Free Ebook Dawn of Awakening to Sacred Conscience Ä Art Aeon –

Dawn of Awakening to Sacred Conscience by Art Aeon is a fictional narrative poem in tercet stanzas It unfolds imaginary dialogues between the character Homer Outis the legendary ancient Greek author of the Odyssey and the character Odysseus the protagonist of the Odyssey about what followed the Helen's crucial revelations of the evil human causes of the tragic Trojan War in a numinous dream of the great epic poet It consists of three parts Book 5 Pilgrimage to Troy; Overcoming many formidable adversities Odysseus and Penelope fulfilled eventually the Helen's last wish to be united with Paris in Troy even as ashes but they were

Free Ebook Dawn of Awakening to Sacred Conscience Ä Art Aeon –

He character listener Homer Outis confesses to the character narrator Odysseus in sincere penitence that he has been misled in proud vanity to follow guileful minstrels who abused hoax 'muses' as their poetic conceits to justify their travesties of absurd divine affairs He vows to sing of the plain truth deep from his own conscience without the poetic conceit of hoax 'muses' Odysseus and Homer Outis become mysteriously transfigured into one enlightened being At this moment the imaginative great bard Homer Outis wakes up from his numinous dream inspired afresh to write a new epic poem An Odyssey into One's Own Sacred Conscience

Aptured by new Trojan ing Helenus Book 6 Dawn of a New Era; In magnanimous foresights Helenus set free his worst foe Odysseus to serve Aethon the holy sage priest at the shrine in Mt Ida Odysseus pursued a new life as a humble hermit under his revered mentor Aethon with sincere repentance of his past life and heartfelt devotion Book 7 Inner Awakening; Odysseus learned from wise Aethon about the wisdom and theology of ancient Egypt He realized that personified deities were not real entities but mere wishful illusions created by humans in their minds with their marvellous and uniue mental tools the human languages At this point

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