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G up the game in this bookHands downDog Food II belongs to Omar Omar icked down the front door he didn t take names he didn t ask no uestionshe just reeked havoc Who Shameful knew Omar had it in him I want to talk about Omar s gangsta but I can t because you wouldn t even believe me I promise every time I read Omar s name I was humming Rich Homie uan s song I be feeling like the man when I walk thru Like this song was on repeat the entire time I was reading this book Walk thru Omar walk thru LOL Even though I don t want to give anything awayI have to say thisOmar will have you under his spell by sprinkling a little dog food on his manhood you heard me he will steal from you and then come back and make it rain on you And as much as I didn t want to like him I had to respect his ability to stay aliveMy favorite part well one of themlet me set the scene Omar needs some cookie so he finds a flick of Demarcus and Bria and proceeds to watch it So he getting his one hand man on and one his many enemies appears out of nowhere and is standing over ready to empty his gun Do you think Omar care Hell No When L Amir tells him to put his meat up Omar responds with Shit You invited yourself to this party You re on my time You talking about opening and closing thisindle and screaming every time I went back to read what I thought I hadn t really read And this is one of the reasons why you have to respect OmarI can t even begin to explain how good this book is There was innocent people getting bodied people going to jail Demarcus stayed at the police station honey set ups take downs paternity tests secrets lies and love And don t worry Demarcus will still eep you mad and guessing his next move Raynesha deserves a standing ovation for building her own box and writing outside of it She didn t go into this book to continue Part I she went into this book to finish a family era or error depends on how you look at it And the way the books ends Dog Food III might be the beginning of a new friendship for Demarcus and we all now this busta don t need no new friends Tiffany 556 Book Chicks Great readThis was a great read Omar is the worst ugh There were secrets revealed that have you like what D had been through enough to last a lifetime so I Really enjoyed the end Well DamnGeez Louise this book was AMAZING Raynesha Pittman did a phenomenal job with the closure of this duology Every hateful feeling I had for Omar came rushing back as soon as his name was mentioned Demarcus at times I just wanted to hug him like only a mother could Ordinarily I would feel like maybe the last book of a set would need something extra but everything I needed to Sacred Landscapes know or wanted tonow was answered in this book Can t wait to see what book Raynesha releases next Omg this book was off the hook Omar was a total bad guy in this book I loved how Raynesha put the past in the book to show how things were put into perspective DeMarcus has showed so much maturity in this book All in all a great book Loved it didn t want it to end but all good things come to a en. P with his new found father runs a large Dog Food distribution ring and has a few legit businesses that are flourishing on the side The sheltered mama’s boy has turned into a man Suddenly the bodies start piling up and he goes from being the most loved man in the city of Memphis to being the number one murder suspect in every case that crosses the homicide unit desk As the bodies pile up his past is back to haunt him with a vengeance But what happens when the true murderer is someone he already nows to be dead.

Dog Food 2Unknown to Demarcus his cousin Omar is still among the living Demarcus and Lord King forms a father and son relationship and it seems everything is going great It seems as Demarcus clears a hurtle another one is around the corner waiting for him Joyce is sent to help him clear his name She also becomes much then just his lawyer Demarcus learned of his mother s betrayal and also some news that Bria had for him Trying to live right is harder then you can imagine if you re DemarcusOmar is terrorizing everyone that he comes into contact with He s on a illing spree and will do anything to get to Demarcus Once Omar makes it back to town his body count seems to have no ending in sight He has no loyalty to no one not even family Demarcus is given information about himself and Omar that could possibly change his feeling for Omar This was a great series and I enjoyed it One click and enjoyCynthia CurryPaperback Pusher This book was all that and some Now I have read all of Mrs Pittman s books but Dog Food and Dog Food 2 has proven that she is going to be the best Dog Food 2 started off from where Dog Food ended and the twists and plots got better with each chapter If you haven t read them you need to add them to your collection along with her other books I swear you will not be disappointed Book Review Dog food II by Raynesha PittmanDog Food was the first book I read by this author and she did an exceptional job developing the male character DeMarcus I was very curious as to how she would follow that stellar act but folks she nocked the damn ball out the park with this one The author started out with some characters in the prologue that I was unfamiliar with and there was a reason for that however when they were reintroduced in the story with the characters from book one all the pieces were nicely placed together The revelations that were revealed in this book were eye opening but then when you think back over past and current events it s like how did I not make the connection and see what was hidden in plain sight Trust me you will not see it until you read it in black and white I loved the twists and turns as they all had a major relevance in the story DeMarcus s jailed for a crime he did not commit causing him to lose his scholarship his mother to cancer and his home all while he was in prison Once out he takes a legitimate job which eventually introduced him to the life of selling dog food DeMarcus climb in the dog food business resulted in envy double cross and death from so called friends and likely foes The biggest treachery for DeMarcus came from his cousin Omar who was always envious of DeMarcus tried to destroy everything DeMarcus held dear and when Omar s intent became clear the decision was made to take him on a ride that he was not supposed to return from However loyalty and greed became a factor when JP and Killa were so blinded by their wants that they made a deal leaving Omar with his life for all money drugs pass codes and any other info he may have that would assist them in nocki. Running and hiding is looked upon as a way out for the weak It is something Omar never thought he would do As a child he didn’t even partake in the game of Hide and Seek for that very reason Unfortunately after being sentenced to death by his cousin Demarcus Omar was left with no choice Moving to Detroit wasn't as bad as he thought it would be It didn't take long for him to reign supreme However the change of location didn’t change the conniving and cold hearted monster that he was inside It didn't take the

Ng Lord ing and DeMarcus out of power The truth about snakes is if you find a snake slithering in your house rest assured that while you may let it go it will surely strike and bite you if you cross paths again because it is a snake it seems like loyalty was non existent when money and power came into play Omar always the snake was unleashed to prey upon on those needed too to get him closer to his goal of being on top again This guy is nothing than slime who only cares about himself His plan was to rebuild and go back home to take over what he was forced to give up On the bus ride Omar meets L Amir who puts him on and things start to look up both business wise and relationship wise That is until events transpire that cause events that snow ball out off control which results in Omar leaving a trail of bodies behind him as he slips into paranoia caused by his obsession for revenge against DeMarcus and his addiction to the dog food i was totally satisfied with the outcome of this book but then the author threw another twist out there with that phone all Redemption along with the sins and there secrets made this a must read The book is Dog Food II by Raynesha Pittman and is available on Pittman has a lot of nerve to say Black Women with Locs have nappy hairFOH And I Do Not Have Locs But Still highly Offended GoodI m so glad that Omar is gone He was the devil I now their will be another book out soon Keep up the good work Round of applause Great read Omar was so much worst in this book He cared about NOBODY The was he did Symphony and Bria was straight up wrong smh I felt so bad for Demarcus is definitely my favorite character Glad he got all the closure he needed Was a lil surprised to find out about Omar and who he really was smh Was so glad to see Demarcus and Joyce had taken things to the next level I was hoping that it happened and even happier Demarcus got his son This book deserves nothing less than five stars 556 Book Chicks selectsDog Food II as our book of the month for May It seems like forever since we read Dog Food part I so of course the anticipation was high What the hell was Demarcus going to get into this time I almost broke my Hunted kindle reading Part I so I was praying that Demarcus got his life this time aroundSo I start reading the bookand everything is going good until Lord King and Killa start fighting in the back seat of the car All I could think was oh shit here we go Bullets shooting they wrestling bodies start flying out the car and the entire time I m thinking Lord this fool Demarcus about to go to jail Think positive Tiffany just think positive He can t go to jail this not his fault Calm down andeep reading Then it happens Demarcus Elder you re under arrest for assaulting an off duty officer and you are the primary suspect in the murder of did you really think I was going to tell that And there went the safety of my Gingerbread Heart kindle Seventeen percent in and I m mad at this MF already But don t get caught up on the mistakes of Demarcus because Raynesha is bringing the HEAT and switchin. Ocals long to see the monster that was he When his lies caught up to him and backed him in the corner he opted to take the easy way out and leave With Omar deciding to move back to Memphis after being off the radar for three years he was now willing to play the game He wanted it to end in his cousin’s murder while reclaiming the throne he wasicked down from But how many people would he be willing to ill to get back what he felt was rightfully his Demarcus’s life has turned for the good He has a relationshi.

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( ONLINE Dog Food 2 ) Ì Raynesha Pittman – lavitamin.us

About the Author Raynesha Pittman grew up as one of LA's many troubled youth which led her into serving four years around Los Angeles juvenile corrections centers placements and camps She first recognized her love for writing while incarcerated Her first manuscript was written to her mother in hopes of giving her insight to what Raynesha was going through as a teen but never published One p