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S a classic children s book and so beautifully illustrated I picked it up at Waterstones on a recent trip to London and intended it as a gift Now I may be tempted to keep it for myself As delicious as a plum pie in the sun this is a delectable 5 starMany thanks to Cecily whose review led me to this classic and who recommended Waterstones A delightfully fun and entertaining way to introduce toddlers to classical nursery rhyme and folklore characters as well as basic rhyming verses Janet and Alan Ahlberg s Each Peach Pear Plum promises and will in all likelihood also deliver hours upon hours of I spy enjoyment and not just of the specific characters presented in featured in the text as the bright lively and descriptively detailed illustrations might also and repeatedly be used for additional object searches such as getting children to locate various types of fruit animals furniture crockery and the like And further with slightly older children parents caregivers librarians could and should also consider using the illustrations of Each Peach Pear Plum for independent oral storytelling activities and practice for encouraging oungsters to create to make up their own descriptively fun tales and anecdotes about Tom Thumb Cinderella and the other nursery rhyme and folklore characters mentioned and depicted illustratedMost highly recommended and honestly if someone is indeed and sadly offended by the fact that the Three Bears are carrying guns and going hunting please do note that no animals are either shot at or killed and that the image of Baby Bear tripping and causing a stray bullet to dislodge Baby Bunting and his crib can always and easily be used for a bit of a discussion regarding potentially unsafe and dangerous types of behavior can always be used as a teaching and learning moment My mother read this to both my sister and I when we were little and to this day both of us can recite it from memory This is one of my all time favourite books Simple rhythmic words and endlessly engaging illustrations to play with in this best all I Spy booksI read it hundreds of times to my son and can still recite it Each peach pear plum I spy Tom ThumbTom Thumb in the cupboard I spy Mother HubbardMother Hubbard in the cellar I spy CinderellaAnd so it goes through favourite English nursery rhymes and stories Robin Hood Cinderella wicked witch 3 bears till everyone meets in the woods for plum pie in the sun All intricately and beautifully illustratedIt s wonderful to see that this treasure first published in 1978 is not only still in print but has been issued as a board book as well as a soft cover and I ve just bought the board book for my son s first child due in two weeks I know it s a bit early but a baby can never have too many books. A look And play 'I spy' This familiar rhyme has been given the brilliant Ahlbreg treatment to which no oung child can fail to respond It's a book which will be read over and over again just perfect'Deceptively simpl.

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Racters the three bears Cinderella Robin Hood etc so it ties in nicely with traditional bedtime stories The illustrations are as fabulous and detailed as ou d expect from the Ahlbergs Lovely for reading to very Please Dont Tickle The Tiger young children and getting them to spot the character and I m sure that inears to come it ll also be a good aid to learning to read Highly recommended Love of language and literature works best as a daisy chain down the generations Some of the best picture books have a similar structure with repetition rhyme and rhythm as cues This is such a book First I read this to my child pausing before pointing out the next character who would be hiding in the picture somewhere Then I would read but stop before saying the last words on each page allowing my child to jump in with the next name Each Peach Pear Plum I spy Tom Thumb Tom Thumb in the cupboard I spy Mother HubbardMother Hubbard I spyMy child learned to read the book pretend reading memory then properlyThe whole book is a daisy chain of names familiar from fairy tales and nursery rhymes creating a story that includes Robin Hood Baby Bunting the Three Bears a Wicked Witch and Cinderella This remains one of a few special books we both know off by heart than twenty MTIV years laterPass it onAnother daisy chain it s a book I ve given to many friends They usually say how much they and their child enjoy it I hope that one day they and their children will pass it on Last week a friend I gave it to than tenears ago and who now lives in Australia sent me a picture of her International Organizations younger child with the book saying her kids still love it A simple gesture that filled me with joy and flooded a difficult week with happy memories Thanksgiving life lessonsAn aunty figure in myouth had two favourite axioms Send postcards to people when they are alive not flowers when they are dead and Great oaks from little acorns grow My friend sent a virtual postcardAnd a love of reading nurtures our acorns into saplings and on to mighty oaksTomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US I am thankful for those who nurtured me and for the privilege of nurturing others Once in a while it is a treat to discover the unalloyed joys of a children s book Each Peach Pear Plum is pure delight The invitation is simple In this book with Laurus your little eye take a look and play I spy Here goes the first rhyme Each Peach Pear Plum I spy Tom Thumb The overleaf shows an abundant pear tree a plum tree and a peach tree and tiny Tom Thumb snugly resting on a branch reading a book The next Tom Thumb in the cupboard I spy Mother Hubbard Oh I had fun spying And so it goes What a wonderful way to introduce beginning readers to rhymes and a mini universe of fairy tale characters Cinderella the Three Bears Jack Jill etcEach Peach Pear Plum Ustrated page encouragesoung children to interact with the picture to find the next fairy tale and nursery rhyme character This board book edition is perfect for little hands In this book With our little eye Take.

This lovely children s book is a fun rhyming hide and seek game featuring favorite characters from storybooks My child loves turning the pages and looking for WHAT THE BLOODY SHIT IS THAT BEAR ARMED That s not even a grown bear That bear is a child Jesus pond skipping Christ is he just wandering around in the woods with his safety off He literally just came within a foot of shooting a babyOkay well look I guess the baby s okay I meanthe bearlet shot him out of a tree and he landed in a river but they fished him out and all s well that ends well That s the real plot Let s look let s try to move on On each page a simple rhyming couplet introduces the storybook character who s hiding You ll need a Boston accent for Cinderella It s great fun to SWEET PONY RIDING CHRIST IT S THAT FUCKING UNDERAGE BEAR AGAIN AND HE S STILL ARMED Should we teach him about the safety Nahhaha look at the bunnies the bunnies know what the fuck is upLook it s a fun book My kid loves it But how many armed bears do ou want in these woods We have had this in our kids bookcase for almost 20 ears It was always one of their favorites and is a great introduction to the I Spy type of books Little ones age 2 and up will have great fun with this book and the illustrations are so cute My kids didn t even know many of the original nursery rhymes but it didn t deter them from enjoying this bookHighly recommend for the 2 and up age group Really cute and fun I remember this from when I was a child and I think that fondness bumps it up to five stars I loved I Spy type things back then and now I can appreciate the smooth flow of the rhyme scheme and the clever illustrations and I just really enjoyed the variety of Mother Goose characters and how their little stories are related I can see why this is a classic This is an absolute classic and I d be surprised if there s anyone in English speaking countries at least who hasn t heard of it read it and loved it First published the ear before I was born in 1978 it s still going strong with a wonderful rhyming story complemented by luscious illustrations The text incorporates famous fictional characters Cinderella Mother Hubbard the Wicked Witch Robin Hood Jack and Jill etc and the pictures add an I Spy game to it Tricky for Rumunia. Koniec złotej epoki younger readers perhaps but in my experience they always find plenty of things to point to in the illustrations to ask what s that Which means this is a book for various age groups really And whenou have to read the same books over and over again to a Simply Irresistible (Girl Friends young audience it s one of the few that I never get tired of re reading This is a beautiful book On each page there is a small rhyme about spying a character whoou then need to find in the illustration on the opposite page They are familiar cha. 'Each Peach Pear Plum' the classic picture book by Janet and Allan Ahlberg is a timeless picture book classic from the bestselling illustratorauthor team Janet and Allan Ahlberg creators of Peepo Each beautifully ill.

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Allan Ahlberg of the best selling Jolly Postman series Born as Janet Hall in Yorkshire in 1944 she studied at Sunderland Technical College where she met Ahlberg The two married in 1969 and began to work together publishing their first co venture The Old Joke Book in 1976 She won the 1978 Kate Greenaway Medal from the British Library Association an award recognizing the year's best children's book illustration by a British subject for Each Peach Pear PlumJanet Ahlberg died of breast cancer in 1994 at the age of fifty having produced many beloved and bestselling books Her daughter with Allan Ahlberg