(Max Lerner Pilgrim in the Promised Land é BOOK) By Sanford Lakoff – lavitamin.us

Max Lerner was a ifted writer and educator whose passion for life made him anything but an ivory tower recluse In public a prominent commentator and college professor in his private life he was a romantic adventurer pursuing erotic relationships with unflagging zeal He had two marriages and six children and became a close friend and freuent uest of Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion West One of his liaisons was with Elizabeth Taylor who fondly referred to him as my little professor Max Lerner recounts the life and times of this fascinating figure of the American

(Max Lerner Pilgrim in the Promised Land é BOOK) By Sanford Lakoff – lavitamin.us

Erner's own ripping account of the hardships his family endured in emigrating from Russia and his own boyhood triumphs and frustrations Sanford Lakoff traces Lerner's American pilgrimage from his education at Yale where he felt the bitter sting of anti Semitism through his years as a radical inspired by Thorstein Veblen into mellower maturity as a widely read columnist an inspiring teacher the author of America as a Civilization a much loved father and to the end an unapologetic romantic who liked to say that he never learned anything worth knowing except from wome.

EnturyPolitically Lerner went through a series of metamorphoses During the 1930s he was an anti fascist popular front progressive writing for the Nation and the New Republic From the 1940s through the 1970s he became the country's leading liberal columnist first with the lively but short lived PM then for the New York Post In the 1980s however he was repelled by the New Left and the counterculture and joined the ranks of the neoconservatives scandalizing some readers but insisting he owed it to them to tell the truth as he saw itThis riveting biography begins with

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