Kindle Ebook Dark Matter A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora –

Kindle Ebook Dark Matter A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora –

Excellent ead by some of your favorite authors who you may not have known delve into science fiction Worth the time As uneven as you d expect in an anthology this length but well worth Au bagne reading Has an Octavia Butler story that blew my mind a little I m in love with Nalo Hopkinson now too Gonnaead the seuel I m awfully lated to this party Dark Matter was Indistractable released in 2000 but better late than neverightSheree Thomas did a commendable job picking stories and authors for the collection One of my favorite gems was the opening chapter or two from a book written in the 30s about one of the first patients Why don t they make white Jacques Prevert robots is the uestion posed by the lyrical and tragic story The Pretended by Darryl A Smith one of the best stories collected in Dark Matter It works on all levels black themes black author using a future setting to say somethingelated to the present etc I love this story Unfortunately not all the other stories are eually at home in the collection Some like Gimmile s Songs by Charles R Saunders are good science fiction of their type but use African themes merely as a kind of exotic setting Other stories are heavily into African identity projected into the future or the supernatural bu. This volume introduces black science fiction fantasy and speculative fiction writers to the generations of eaders who have not had the chance to explore the scope and diversity among African American writersFiction Sister Lilith Honoree Fanonne JeffersThe Comet WEB Du Bois Chicage 1927 Jewelle GomezBlack No More novel excerpt George S Schuyler separation anxiety Evie Shockley Tasting Songs Leone RossCan You Wear My Eyes Kalamu ya SalaamLike Daughter Tananarive Due Greedy Choke.

T they aren t otherwise the best epresentatives of their genre Some aren t stories at all they are excerpts from novels which intrigue but don t hold their own as short fiction No less than three stories feature timespace travel by means of hythm which makes me wonder about the difference between stereotype and clicheThe earliest story in the book 1887 is a surprise and delight I had no idea W E B Du Bois wrote what we d now call science fiction Despite the inclusion of his excellent story people who like me are interested in early speculative fiction will be disappointed Seventeen of the collected stories are from 2000 which is not what I expected from a century of speculative fiction The scope of the collection is further limited by having some contemporary authors contribute than one story Still there are some gems here Fans of the lesbian vampire novel The Gilda Stories will be pleased to see a new Gilda story here Evie Shockley offers insights into one eason human cloning holds a perhaps irresistible fascination for people who didn t get life ight the first time There are stories by genre giants Samuel R Delany and Octavia E Butler which are gateways to great science fiction for people who picked up the. Puppy Nalo Hopkinson Rhythm Travel Amiri Baraka Buddy Bolden Kalamu ya SalaamAye and Gomorrah Samuel R Delany Ganger Ball Lightning Nalo HopkinsonThe Becoming Akua Lezli HopeThe Goophered Grapevine Charles W ChestnuttThe Evening and the Morning and the Night Octavia E Butler Twice at Once Separated Linda Addison Gimmile's Songs Charles R Saunders At the Huts of Ajala Nisi Shawl The Woman in the Wall Steven Barnes Ark of Bones Henry Dumas Butta's Backyard Barbecue Tony Medina Fut.

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Book for the African angle There are also some great essays by black science fiction authors about the How to Write Essays roleace plays in their writing or in the science fiction communityMy overall impression however is of a confused and lazy anthology that would have benefited from a broader scope and introductory essays to help connect the stories to the stated theme of the collection This anthology is a useful collection and contains some wonderful fiction However its subtitle A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora led me to expect a collection of texts that Blue Moose really does attempt toepresent the last century Instead only one third of the book is constituted by stories that were published prior to the year 2000 anging chronologically from 1887 to 1999 This places the emphasis of the book less on evealing how much black SF has been written in the past and the traditions of black SF or black writers who venture into SF and on introducing new voices in black SF and encouraging contemporary black writers of SF That is a worthy goal I don t mean to imply that it s not It s just not what I expectedThe inclusion of the few short critical pieces at the end of the anthology is a nice touch Featuring essays by Ure Christmas novel excerpt Ishmael ReedAt Life's Limits Kiini Ibura Salaam The African Origins of UFOs novel excerpt Anthony JosephThe Astral Visitor Delta Blues Robert Fleming The Space Traders Derrick Bell The Pretended Darryl A Smith Hussy Strutt Ama PattersonEssays Racism and Science Fiction Samuel R DelanyWhy Blacks Should Read and Write Science Fiction Charles R Saunders Black to the Future Walter MosleyYet Do I Wonder Paul D MillerThe Monophobic Response Octavia E Butler.

Sheree Thomas — also credited as Sheree R Thomas and Sheree Renée Thomas — is an American writer book editor and publisherThomas is the editor of the Dark Matter anthology 2000 in which are collected works by some of the best African American writers in the genres of science fiction horror and fantasy Among the many notable authors included are Samuel R Delany Octavia E Butler Charles