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But not one that was particularly engrossing or enjoyable The characters weren t particularly grabbing or loveable I didn t like Tor till the end and a rather unbelievable development in romance Their romance was tinged with a little dub con though really that s just a nicer way of saying rape that isn t brutal and orceful Mind you I m okay with reading dub con and I can tolerate non con however this was a particular sneaky shade of it I didn t like and I Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing feel that their relationship at the end didn t resolve any of my earlier uneasiness On a brighter note there were some elements of the world that Iound incredibly intriguing and uniue and I definitely would like to know about itRating 275 Ashnavayarian was a powerful god like being of the leythe the place The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, from which magical energies emanate But Ash has been a bad boy His thoughtless selfish meddling and manipulating has led to a war and disturbances within the leythe Ash needs to be taken down a peg or two so the goddess Jhara punishes him byorcing him to live in human Ormen i Essex form with most of his power strippedrom him She hopes he ll learn that using other creatures Bare It All (Love Undercover, for his own amusement isn t right and that some of the things he considers humanrailties like compassion and love are just what he needs to learn Of course that doesn t go over well with Ash and he s determined to thwart Jhara by any means necessary and break his exile Jhara throws Ash another curveball when she leythe bonds him to Toryn MacAran a human Tor has never Bare It All (Love Undercover, fit in and always harbored a painful emptiness inside like something is missing When a strange encounter at a bookstore one night ends up landing him at theeet of the handsome Ash he may have An Elusive Victorian found the answer Ash s touch takes his emptiness and pain away and makes himeel competeBoth main characters are well developed and interesting in their own right but when they come together oh boy The chemistry goes off the charts I adored the interaction between these two An. Tuck in a dead end job in a tiny town that’s barely on the map He’s been alone and hurting all his life and he’s about ready to end his pain by whatever means he canWhen a Halloween encounter dumps Tor at Ash’s A Bird in the House feet the two menind themselves tied together by the Dragon Mother in a way that neither can escape Can Tor teach Ash what it really me.

Download PDF Human Frailties Human Strengths –

I SO wanted to like this the premise is good the writing is goodBut I hated Ash Tor is so alone puzzled has a deep strength he doesn t recognise and loveableAsh is arrogant as he was meant to be but even when he realised he was actually eeling things or Tor he didn t DO anything to redeem himself Only 90 pages to read but it took me 3 DAYS Sorry Great The Last Imaginary Place fantasyadventure with awesome world building I liked how we learn about the leythe the energy matrix and the void Details like leythe bonds and leythe storms added interesting layers The characterizations were well done especially with Ash So arroganturious about his punishment infuriating in his words and actions Tor wasn t as clearly drawn Not Just Roommates for me I would have liked time with his POV because I didn t understand his attachment to Ash outside of the leythe bond and if there wasn t any then it wasn t really a romanceor meA lot of that had to do with the way their relationship developed Definitely no insta love here A lot of heat but also a lot of irritation resentment and anger As the leythe bond grew stronger though some caring slipped in even though Ash resisted getting attached Although we saw why Ash started to like Tor Tor s Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, feelings were so influenced by the bond I wasn t so sure he actually liked Ash until much later More like a magic spell than trueeelings Later on when the relationship changes a bit I had mixed Jean-Paul Sartre feelings about it I liked the change A lot But I wasn t sure it was consistent with the characterization we d been given of the two MCs It didn t bother me too much though because I really liked the characters Definitely a keeperor me and I m excited about possible Vintage Games future adventures with Ash and TorWorld building adventureantasy 45 stars Zamba for meRomance 35Side pointsI liked the twist with the sword I loved the humor in theirst part and I missed it later on although it made sense with the change in Ash and the seriousness of their mission As rather interesting read I suppose. What do a god in exile and a goth geek rom Nowhere Minnesota have in commonNot a damn thingAshnavayarian is a god in exile condemned by the Dragon Mother to live as a lowly human The only way to appease the goddess and earn back his place at her side is to learn compassion or bypass her entirely by raising the power to break his exileTor MacAran is

Emotional rollercoasterAsh is a self centered ull of himself ass at the beginning of this story but he s so damn The Detour fun Tor is the broken boy that I always adore And I do adore him except that by the end I m so in love with Ash that even Tor s delicious brokenness cannot compare These guys go through hell and back in this story but the growth of the characters throughout is such a treat to read This is a complexantasy that takes place on another world separate The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd from the earthrom which Tor came The world building is uite intricate and yet so smoothly woven that it never The Adventures of Rusty felt cumbersome as someantasies do or me Fast paced lots of wit smoking hot sex angst sexy long haired men my av and some Mamá freaky bad guys to haterom Lucano in the When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first section on to some of his horrible creations in the second And then there s Carrik Tarn a very interesting and pivotal secondary character I won t say much about himor Fearless (Nashville Nights, fear of it being a spoiler but I d really like to know of his background Maybe that will come out in a seuel Oh and there s this one scene where I just wanted to kick him in the nuts so bad I could taste it Except well that would have been impossible even if I were there at the timeSo much happens in this book much than I d expector the number of pages It has the depth of a much longer read almost like an epic I read the The Bomber Dog first half Human Frailties about a year ago as areebie Since I d enjoyed the Novelas de Isabel Allende first half of the story uite a lot I really have no idea why I waited so long to read theull story But very glad I Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, finally did because the second half took the tale into awesome territory The second half made meall in love So if you ve read Human Frailties and never went on to read the rest don t wait It only gets better Ash and Tor need a seuel and actually I m pretty sure there is one currently in the works I can t wait And one last thing I have to mention how much I love the name Ashnavayarian and all its interesting variants So The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide freaking cool. Ans to be human Or will Ash’s bidor reedom destroy Tor and plunge the Westlands into a war no one can win90000 wordsContent warning This story contains sexually explicit material and describes sexual relations between men This story also describes situations that may be triggering or disagreeable to some readers specifically scenes of dubious conse.

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Jaye McKenna was born a Brit and was dragged kicking and screaming across the Pond at an age when such vehement protest was doomed to be misinterpreted as a “paddy” She grew up near a sumac forest in Minnesota and spent most of her teen years torturing her parents with her electric guitar and her dark poetry She was punk before it was cool and a grown up long before she was ready Jaye writes