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Ady you can check back for my review of Dead Like Me tomorrow the 8th and you can go take a look at Kelly s awesome give a way during the blogger book fair at the link above Related articles Dead Like Me Kelly Miller A Blogger Book Fair A naimelesswordpresscom Blogger Book Fair Why you should check it out naimelesswordpresscom Blogger Book Fair Spectacular Giveaway Win 20 Books sheerakwordpresscom Blogger Book Fair Interview With Jacob Donley brandonrluffmanwordpresscom Blogger Book Fair Interview And Raffle From Beck Sherman brandonrluffmanwordpresscom It s Party Time Are you ready BloggersBookFair and kimmydonn 7evildwarveswordpresscom Bloggers Book Fair Guest katelutter amigraycom Wow Awesome read Nothing like a mystery book to keep you on the edge of your bed lol Can t wait to read the next book in the series I m The Middle Ages (The Story of the World jealous of authors who convincingly write police procedurals Conveying technical information without either A boring the reader or B insulting the reader is a difficult task and I do not envy such authors the monumental taskMs Miller did an excellentob of walking that line in this novel Sure there were a couple of moments where I thought Wouldn t a coroner say lividity or That bit of conversation came across as somewhat stilted And there was one actual As you know Bob moment But these moments were neither tragic nor terrible and I breezed by them with no concernThe deeper I went into this novel the it held me I didn t always like the character of Detective Kate Springer didn t always like her choices and sometimes found her a little bit of a bitch But the way in which Ms Miller peels off her layers had me empathising with the character and I found myself forgiving Springer for everything that annoyed She s strong She s smart She s a survivorComing off imposed leave for a ustifiable shooting Springer is thrown right into a homicide investigation wherein the thirteen year old victim is a dead ringer for Springer at that age As Springer in first person narrative reveals her own history as a victim of a pedophile I marvelled at the ability of such people to move on to recover from such a past The answer is Not all doMs Miller makes no excuses for her protagonist yet when Springer makes a move the reader under the author s careful guidance understands the why of it There is angst but not overwrought The character is mature still battling demons but constantly growing Winning And as the novel built to its dramatic and thrilling climax I rooted for Springer one hundred percent For my random thoughts on writing visit my blog Maggie Hamilton s 15 Frank Hamilton father had killed both Luke brother Corrinne sister before their 16th birthdayMaggie birthday was coming up so she figured it was her turn to die Detective Luella Norwood St Petersburg PD was not trying to understand believe Maggie s storyDetective Norwood took Maggie back home was greeted at the door by Sara Hamilton mother Frank Maggie would stay with Uncle Jake Frank s brother for a few days Mr Blue Mr Blue Mr Blue Warning This book contains graphic adult content or violence which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive to some readers I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review only an honest one All thoughts opinions are entirely my ownA very awesome book cover great font writing style A very well written mystery short story book It was very easy for me to readfollow from startfinish never a dull moment There were no grammartypo errors nor any repetitive or out of line seuence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios with several twiststurns a great set of uniue characters to keep track of This could also make another great mystery movie or better yet a mini TV series A very easy rating of 5 stars Thank you for the free Author PDF book Tony Parsons MSW Reviewer Belinda F30 on the Mas ScaleThis is a fast paced page turner in the style of a TV police drama It s easy to read but not very challenging The sort of book you would enjoy for an evening read but then put down go to sleep and forget aboutWhat I liked about this book was that it was clearly well researched and that I never once considered not finishing it What I didn t like was that the characters felt under developed and there were a number of holes in the plot that left me with Really on the tip of my tongue for example the fact that she never mentions the face of the victim is really similar to herself at that age why doesn t she I m sure I would have immediately gone Wow that could have been me at that age what a coincidence Kate Springer is a potentially great central character She has a lot of baggage to deal with but in fact there was so much baggage that it was impossible to believe that it had not had a big impact on her life and work before this point I felt as though she could have been a fantastic read a Lisbeth Salander but that her past was presented too readily and not eased out as part of the plot part of her actions for example we re told she can t hold down relationship because of what has happened to her it would have much interesting to watch that in action and draw our own conclusionsOne of the main problems I had with the plot was that I guessed the identity of the murderer almost as soon as he appeared I never doubted that I was correct and was proved so I don t want to give the ending away by saying why but to me it was obvious which was a spoiler in itself It felt a bit formulaic and without the twists that would have made it interestingI think this is a good first effort an exciting uick read but it left me feeling that it could have been so much Also reviewed by Roberta P for the Crew. 's been hell bent on keeping secret When the killer finally emerges from the shadows Kate's secrets aren't the only thing on the line So is her life.

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Epub Online Dead Like Me Ô Kelly Miller – lavitamin.us

Kate is a detective returning to duty after a mandatory leave she is assigned the murder of a teenager who bears a striking resemblance to Kate at that age This is apparently newsworthy Why Beats me But Kate who had been molested as a child soon must confront bother the horrors of her past and the challenges of the present and the man who seeks to destroy her This book is fast paced and enjoyable Kate is smart aggressive and a little snarky but overall likeable and relatable She should however had disclosed her knowledge about one of the suspects Sill a fun and saisfy8ing read Dead Like Me by Kelly Miller Set in Tampa Florida Homicide Detective Kate Springer has ust returned to the Dance and Cultural Diversity job She and her partner catch the next murder case a teen aged girl Kimberly Callahan who shares an unexpected connection with Kate As they dig into the murder several suspects catch their eye However Kate is distracted by one in particular and that distraction may be her downfallThere was a lot I enjoyed about this book It was mostly Kate Springer who held my interest I believe she will be a great main character for the series She s got this dark past that haunts her a bit even though she is well into her 30s Throughout the book she s seeing the department psychologist off and on and that s where we learn the most about her past I also like that Kate knows she has certain behaviors for deflecting people which keep her from having close friendships and meaningful romancesThis book does deal with child sexual abuse While none of it is revealed in detail the author does a goodob of focusing on how that abuse affects not only the child but the adult that child turns into The story also brings non sexual abuse and Navigating Japan's Business Culture: A Practical Guide to Succeeding in the Japanese Market just plain neglect into the story as wellSome aspects of the book were a bit formulaic For instance the killer was easy to identify In fact from the moment they strolled onto the page I was pretty sure Also I didn t ever really worry about whether or not Kate would live through this investigation since we all know this is Book 1 in a seriesI really liked Kate s work partner fellow Detective Patrick Jessup The two have a good rapport going with theirokes and random fact bets I also liked the crime scene tech and her knowledge of etymology for instance she knows where the phrase humble pie comes fromThere were a handful of things that felt a little rushed or slanted in a certain way for convenience When Kate is doing her sessions with the psychologist she s asked to discuss her triggers and Kate doesn t know what that means Yet I was pretty sure that Kate had spent some time working with a psychologist or two in the past and also reading up on her own so I don t know why she wouldn t know this basic term I felt that was put there to give the psychologist the chance to explain it to the reader not to Kate Also there is a fat bullying cop who Kate is always trading insults with though Kate s insults are nearly always about his weight which I felt was immature My biggest complaint is that Kate s past and her connections to the case remain unknown to the homicide department at the end of the story I didn t think this was realistic at allWith that said this book still gripped my attention I really wanted to see how things would unfold even though I had already guessed the killer Kate is a fascinating character in many ways She has issues but her focus on her work keeps her centered The trusting relationship between her and Patrick who is a happily married man with kids leads me to wonder if things might get complicated for Kate in the future Kate is slow to discover who the killer is or rather accept what her subconscious is already pretty sure about I felt this was realistic and I enjoyed the cat and mouse game as Kate finds evidence to support the case I look forward to Book 2 and seeing where Kate goes from here now that she can lay part of her past to restI received a free copy of this bookNarration Angel Clark was a great Kate Springer I really liked her voice for Kate especially the emotional scenes Clark also went the extra mile and included special effects to mimic speaker phone PA system and cell phone calls Sometimes I did find a few of her voices for minor characters to be a little cartoony but that is my only little complaint Wow I was gripped from the first page and I made sure to find time to read it so I could find out what happened I hope there are Detective Kate Springer books It was a really fast paced intense surprising book Awesome The sexual abuse of a pedophile in my opinion is akin to premeditated attempted murder It destroys the core being of it s victimsDetective Kate Springer and her partner Detective Patrick Jessup arrive at a murder investigation crime scene where a young teenager s body is partly covered with leaves and twigs When Kate gets a closer look at the girl s face her world is shaken The face is a dead ringer for Kate s own face at age thirteen except that the victim has dyed black hair The girl had been strangled with bare hands indicating a perpetrator with some physical strengthSo either the resemblance is a total coincidence a product of an over active imagination or the victim is somehow connected to Kate This is not your ordinary detective hunt em down murder mystery It only took a few pages for me to get who Kate isto understand how the demons from her own childhood sexual abuse impact her ability to handle this case Her emotional trauma causes her to withhold this identity connection from her partner and her superiors In the beginning she even wonders if she harbors such intense repressed feelings from her own abuse that she s projected her own childhood image onto Kimberly Callahan the dead teenager Something that in fact is entirely possibleHowever On edge after a two week mandatory leave Detective Kate Springer is blindsided when she discovers she shares a link with Tampa's newest murder victi.

Hen she interviews Kimberly Callahan s tipsy mother who reeks of alcohol Kate examines a recent photograph of the girl and again notes how similar Kimberly is in appearance to her own childhood selfKate uses sarcasm as a means of communication no doubt because her emotions have been shut down for a long time She has Pilgrim Snail just finished therapy with the department psychologist after a two week mandatory leave and this case sends her running back for additional therapy She is tough and is a survivor but her past clouds herudgement and she makes than one uestionable professional decision Of course that only adds to the novels twists and turnsThe investigation leads Kate and Patrick from the victim s mother who is falling apart to a group of alienated students who dress in black to a unior high school teacher who supplements his income by selling kiddie pornWe are introduced to a villain who is beyond creepy As the novel nears its end there are a few graphic details where Kate recalls her own sexual abuse Graphic yes Exploitative or gratuitous not at all These details are organic to the story as Kate comes to grips with her abuse at the hands of a virulent and murderous pedophile First book I ve read by this author and it won t be the last Love how the author developed the characters The main storyline and the underlying storyline had me not wanting to put the book down but sleep always wins out lol The ending did not disappoint As part of the Blogger Book Fair and the first of many posts to follow between February 7th and 11th I ve brought you a fabulous treat in the form of a A with author Kelly Miller about Dead Like MeYou ll find many amazing deals give a ways and books for a shilling or less this week during the Blogger Book Fair and if you click the picture below you ll be swept into a vast world of great books and things to read than you have time forcaption idattachment1829 alignaligncenter width300 February 7th to 10th Cheap Books Great Authors World for a ShillingcaptionI met Dead Like Me s author Kelly Miller through the Blogger Book Fair and when she offered me a book to review I couldn t say no I ve been reading a lot of really heavy very philosophical books lately and I thought it was time to satisfy my urge to read a suspensemystery novelI bet you d like to know what I thoughtIt took me to Chapter 3 to remember why I love reading mysterysuspense novels When I ve been reading much taxing stuff it s always startling to switch genres at the beginningReading Dead Like Me was like watching an episode of CSI or Elementary It is exactly the type of thing you can read to recharge get your adrenaline going and fuel yourself I d highly recommend going and grabbing a copy The links are below like always with the author and about the book sectionsWhat can I say about the characters For the first two chapters I hated Kate but at the end of chapter 2 it was suddenly like she umped to life She has a passion that is not difficult to explain it drives and fuels her every move I enjoyed following her around on Detective escapadesThat s the other great thing I can say about Miller s Dead Like Me It gave me a rush and it was kind of rush you get watching an action film I needed some extra energy and I suppose she added fuel to my fire when it was down to embersIf you want suspense action and a day or afternoon it s 225 pages and perhaps I read uickly that promises to be like watching a good action movie think Bond this is the book for youI ve really enjoyed the Blogger Book Fair and have spent hours looking through the lists of books that are free and under a shilling aprx 5 dollars You should not only check out Miller but all the other great authors About the Book Author and About the Book On edge after a two week mandatory leave Detective Kate Springer is blindsided when she discovers she shares a link with Tampa s newest murder victim a troubled teen found strangled and dumped in a remote part of town The bond between them threatens to expose Detective Springer s past a past she s been hell bent on keeping secret When the killer finally emerges from the shadows Kate s secrets aren t the only thing on the line So is her life About the Author Writing has always been in my blood Since the age of thirteen when I coauthored a cheesy romance novel in a spiral bound notebook I knew I wanted to pursue writing as a career But somewhere along the way I lost my voice Sure I could craft a witty email or write marketing copy for other authors as I did in a previous Loving Lies (Summer Lovin, job but to write that great American novel seemedust out of reachAs is often happens life simply got in the way I got married had three children and adopted a black Labrador As a stay at home mom I was lucky to get an hour a day to myself And when I found those few precious minutes they were spent reading a good book A voracious reader I ve been researching the mystery and suspense genres for than two decadesIt was in my search for my own identity after staying at home with the kids that ultimately lead me back to my love of writing I started my Caught in His Gilded World journey towards publication in August 2010 The first draft only took four months to write but was followed by an enormous amount of time rewriting and an even longer time searching for a publisher Determination perseverance and God s blessing made my publishing dream a reality I signed a contract with Black Rose Writing on May 18 2012 and my first mystery novel Dead Like Me debuted in November 2012You can find out about Kelly miller on her website blog Facebook page and twitter You can even go out and grab a copy of her book on Barnes and Nobel or Smashwords Finallyust for the sake of getting it out there both the synapses and the Author biography came from GoodreadsAs if that wasn t enough alre. M a troubled teen found strangled and dumped in a remote part of town The bond between them threatens to expose Detective Springer's past a past she.

Writing has always been in my blood Since the age of thirteen when I coauthored a cheesy romance novel in a spiral bound notebook I knew I wanted to pursue writing as a career But somewhere along the way I lost my voice Sure I could craft a witty email or write marketing copy for other authors as I did in a previous job but to write that great American novel seemed just out of reachAs is o

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