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And the emotions that surface as they investigate their past and meet biological family members It was especially interesting that she consistently affirms that she wishes she had never been adopted despite what that might have meant being a child soldier dying young poverty etcMy only criticism of this book is that it was 25% plot and 75% feelings and thoughts by the author For example about a dozen times she talks about how she feels like tracing her birth family was a huge betrayal of her adoptive dad There are just tons of pages filled with her thoughts and feelings and it s ite repetitive I throughly enjoyed this book While I am not an Eritrean I lived in Asmara for most of my elementary school years There sed to be a US Military base in Asmara called Kagnew Station I remember my time in Eritrea fondly It was Ethiopia when I lived there The revolution was just beginning when we left I left Asmara the year that Hannah was born 1974 I was 12 years old I have been to most of the larger cities she mentioned in the book The towns of Keren and Massawa had recreation areas for US Military soldiers and sailors and their families I spent many happy hours swimming in the Red Sea in Massawa as a child I too can spot an Eritrean anywhere I go Most of my friends from those days can too They are some of the most beautiful people on the entire continent of Africa in my opinion Even though I am a white American I had a special feeling when I lived there A feeling I have never experienced anywhere else I have ever lived It s like a feeling of being grounded to the Earth It s standing in one of the most ancient places in the world and really feeling it I would love to go back some day I m sure that most of the Eritreans I knew back then are probably no longer alive I know the revolution and continuing war with Ethiopia were and are brutal I really enjoyed this book and thank Hannah for writing it I thought it was excellent I would love to have some Zigni and Injera for dinner again I need to find an Ethiopian restaurant in South Florida I pray some day they will be blessed with peace again Sorry for the randomness of this review I m just ove. Ne day a letter arrived from a brother she never knew she had Not knowing what to do with the letter Hannah hid it away But she was nable to forget it and ten years later she finally decided to track down her sur.

An amazing first person account of a life not lived and another path to reliving it It is one of the best memoirs I have read In most part I think it is because she tells the story through her own eyes and not those of others or even herself in an awkward formation of description and detail I can t tell you much about this story but I think that it applies to many of Captivated by the Millionaire us in some form or other She lives one life while thinking of another and has the chance to actually live it While living it she learns about herself and the life she has lead and will lead in the future not a gift many ofs get All I can say is that I hope you read this book with eyes wide open and look at your life through the vision this memoir gives you This author gives A Mighty Big Wish us something not many memoir writers can a view into our own lives through hers and the lives she has and could have lead Perhaps you need ot be a certain age to read this but i think if you are open enough Pool can get you to think about life and those lives around you without much effort simply because she told the story in first person not your typical memoir of today but one that allows you to live in her skin and experience all she has to offer Without the ending I can t tell you much but she was adopted from Africa lived in Britain and then went back to where she was adopted from and returns to think about all her lives actually lived and those that could have been and the one she now lives because of the mixture of the two Give it a try but be open to applying it to your own life This is a book I think that was overlooked by previous reviewers hopefully one day it will gain the acclaim and mass awareness that it deserves The tracing dilemma goes to the heart of what it means to be adoptedestions of blood and identity of what makes someone family and what it means to be a parent or a child all come to a head when tracing is brought into an already heady mix If my birth father is still alive whose child am I This book is about a woman who visits her country of birth Eritrea about 30 years after she was adopted by English parents I learned a lot about what international adoptees might feel. In 1974 Hannah Pool was adopted from an orphanage in Eritrea and brought to England by her white adoptive father She grew p nable to imagine what it must be like to look into the eyes of a blood relative ntil

Read My Father's Daughter –

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Rwhelmed with good memories This is a very readable and engaging memoir about a British journalist s trip to Eritrea to meet her birth family As a baby Hannah Pool was adopted from an orphanage by a white couple then working in Sudan She grew p primarily in England and had no contact with her birth family The Greek Tycoons Mistress until age 29 when she finally followedp on a letter a brother had sent her a decade before Meeting a cousin in London Tikki Tikki Tembo ultimately led to her taking a two week trip to Eritrea where she met her biological father several siblings and extended family Initially she arranged to meet the family in the capital Asmara but she woundp traveling to her father s and sister s remote villages to see their real lives and the place where she was bornThe book is an emotional memoir than a travelogue whether because the author is an especially sensitive person or because of the emotional nature of her trip probably a combination of the two she has a lot of feelings about everything and describes them in detail This basically works the subject matter is interesting and her writing is clear and engaging and makes for Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, uick reading And we do get the chance to learn about Eritrea along with the author Ultimately though it s a deeply personal story as the author struggles with her own identity with becoming part of a new family without betraying her adoptive father and siblings with trying to connect to family members with whom she has no common language and with her feelings about having been putp for adoptionDespite all that this memoir still feels fairly lightweight It is after all an entire book about a two week visit And it was published a mere two years after the trip an astonishingly Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island uick turnaround especially if we assume close to a year for the editing and publishing process before the book hit the shelves It s evident that the author was still processing events at the time she wrote it and she seems to struggle particularly with describing the effects of the trip on her life No doubt this was a life changing experience but at the time of this writing she hadn t yet had the chance to see her Eritrean family again and instead writes about Viving Eritrean family and embarkedpon a journey that would take her far from the comfort zone of her metropolitan lifestye to confront the poverty and oppression of a life that could so easily have been her own.

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