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Only read the Twilight Saga but also to watch it She went silentI couldn t stop laughing I think I even weeed a little This book was made with the awesomesauce Andi has a Secret Stalker Admirer who left a photo of his cck for her and sent her on a scavenger hunt for clues to his identity I mean what s not to love about the kind of woo ing LOL Then we had her friend Gen who was a really great listener Bahahahahahaha And the public display of affection from uinn I left with the world s bluest balls Or ovaries How does that work Aw fck it You know what I meantSeriously this book is outrageously hilarious and fun It s a short sexy countdown to valentines day from the eyes of a virgin all be it an absolute hornbag virgin Would she still be classed as one after RandyI can not tell you the stitches I got from laughing whether it be from the handcuffs Chapter 2 OMG I would have died to the internal bickering as well as uinn and Preston It was ust gold Exactly what I needed A palate cleanserI wanted to ask about that but had no clue how to go about broaching the subject especially when Preston was suished into the corner of the elevator hugging of all things a copy of Gone With the Wind Definitely a moment Ear fckers do not read period romance novels Crudely sexy and stupidly funny A perverted virgin on a Valentine s day clue hunt towards her secret admirerI loved. 's single Second she's single And third well she's fucking single Like it isn't hard enough watching the lovey dovey couples on campus and listening to her roommate's wild sexcapades at night Why does there have to be a holiday to grind the salt in Andi's proverbial woundsResigned to watching rer.

This short story about 67 pages the end has snippets of other books I ve never been a big fan of C M Stunich but if the author writes another comedy then I will definitely be reading itThis it totally my kind of book I love rude humour and a silly femaleComing up to Valentine s day Andi finds herself being chased after by the bad boy who flirts with everything finally interacting with her long time crush who is a geek with a hard large body and getting Valentine s cards with clues from a secret admirerFunny moments involved her having one sided conversations with her room mate who is busy shagging on the settee all the time Handcuffing herself to her bed while she gets off over a dick pic The bad boy frenching the shit out of her Talking to her horny side and her rational side whilst drooling a lot Horny Andi and Rational Andi s dialogues had me laughing till the end I still find Andi s situation a little disturbing but I guess humor outweighed it all Andi is a complete horn dog and her inner monologue reads like a desperate adolescent boy who relates every situation in life to having sex Her utter hatred towards Valentine s Day stems from her repressed sexuality and Neimhaim (Neimhaim, jealousy towards couples who are engaging in public displays of affection orust plain romantic intimacy I laughed so hard reading this It was short comedic fun and silly Really liked this boo. Uns of “Sleepless in Seattle” and binge eating on half priced holiday chocolates Andi is surprised when not one but two guys start to take in interest in her Sexy tattooed uinn and the eually hot but totally nerdy Preston Either way Andi might have Valentine's Day plans that she didn't expect.

SUMMARY Fuck Valentines Day

(Fuck Valentines Day ð READ) AUTHOR C.M. Stunich – lavitamin.us

5 I need to someone to pour ice down my pants fuck that was hot starsSo I knew CM stunich can write hot steamy sexy books I ve read real ugly and I m stalking her till I see get bent published But holy smokes This book was ust pages and pages of hot steamy turn your insides to mush hot It has everything Hot porn star douche bags Tall nerdy sexy perverts Beautiful sexy virgin And scenes that I think my panties melted right off my body Its a short steamy wish it was longer read Best line of the book I had a sudden and irrational fear that I was going to turn into Anastasia Steele and start spouting off things about my inner goddess and referring to my fucking cunt as down therehello world my name is andrea fisher and I enjoy recreational snowboarding hikes through the beautiful forests of the northwest and giving blow obs in public while an adorable geek turned Dom whacks it in voyeuristic bliss Y all know I ve been shouting from the rooftops mountains shit even my soap box about CM Stunich and this book is another reason whyRight from the dedication to those of you who were brave enough to pick up a book with handcuffs on the front cover I heart the fck out of youto the chapter titles Six Days until Yeah I m married so suck it dayand the internal dialogue between Rational Andi Horny Andi Rational Andi started to speak but I silenced her with threats to not. WARNING This book contains handcuffs hair pulling perverted Valentine's cards and all other sorts of naughty This book is NOT intended for anyone who dislikes hot sex scenes bad boys or nerds with kinky sides Read at your own riskAndi Fisher hates Valentine's Day for obvious reasons First off she.


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