[Kindle Book] ´ Murder in Hollywood: Solving a Silent Screen Mystery EPUB BY Charles Higham ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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In the resser Quadruplets On The Doorstep drawer Then he refers to the Luger as a revolver several times in the book At the inuest one of theetectives refers to the Savage pistol s presence in the Luke drawer Higham accuses him of lying under oath Taylor owned a Luger Carbine the long barreled version with aetachable shoulder stock it was found in the closetMr Higham clearly has some kind of personal animosity toward Mary Miles Minter and that animosity fairly reeks from this book starting with his grotesue physical The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane description of the elderly woman in the very beginning Vincent Bugliosioes not subject Charles Manson to the kind of vicious personal attack in Helter Skelter that Charles Higham subjects Mary Miles Minter to hereIn short Murder in Hollywood is poorly written superficially researched and A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy doesn t appear to have been edited at all It is the work of an author who clearly has an agenda andoesn t let minor The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning details like the established facts get in the way Contrary to the Publisher s Weekly review leading this section I found that the book s author thoroughly and objectively laid out the facts as they are known to properly conclude that Mary Miles Minter was indeed the murderess of William Desmond Taylor The author left no stone unturned inasmuch as what was recorded and what material remained to be investigated could be found If only Mary Miles Minter s belongings and papers from the Bekins storage unit had not been burned upon hereath but searched instead perhaps even compelling evidence might have been added As it is for this reader this book comes to the right and to the only conclusion possible given the well articulated and vast array of lies eception misinformation and spurious accounts given by so many characters who were either accused as suspects or were wanted to be or found themselves in the spotlight as having a say in the matter even those who were supposed to be enforcers of law and justice. En place nowhave ensured a hair raising thrillerCharles Higham successfully presents the most plausible and convincing solution yet to the mystery In the process he paints a vivid portrait of Hollywood in the 1920sfrom its major stars to its bisexual subculture The result is a compelling answer to a long standing mystery and a fascinating study of a place and an industry that as today let people reinvent themselves Murder in Hollywood is extraordinary than any crime of fiction and exciting than any action adventure movi.

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Kindle Book ´ Murder in Hollywood: Solving a Silent Screen Mystery EPUB BY Charles Higham ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Really interesting read about a fascinating case I love trying to figure out what happened with William Desmond Taylor I ve read Cast of Killers Tinseltown and checked out Taylor I read this it took some time to wade through the crap and the biased rubbish that seems to come from an angry hollow place in the author s mind He was so focused on trashing everyone even the poor victim William Desomnd Taylor In reading this a growing feeling of istrust for the writer grew and grew so that any conclusion Higham proposed became impossible to believe In light of the slanted rubbish Higham was pushing in this book I oubt I would ever trust any of his works and he has published many a biography AVOID this book if you want to know any FACTS Higham misses the mark Big Time ue to his own agenda getting in the way Excellent telling of one of the most fascinating mysteries of Old Hollywood Though the organization of the book is a bit The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated disjointed and his theory while highly plausible has holes than he thinks Higham s stories andetails are consistently entertaining Having anticipated Charles Higham s treatment of the unsolved murder of William Desmond Taylor to be the book to end all books on the subject my Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue disappointment was palpable as I trudged through the final pages of this incoherent typo ridden volume Presuming that Higham s facility with biographies would transfer well to the true crime genre I expected his effort here to be as polished and well researched as his previous work instead this book is a convoluted mess Besides going into lengthy irrelevantetail about the lives of people having absolutely nothing to Silent Confessions do with the murder ie Neva Gerber Julia Crawford Ivers etc Higham rambles endlessly repeating himself often while at the same time curiously managing to contradict himself His irritating habit ofrawing conclusions without providing any real evidence to support his theories throws th. For than eighty years the famous unsolved murder of William Desmond Taylor the legendary bisexual film A Texas Holiday Miracle director has generatedebate and controversy Now best selling author Charles Higham has solved the crime Higham uncovers the corruption and intrigue of Los Angeles in the Roaring Twentiesand the film industry moguls complete 74 Seaside Avenue domination of the citys authoritiesWhen it wasiscovered that a famous star of the ay had probably killed Taylor a massive cover up beganfrom the removal of crucial evidence to the naming of inn.

E entire presentation off kilter For example his insistence that an unidentified suicide victim found in Connecticut was Taylor s former employee Edward Sands simply because Higham feels that Sands should have killed himself is simply preposterous To add insult to injury this book seems not to have been proof read there are a plethora of glaring typos that even a second grade child would have caught The fact that Higham had access to files previously unavailable only frustrates the reader further as his continuous failure to present this new evidence in anything approaching a cohesive fashion enies the reader a clear understanding of such material Perhaps I expected too much simply The Loving Gift due to Higham s reputation but I was thoroughlyisappointed with this book Its one saving grace and perhaps what makes it a worthwhile volume for the silent film buff is the sprinkling of rare photos including portraits of Mabel Normand Mary Miles Minter and a strange photo of the usuallly The Wildcatter dapper Taylor in a frilly nightgown In my opinion anyone interested in the William Desmond Taylor murder case wouldo better with the two previous books written on the subject A Deed of Death by Robert Giroux and A Cast of Killers by Sidney D Kirkpatrick Both vastly surpass Higham s scattered tale in clarity form and content and both have a style and cohesiveness that Higham s sorely lacks The flaws in this book are already well Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, documented so I won t go into them except to say that this is not an objective investigation of the crime Charles Higham appears to haveeveloped a theory of the murder and worked backwards from that Anyone whose statements or eye witness accounts Her Nine Month Confession do not fit his theory he simply brands a liar with no supporting evidence by the way For example a minoretail that has nothing to A Southern Reunion do with the crime Taylor kept a32 Savage Automatic in hisresser Let It Go drawer Higham fixates on this and claims that it was a Luger. Ocent people as killerswhich has continued until now to protect the truth Murder in Hollywood goes beyond the killing to unearth unknownetails about the life of Taylor before his arrival in Hollywood as well as the stories and histories buried by the crooked authorities and criminals involved the case The authors exclusive interviews with the culpable star his uniue possession of long vanished police records and the support of the present ay Los Angeles county coronerwho examined the evidence as if the murder had tak.