really really want a book about Catalina and Alessandro Sagredo And Michael And I want Grandma Frida to meet Linus Duncan view spoilerunless he s Caesar If he is I ll be kinda disappointed as I really like him hide spoiler 1st read April 20172nd read May 20173rd read July 20174th read November 20175th read June 20186th read August 20187th read November 20188th read March 20199th read August 201910th read May 202011th read August 2020Full ReviewIf I m honest I find it a little intimidating trying to write reviews for this series mainly because it is the best series I ve discovered since I started blogging in 2010 no joke I ve read well over 2000 books in that time but this is the series I ve reread the most I read my proof copy of Wildfire 3 times before it wasven published so I want to do it justice I rave about Ilona Gordon Andrew s books a lot Way of the Shaman everything they write is golden and they have so many creative worlds that I would love to be able to just move in with them and have them tell me stories all dayvery day No matter how much I love their Kate Daniels series and the Innkeeper Chronicles the Hidden Legacy has overtaken them to become my all time favourite There is just something about this world Nevada and particularly Rogan that I m head over heels in love withI didn t want to start this review sounding like a crazy fan girl but I guess it s a little too late for that so I m just going to go with it There was absolutely nothing I didn t love about this book The relationship development between Nevada and Rogan has been utterly perfect from the very beginning I love the banter between them and their chemistry is off the charts tactile anyone I love that Rogan is a little bit scary and powerful Gallowglass enough that just his name isnough to terrify people but that Nevada never lets him intimidate her she than holds her own and she s actually pretty scary in her own right The two of them together are a complete power couple and their The Inclusion Imperative enemies had better watch out Then you have Nevada s family and they re all totally wonderful well apart fromvil grandmother anyway Grandma Frieda is hilarious and never fails to make me laugh while her teenage sisters and cousins are always up to something The conversations between them all feel so incredibly realistic and I love the way they ll all bicker amongst themselves but to anyone outside the family they are a completely united front Nevada s mother doesn t The Public-Private Partnership Handbook even think twice about threatening Rogan to make sure he won t hurt her daughterven though she knows how powerful he isThe story in Wildfire continues on from where we left things in White Hot which means we finally get to meet What Next After School ? evil grandmother and she wasverything I Emerging Markets expected and then some We already know that badass women run in the family but Victoria has tipped over thedge into both psychotic and homicidal so Nevada is going to have to watch all of their backs while she s in the picture Victoria wants to claim Nevada and her sisters as part of her House and she ll do anything to have them under their control so Nevada has to take drastic measures to A Home of Another Kind ensure they are safe from her Things are certainly getting interesting and the whole family are going to face some tough challenges in the months and years aheadNevada doesn t just have her grandmother to deal with though and her latest case comes from an unlikely source Rogan sx fianc Rynda s husband has disappeared and she has asked Nevada to help her find him Nevada doesn t really want to work with Rynda but she could never turn down someone so desperately in need so she agrees to take the case Normally I d worry about the potential drama caused by having an The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy ex on the scene but in this case I think Nevada handled things beautifully She had a few natural moments of jealousy and uncertainty but because she s an adult she deals with them Nevada Baylor can’t decide which is frustrating harnessing her truthseeker abilities or dealing with Connor “Mad” Rogan and theirvolving relationship Yes the billionaire Prime is helping her navigate the complex magical world in which she’s become

Many of us worship the Kate Daniels seriesview spoiler I LOVE YOU CURRAN hide spoiler Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBefore anything African Successes, Volume I else it s important to know the main storyarc is not resolved in this book We still don t definitively know who Caesar is and Rogan s conniving snake of a cousin has yet to receive her comeuppance And while that may not be ideal guess what is MOAR HIDDEN LEGACY dares you to be a pessimistI mention this bc while I knew a fourth installment was planned before reading WILDFIRE for the first time I had assumed that promise was a boon rather than a necessity I find it s best to know in advance that a series you thought wasnding isn t in fact Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, ending SO Now you knowSecondly this chapter of Rogan and Nevada s life carries a lot of DREAD Dread over a megalomaniac grandmother s intentions dread over the repercussions of Nevada and her mother s continued silence on Leon s ability dread over a certain worthless former flame of Rogan s Speaking of which did you know that I hate loathe despise and abominate the appearance of old flames with an agenda Bc I hate loathe despise and abominate the appearance of old flames with an agenda And while it s handled well I can t help but feel that this was a result of the outcry over KATE 6 meaning there are few moments of serious legitimate doubt that doesn t negate the fact that I hate loathe despise and abominate the appearance of old flames with an agenda fumesSo that might color my overallxperience a bitTo make things worse She was the kind of person who would see a pot overflowing on the stove and come and tell you about it instead of picking it up and moving it off the burner And then she would be proud of herself for acting uickly in a crisis throws head back and shrieks with rageIt is a truth universally acknowledged that the kind of female not bothered by the relationship status of her target male is also some version of useless and or seemingly helpless Smart capable women aren t interested in beginning relationships with disloyalty at the foundation but this woman GAH plots murder Basically the fact that she was such a well crafted target for my ire isn t necessarily a good thing in this situation It s impossible for me to separate the negative feelings the Andrews Lehrbuch Der Physiologie evoked with their masterfully imagined relationship obstacle from my overallxperience The hate is too strong That s the only reason I m giving WILDFIRE 40 stars It doesn t seem fair Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. even to me to punish the authors for their mastery of characterization BUT I hate loathe despise and abominate the appearance of old flames with an agenda shrugs awkwardly It causes me real anxiety Otherwise it wasverything I ve come to Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes expect from my favorite writing duo There s the increasingly kick ass heroine whom I called soft in an interview when BURN FOR ME was released shakes head at self You re wasting my time I said Just sayveryone I know and love is dead It s Marketing Excellence 3 efficient He laughed uietly You re mouthy And you re a psychopath You say it like it s a bad thing It s practically a reuirement for people in our position Yes well David Howling did it better Rogan won t always be there to do your dirty work Rogan didn t kill David I did He fought me for his life and lost The next time we meet I ll pullvery dirty secret out of your mind and lay them out in the open When I m done you ll curl into a ball and weep just like all the others That s how you threaten Vincent The secondary characters that are as wonderfully crafted as the MCs Could you get me some coffee No Bug said She blinked I m a surveillance specialist not a waiter Bug said his diction perfect his voice flat The coffee is on the kitchen counter over there Help yourself She opened her mouth and closed it Nevada Bug said Don t do it don t do it Would you like some coffee No thanks Ass Because I ll totally get it for you The plot is still compelling and action driven the YARN Essentials enemies nefarious the world is fantastic So I repeat WHY have you yet to read it for yourself Hmm HIDDEN LEGACY hasverything a fan of paranormal romance andor urban fantasy could possibly want It s truly one of the few idiot proof decisions a lover of Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, either or both genres can make Bottom line In this modern world of too many choices pick a guaranteed win for once yourewelcomeMy other reviews for this series Burn for Me Hidden Legacy 1 White Hot Hidden Legacy 2 Sale Alert Kindle Daily deal 19Sept20 299Re read Coming soon in May and June The Re Read of this wasven better Partially because the book was so good but also because the people over at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA are amazing as wellIf like me you got to the Black on Blonde end of this book and were sad that it was all over have no fear Ilona and Gordon are here and it is confirmed that there will be one book in this series EVERYBODY CHEERAnd IA is right there was just no way to shove one thing into this book let alone a tie upverything plot arc So we are lucky and will get at least one Hidden Legacy gem I read this in a dayactually 125 days I read until I couldn t keep my The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece eyes open any longer and then as soon as I woke up in the morning I finished it Then I took a week and a half to reread and savorvery word on the pageIlona Andrews is a favorite author of mine because I m constantly thinkingWhere do they come up with is stuffIt is always original interesting crazy cool and my mind is yet again blown with what they have come up with Swooning time with the Dragon Mad Rogan I LOVE YOU I leaned forward to look at his face The dragon was out in all his terrifying glory I grinned What are you thinking about Nothing Lie You can t kill Garen Shaffer Technically I can I choose not to And I wasn t thinking of killing him If you go over to his place and break his arms in five places it would look bad People will be afraid to do business with me I wasn t thinking of breaking his arms American Nietzsche either I was thinking of hamstringing his corporation ripping it apart and selling it piece by piece while he watched Mad Rogan the Scourge of Mexico A civilized and consideratenemy You can t ruin Art, Culture, and Cuisine every man who threatens me Yes I can Besides I would only have to ruin the first couple and the rest will get the hint Nevada kicking ass and taking names Origin stories love finding out about the family You are in for a treat when you learn about Arabella s magic AMAZING OMG magical animals and totally crazy cool arcane stuff One word ZEUS RoganI know I already mentioned him but trust me he deserves to be here multiple times Victoria you haven t met her yet but she is one scary bitch broad Grandma Frida and Romeo Pandverything Berlioz and His Century else is this book was fan FREAKING tastic I can t wait to read it againdit I did read it again and probably a 3rd time too Just as fantastic Aristotles Rhetoric every time Thanks to Ilona Andrews for graciously giving me an ARC I can t give her my soul since it is bound to another but I d totally send her yarn and baked goodsI have an ARCLooks at current TBR listLooks at Current State of Chaotic LifeTries to Rearrange said Chaotic LifeThis might kill me but I m going to reread the first 2 before jumping inso theoretically I should be able to do that so I get to read this on my Birthday May 7thI can t waitbut I have to wait a little ADULTING IS HARD Previous rating 60 million stars More or lessNew rating BOOM More or less And the moral of this rerererererereread is time for another kidnapping adoption update Because I just realized I had failed to secure Abraham Bug the last four times I read this book Which is slightly outrageous and stuff So outrageous that if I wasn t me I d most certainly unleash my murderous crustaceans on my little nefarious self for failing to lock up rescueveryone s favorite Swarmer I mean the guy told the Desperately Pathetic Bitch DPB Rynda to fish off when she asked him to get her coffee then insisted on getting some for Nevada Now if that doesn t make him Instant Harem Material IHM I don t know what will So yay and stuff Bug is mine mine mine and stuff let s dance and stuff Book 1 Burn for Me Book 2 White Hot Book 35. Atch for other Primes Controlling his immense powers is child’s play next to controlling his conflicting motions And now he and Nevada are confronted by a new threat within her own family Can they face this together Or is their world about to go up in smok.

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Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team Ilona is a native born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the US Army Contrary to popular belief Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him They met in college in English Composition 101 where Ilona got a better grade