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Wodehouse s stories are a tonic Read one and everything s oojah cum spiff I have never laughed so much reading like I did 10 years ago with Jeeves and the Impending Doom I have re read the book again recently and it s like going back to that first joy I have read it in SpanishI still struggle with PG Wodehouse in Englishmust be the vocabulary or the amount of British shows I watched dubbed growing up 1I read this book because it was recommende. The double act of Bertie Wooster and his faithful omniscient butler Jeeves is the greatest comic pairing in literature Penguin first published Wodehouse in 1936 a year af.

On top of a building and had out smarted them so they had to call in Jeeves to come and help out4Once I had finished this book it made me think that some people are amazing and if one person puts his mind to it he can do anything he wants with a heap of practice I loved this book It is the first time I ve read a book from this series but I have the whole series of the tv shows on dvd Thus Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry voiced the stories in my hea. Himself at the mercy of his aunts Dahlia and Agatha and only Jeeves is capable of extricating him from disaster Jeeves and the Impending Doom Jeeves and the Song of Song.

Ebook free Jeeves and the Impending Doom and Other Stories – lavitamin.us

D to me by my dad who said that it is very funny and and exciting2my favorite character in this book was Jeeves who is one of the main characters and id the butler to Bertie Wooster who is a rich man that easily mucks up his own life3I uote that i enjoyed from this book was But when it came to pitting his brains against Jeeves he was simply wasting his time I thought this uote was funny because they were talking about a swan that had trapped them. Ter Penguin was founded and this volume offers two of the comic master's most loved stories In these two stories Bertie Wooster finds himself on a losing streak and lands.


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