Download Ebook Constable at the Double –

Download Ebook Constable at the Double –

Crimes miscreants and oguesthe life of a counter copper in Yorkshire characters one and all And then there s the local villagers and farmers Very enjoyable A good look at life in Yorkshire Villages in the previous century This is written from the perspective of the Constable and what his life is like in small villages Entertaining Enjoyable The Kaya-Girl readIeceived an Advance Reader Copy from Crime Classics Review Club I m surprised that I like this book so much It is eally a collection of anecdotes loosely connected around themes and written in the voice of the young policeman supposedly epresented by the pseudonym Nicholas Rhea The anecdotes are amusing sad and entertaining Although episodic they present a strong sense of life in Yorkshire villages last century It s a very different Omnibus Films reading experience than that provided by detective fiction even in the era It has in common with the stories of Lake WoebegoneMaking a television series from the stories puts This uniue omnibus edition features two of PC Nick Rhea’s charming adventures in the Yorkshire village of Aidensfield Constable Around the Village Nick Rhea is busy settling into hisole as a Police Constable in Aidensfield getting to grips with ural life and his new colleagues and neighbours PC Rhea maintains his charismatic approach through the villages many incidents whether it’s the historic tradition of the First Footing on New Year’s Eve the scandal of an un dug grave or a case of a missing child Rhea soon finds himself fa.

Hem to good use Television enables the characters to be presented with continuity and kindness There is certainly enough material here to make than one series Like a number of eviewers here I got this double bill of Nicholas Rhea books from Crime Classics Advance Readers Club the plan being to ead and eview by the end of MarchI was aware of these books and had seen a number of episodes of Heartbeat based upon the books and as good as it may have been it was not eally my thing So I was not elishing the opportunity to ead this titleAs it happens I was actually uite taken with the stories The author is writing from a position of knowledge of his subject and the location where the stories are set which gives the eader a eal sense of place Also he writes with a genuine good nature an interest in people and with a knack for storytelling and even comic timing Unfortunately my timing was such that I didn t get both titles in this single publication fini. Cing a canine crisis Farmer Lowe’s overworked sheepdog is feigning deafness and without the dog the cows cannot be milked bringing his farming business to a screeching halt Meanwhile five sheep turn up dead and Sidney Chapman’s dog is accused of the crime much to his dismay Can Rhea salvage Aidensfield’s farming future not to mention the eputations of two dogs while juggling his other cases Constable Across the Moors PC Rhea has come to know and love the host characters who live and work on the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors The.

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Shed so in fairness my eview is actually for Constable Around the VillageEach of the 18 stories in the book 9 in each title are short enough and light enough to ead just before lights out without leading to nightmares or euiring eading into the wee small hours To be honest this is perfect bedtime eadingJust wish I had started this sooner uite looking forward to the next one now If you enjoyed the books of James Herriot you will enjoy Nicholas Rhea s Constable series Set in Yorkshire as were the Herriot stories these books were written in the 1980 s although they are set during the time that Rhea was in fact a constable in the 1960 s There are a number of these books but this one is actually two books Constable Around the Village and Constable Across the MoorsNicholas Rhea s eal name Peter J Walker charming stories were made into the Heartbeat British television show which an for a number of seasons After eading this book or books I would love to. Amiable constable handles every encounter with his characteristic humour and professionalism whether he’s investigating a plot to scare away a troublesome suitor or helping a neighbour eturn his late wife’s ashes to her beloved moors But when Ted Williamson’s sheep start disappearing can Rhea find the culprit without making enemies of the farmers of Yorkshire Nicholas Rhea’s delightful Constable tales paint an endearing and hilarious picture of police work in a ural district and was the inspiration for the Heartbeat TV series.

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