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Interesting plot and story line I like Sammy and Mouse were once best friends with an up and coming career as the rap duo Vixen Chaos When both of them ot pregnant by the same man however things fell apart Now Rico their babies' father is in jail and both women are new mothers with reat responsibilities and plenty of problemsAfter she is kicked out of a family shelter for fighting Mouse has no choice but to prostitute herself to survive When she meets Tango a hardcore thug with a soft spot for Mouse she hopes that this is her way out of the mess she's in    Sammy

Read Books La Familia 2 –

T a bad read This is a really ood book. To look up for Sammy It only ets better when she and Mouse bump into each other and heal their broken friendship Both women have come to see the damage that Rico has done to them and now they want revenge The only one with the power and reach to pull off a hit on Rico is Power When Sammy tells him about the plan he's willing to help out on one condition Sammy will have to deliver his enemy who just happens to be Mouse's man Tango Will Sammy be willing to betray her friend once again if it means she can finally be set free from Ric.

Ow the character roles were interwoven No. Till has dreams of returning to the music industry but for the time being she's making money as a dancer She's also acting as Rico's eyes and ears on the street He has threatened to implicate her in a murder and she feels powerless to escape his control When Search an old friend with connections in the music industry makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her Sammy feels all her hope slipping away Will she be stuck in this dark life forever When she meets Power a new man who's better and stronger than Rico ever was things start.

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