Kindle read Changing Positions Part 2 Sharing the Fun AUTHOR Farleven –

Ion to bed half of the city When she offered to join us in bed I wasn't sure I wanted to accept but she uickly showed me all the reasons why I wanted to say yes Before I knew it we were tumbling back into bed and I knew Mr Geren would know just what to o when he finds us in such a compromising position I just can't wait to find out what it will

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Kindle read Changing Positions Part 2 Sharing the Fun AUTHOR Farleven –

Changing Positions Part 2 Sharing the Fun An Erotic Transformation Story The sweetest things in life are meant to be shared I never imagined becoming Mr Geren's personal cat girl could be so much fun or feel so good When he made me an offer of a very special kind of internship where I would let him turn me into the woman of his reams I hadn't rea.

Lly believed him Still it was an opportunity I couldn't let slip away and after a ay of ravishing fun in his bed I couldn't wait for What I idn't expect was to run into his personal assistant He'd reshaped her into a half Asian half skunk with a body built for pleasure Nioni was than just sexy though she was an excellent cook and had enough pass.

I've enjoyed writing stories from a very young age and as I grew older it only seemed natural to expand my writing into adventurous realms I grew up a child of the eighties and weaned on rerun tv and well stocked local library that stoked a love of adventure in me As a youth I was drawn to mind control and transformation The ability to be whatever you wanted to be or have complete control

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