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Possible children from our known couples I really love this seriesThis specific video review will be included in the August 2019 wrap upFor other video book reviews check out my YouTube channel Steph s Romance Book TalkReview may be dited at a later date This book was a sweet little read Nice to switch to a female dragon Gabe was a fantastic H and Teva managed to be a fierce dragon but lovely human Soooooo twiddles thumbsI m solely here to acknowledge the smutIf you know you know chef s kiss This is definitely my favourite book in this series so far Loved the change in storyline with Teva being a female dragon Really hope we get stories for female dragons. Ake her as my mate But to win the heart of a female dragon I have to conuer her first Not so asy for a human manbut Teva's worth the challen.

1 I swear that if this dude will say baby girl one time I will strangle him2 Two books before we find out that there is some big danger That it is coming to the Earth from the Dragon world through the Rift and now it is not ven mentioned Again Not just in the book before but in this book is nothing too about it Really 3 This book wasn t like the rest of the series where we always had dragon male human female so I was curious about this book cause we finally got dragon female human male Unfortunately I have to admit after this I like the other way around dragon male and not human male I guess I don t know how to xplain this but the dragon female was kinda me. For months I've been chased by a red dragon They're the females of the dragon shifter invaders fierce and vicious and as ruthless as they are.

H The whole book was something like too much dominant macho stuff4 I felt zero chemistry5 I loved this series so I am really sad to say that it went downhill since the 5th book maybe ven the 4th book225 45 Stars 3 Steam Fans I have been wanting a female dragon story in this series and Ruby did not fail me Teva was discussed in the last book because she was attracted to Gabe who was a big part of the last book but not a main character I loved that we knew Teva and Gabe have a connection but it was in no way an Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard easy connection I can only hope dragons speak to Ruby Dixon for stories in this series I wouldn tven be against a time jump for a few books about the. Wild She hunts me wherever I go and I'm not safe ven behind the walls of a fort There's only one thing I can do to stop her And that's to

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Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author As Ruby she writes sexy barbarian aliens grumpy shifters and domineering bikers