Kindle Ebook Maigret et les témoins récalcitrants ✓ Georges Simenon –

Kindle Ebook Maigret et les témoins écalcitrants ✓ Georges Simenon –

A eally interesting story and very personal for Maigret in the sense he is presented with a number of instances where he fills he is getting old and his ways his methods are likely to be confined to the past like his faithful stove ecently emovedThe case itself mirrors this since it involves s family stuck in the past hardly managing in debt but driven to keep the family business of biscuit manufacturing going when it is no longer a commercial successWhen the principal brother and key to the family s empire is murdered in s burglary gone wrong Maigret visits the house to ask basic uestions He is thwarted on one hand by a new investigating magistrate who wants to follow every step of the case and by a family closing anks and saying nothing When they bring a young lawyer in he is further inhibited in gathering simple ideas of what actually happenedGreat police procedural as Maigret goes out of his way to gather pieces of information the family will not disclose I found the book so much enjoyable second time around as it toys with the chief inspectors methods and his eluctance to think his thoughts out load I love the fact he feels old and struggles with his upcoming etirement I eally liked the throwback to better times with the arrest of Monk and the little wink Maigret affords himYou are left with feeling that Maigret sees his time is perhaps passed and a new generation is eady to take over It probably will not be for the better and this is perhaps best demonstrated by the brilliant way he solves this case Family dynamicsWhen L onard Lachaume head of the long established Lachaume biscuit firm is found shot dead in his bed Maigret finds his family s behaviour unusual No one seems to be openly grieving and unlike what normally happens in Maigret s long experience the family have not gathered together to support each other instead they all seem to be keeping to their own ooms It looks on the surface as if the shooting may have been the esult of a burglary gone wrong but ight from the beginning Maigret has doubts about this theory He wants to uestion the family deeply but they have brought in their lawyer another oddity at this stage in the investigation Maigret feels and the new young examining magistrate in charge of the case expects Maigret to play it strictly by the book and do nothing without consulting him first Maigret is feeling oldSometimes the short length of Maigret novels seems perfect to me for the story he tells but occasionally I feel there s in there to be evealed and so the end seems very abrupt This is one of the abrupt ones The story is very good with uite a lot to say about the changes in French society at the time of writing the mid 50s Maigret himself is within a couple of years of etirement and is feeling that the changes to the investigation system with examining magistrates now taking precedence over the police detectives make him and his methods out of date Not that he admits to havin. Eine Keksfabrik die Kekse herstellt die nach Pappe schmecken Eine Familie die so alt und heruntergekommen ist dass es nichts mehr zu stehlen oder gar zu erben gibt Ko.

G a method eally he simply asks uestions till he gets to the ight answers And now that magistrates have the ight to take over the uestioning he feels his hands are tiedI was very surprised at the talk of dowries which are central to the story I had no idea this system had continued so long in modern France The Lachaume family has a espected name but no money since their biscuits have long fallen out of favour with fickle public tastes So the two sons of the family L onard and Armand must marry for money The two women they choose are daughters of self made men with plenty of money but no family pedigree It all sounds uite medieval although marrying for money still goes on informally in all societies here it s all contracted and formal egistered by a notary and with little if any talk of love or even affection between the contracting parties Needless to say it doesn t add up to a happy household especially once the dowry money is all spent in a fruitless attempt to prop up the failing businessDespite the estrictions on his usual methods Maigret finds ways to work within the ules the examining magistrate sets him His persistent but sympathetic uestioning of witnesses allows him to get an understanding of the family dynamics and this together with his ability to guess at the hidden meaning of physical clues enables him to finally get at the truth However it all comes together very suddenly in the end and left me with one or two unanswered uestions An extra twenty or thirty pages could have turned this good novella into a great one Still enjoyable though and well worth the few hours it takes to eadwwwfictionfanblogwordpresscom A e ead of this confirms my previous eview Jan 19An atmospheric Maigret from 1958 no 53Maigret has two years before etirement and the world at work and in Paris is changing His melancholy is stopped by a new murder of the managing director of a decaying family firm in the decaying house where three generations live live and work trying to keep the wolf from the doorIn this unfamiliar milieu and harassed by a new young examining magistrate and a new young family lawyer Maigret uses his out of date nous to solve the crime thumbing his nose at the efficient modern methodsWonderful As always I enjoyed this little Maigret mystery although I didn t find it to be in the top tier of Simenon s output The plot is a bit intricate and sometimes confusing to follow Maigret is called to the crumbling home of the Lachaume family known for their wafer manufacturing company with a eputation dating back to 1817 Leonard Lachaume the current head of the family business has been found shot in his bed He lived with his aged parents his preteen son his brother his brother s wealthy wife and a hunchbacked servant almost as old and decrepit as the houseUnfortunately early on Maigret s investigation is impeded because he is being watched by a young magistrate Angelot who is allergic to Maigret s intuitive style Mmissar Maigret der den Fall nach seiner bewährten Art untersucht indem er einfach nur da ist und wartet Und ein arroganter junger Untersuchungsrichter mit brandneue.

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Nd the Lachaume s family lawyer Radel Thus he is not able to ask the uestions he would like nor get a feel for the inner workings of this strangely tight lipped familyDiscovered only later in the course of Maigret s investigations is V oniue Lachaume the wayward daughter who efused to be married to a man she didn t love She now leads a seemingly uiet life independent of the family and works in a certain kind of nightclub dressed as a man this is an exceedingly odd and ambiguous detail and one that is never entirely clarified for the eader Lately she has s been seeing a man a ne er do well who has also been seen in the company of Pauline Lachaume the wife of Leonard s younger brother ArmandAs is his wont Maigret employs a fleet of detectives to gather information and the method is uite at odds with that of Angelot Various inspectors at least ten of them were still going around in the ain inging doorbells uestioning people trying to jog their memories Maigret meanwhile tries to imagine the interpersonal elationships of the family and mulls over the evidence gatheredBefore Maigret is entirely eady Angelot arranges an interview in his office with various members of the family Maigret has to ush to marshal all of his facts and the appropriate cast of characters and in part because of this haste the case concludes tragicallyWhat is most interesting about the book is Maigret s sense that as he nears etirement he is a fossilized type and the newer generation of detectives and police inspectors is passing him by to their detriment Thus there is an air of melancholy over the book which is only einforced by the emotional eticence of the family being investigatedAgain I did enjoy the book a great deal but because Maigret is so hampered by circumstance in this one I couldn t evel in his usual display of intuitive brilliance Another masterclass in writing crime fiction from Simenon In this short novel he not only fleshes out his hero Maigret with his mood approaching etirement and his frustration at having to deal with a new young magistrate and an apparently obstructive lawyer but he gives a vivid picture of a family of biscuit manufacturers who as their business is failing have etreated into a large gloomy house where time has apparently stood still The head of the firm is murdered but why are the family such eluctant witnesses Whilst his Inspectors do the leg work Maigret himself does the head work in an understated eticent way and Simenon leads the eader along with Maigret s mental processes so that the mystery gradually unfolds through interviews dialogue and contemplation No explosions or high drama but an intensely satisfying study in family and human elationships individual psychology and a combination of careful construction and concise writing ably conveyed by an excellent translation Another great ead and if you are not already a devotee how lucky you are that you have so many Maigret novels to discover. N Methoden mit denen er viel schneller ans Ziel zu kommen glaubt Ein Roman über den Wandel der Zeiten und ihre Opfer auf Mörder Opferseite und auf Seiten der Polize.

Simenon was one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century capable of writing 60 to 80 pages per day His oeuvre includes nearly 200 novels over 150 novellas several autobiographical works numerous articles and scores of pulp novels written under than two dozen pseudonyms Altogether about 550 million copies of his works have been printedHe is best known however for his 75