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This book is exactly what ou would expect A solid three and a half stars It s a fun journey into what it s like to be an astronaut the training launch life on the ISS reentry and everything that comes after Lots of personal experiences integrated into a uestion and answer formatI don t know what else there is to say Tim Peake is an interesting guy Apparently he was the first astronaut to wear the Union Jack on his spacesuit during a spacewalk This is one of those books that makes The Fall Of White City (Victorian Chicago Mystery Series Book 1) you feel good about science and the future of human spaceflight You can t help but feel excited about it allI ve been fascinated with spaceflight since I was a kid I memorized all the stages of the Apollo missions to the moon from the launch of the Saturn V to splashdown It s an amazing breed of people they send into space One thing I know for sure I don t have the right stuff I m glad someone doesThis is a fun read for armchair astronauts everywhere Very accessible for readers of all ages Spoken with authority humor and scientific facts this book hits upon the adventurer in every person bothoung and oldThe uestion and answer format allows the author to jump from topic to topic but he keeps it lined up logically Discussing topics as varied as effects of microgravity on the body to astronaut s diet to bodily functions the reader will want to keep turning pages to discover Even the parts reuiring a scientific explanation that may be just beyond a Please Dont Tickle The Tiger young reader s ability to comprehend move uickly before coming back to earth so to speakPart of the enjoyment of this book is the author s nationality Moving away from an American perspective helps the reader expand their own world I recommend this book to any aspiring astronaut scientist explorer or knowledge seeker Definitely not limited to any gender or age group Ask an Astronaut My Guide to Life in Space is an investment worth making I received a free copy of this book from Goodreads giveaways With the recent announcement that Tom Cruise will fly on SpaceX to the International Space Station ISS in 2021 I thought it would be fun to listen to the audiobook Ask An Astronaut My Guide to Life In Space read by the author Tim Peake After learning the strenuous educational reuirements for life on board the ISS I wonder if Tom Cruise has the right stuff to be an astronaut Since learning Russian is one of the reuirements to live on the ISS I hope Tom is starting his language lessons nowTim Peake is a British Army Air Corps officer European Space Agency astronaut and a former International Space Station ISS crew member for six months beginning in December 2015 Tim went through aear long application process and beat out over 8000 others for the chance to be an ISS crew member Then he had a rigorous 4 ear training period before being assigned to a crew Too bad he wasn t a millionaire like Tom Cruise so he could skip this process In addition to scientific research Tim got to do some cool things in space including presenting a music award to Adele and running the London marathon His personality shines through in the book He has a great sense of wit excitement and joy as he discusses all aspects of training launch the structure of the ISS life onboard the ISS his return to earth and the future of space exploration He is on deck to go back to the ISS Maybe he ll get to meet Maverick I learned a great deal of surprising information Unfortunately now know that I cannot apply to be an astronaut because I had Lasik eye surgery Haha Some of the information is a bit technical but most of it is informative and very interesting for readers from middle school age and up 5 Star. Life on board the International Space StationThe public were invited to submit uestions using the hashtag #askanastronaut and a selection are answered by Tim in the book which will be accompanied with illustrations diagrams and never before seen photosTim is pleased to announce that as with his previous book royalties received from the book will be donated to The Prince’s Trus.

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Husiasm and above all our personality and character that will enable International Organizations you to succeedHis messages and wisdom that he embedded throughout the book are all so straightforward struck a chord with me He had trained for 6ears prior to the 6th month mission on the ISS As he said in the uote he kept his drive and passion burning bright and trained himself to prepare for any contingencies that could arise during the mission Space explorations never come risk free Once Laurus you are launched out to space there are chances thatou ll never come home again Sobering fact but this is the risk all astronauts brace and they still forge ahead to realize their dreams and passion This is what makes this book even delightfulThe camaraderie he established with his crew members is also a highlight of this book Seriously I was either grinning ear to ear or slightly welled up while reading this book His great personality and integrity definitely seeped out of the pages coating every wordThe biggest takeaway from his book at least for me is my new found interest in the ISS and the future Lunar project He was really clever and smart in closing the book by sharing some snippets of future space explorations now I ve got so much to follow Ask an Astronaut is such a fun entertaining read for people of all ages for someone with a slight interest in space I totally enjoyed this exhilarating inspiring ride and I cannot wait to read from Tim Peake This ear seems to be a bonanza of space related books Ask An Astronaut by Astronaut Tim Peake is a perfect companion book to read along with the wonderful Endurance by Astronaut Scott Kelly After little bites of information about astronauts space travel and the amazing ISS these two writers have fleshed out the picture in a fascinating and informative way Honestly speaking I had no idea who Tim Peake was prior to reading Ask an Astronaut I m now a fan This book was written really clearly and felt like I was just sitting there having a conversation with him The uestions are done in a chronological type of way starting with liftoff in the beginning through the ride home at the endI learned so much that I never even thought to ask The information contained in this book is thorough and often entertaining I had no idea that astronauts are reuired to know Russian It makes sense but wasn t something I had ever thought of before This book would be a great addition to anyone s library Reading this expanded my knowledge and made me want to pick books up about astronauts Completely fascinatingI received an advance reader copy of this book that I have chosen to review It is amazing to consider that since 1961 when Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space that only 545 people have reached Earth s orbit Tim Peake is one having been on the International Space Station ISS in 2015 His book Ask and Astronaut My Guide to Life in Space is as close as most of us will get to knowing what it is likeWhen Tom Wolfe wrote The Right Stuff he was talking about the first American astronauts who had come up from the ranks of pi Picked up for a challenge found myself so engrossed that I finished it in one night one morning Peake has a nice light straightforward way of explaining things and the illustrations add just the right amount of levity He even explained divers bends to me better than anyone else using the analogy of a carbonated drink Funny fascinating and inspiring Tim Peak takes us on a journey to International Space Station through his book He answers all of our uestions such as how does it feel to leave earth how do astronauts use the loo in space and how does it feel to space walk. Nd the thousands of uestions he has been asked since his return to EarthAccessible in depth and written with his characteristic warmth Tim shares his thoughts on every aspect of his mission From training to launch from his historic spacewalk to re entry he reveals for readers of all ages the cutting edge science behind his ground breaking experiments and the wonders of day to day.

Scott Peake has written a very easy to understand book about a very complicated subject He has interwoven his personal observations and feeling with known facts reuirements and inuiries about space travel that is fun to read I picked up several things about space travel and living on the space station that I never thought about Beyond the subject matter I found the structure of this book most appealing By breaking the content into major groups and further using uestions about those groups to focus on sub topics allows the reader to read the book in a leisurely manner and take breaks as freuently as desired As someone who has always been drawn to and fascinated by space there s no way I don t love this book This book is packed with fun and interesting episodes that shed a lot of light to the wonders of space and space explanations but it also shares uite enlightening wisdom and lessons on what it takes to be an astronaut and what risk ou have to bear in mind upon heading to space I absolutely enjoyed reading this fun book and adored every single word of his Contrary to what I just said above being a massive fan of NASA and space my knowledge is uite limited prior to reading this book Specifically speaking what I have mostly been interested in was the Apollo projects the grand project that brought Neil Armstrong on the Moon and the epic survival drama presented in the Apollo 13 mission uite frankly I was not interested in the International Space Station as much as I was in the good old days of NASA I picked up this book believing Tim Peake was a NASA astronaut I didn t even know there are so many space exploration agencies in the world Silly me In that regard this book literally opened up my eyes and piued my curiosity followed by a momentary shock and embarrassment from realizing Tim Peake is an ESA European Space Agency astronaut this book taught me now that NASA withdrew from the Space Shuttle projects in 2011 Russia s Soyuz spacecraft is the sole means of transportation to bring crew up to the ISS For that reason Major Peake shares a great deal of information and details on every aspect of space flight over Seven chapters Launch Training Life and Works on the ISS Spacewalking Return to Earth and Afterwords Looking to Future Simply put everything was a whole new world to me and I was kept awe struck I felt like being a 9 Het Reservaat Van Ward Ruyslinck year old when I was so obsessed with the Moon The episodes Mr Peake shares with us are all so interesting and inspirational that I couldn t suppress my curiosity to look for some videos on YouTube just to take a peek into what the exploration and his mission looked like That is partially the reason why it took me almost a week to finish this book there are simply too many distractions and temptationsThe wonders of this book never ends there what I really liked about this book is the words Mr Peake weaves in this book As this book is comprised of As sort of like an end product of a project Askanastronaut on social media this book is told in a very conversational manner and his wording in general is relatively easy to understand When it comes to answering technical uestions such as astrophysics and gravity and such which I don t know anything about I must admit that there were parts where I still couldn t get exactly what he meant but I totally appreciate his efforts to break it down as much as possible and walk us through by giving some examples In addition to that I was fascinated and inspired by the messages Mr Peake shares with us Here s one of my favorite uotes from this bookAs we shall see academic reuirements only getsou so far It s Rumunia. Koniec złotej epoki your driveour ent. The new book from astronaut Tim Peake the number one bestselling author of Hello is this planet EarthHow does it feel to orbit the earth ten times faster than a speeding bulletWhat’s it like to eat sleep and go to the toilet in spaceAnd where to next – the Moon Mars or beyond Ask an Astronaut is Tim’s personal guide to life in space based on his historic Principia mission

Free download Ask an Astronaut My Guide to Life in Space Author Tim Peake –

Major Timothy Nigel Tim Peake CMG born 7 April 1972 is a British Army Air Corps officer European Space Agency astronaut and a former International Space Station ISS crew memberHe is the first British ESA astronaut the second astronaut to bear a British flag patch the first was Helen Sharman who visited Mir as part of Project Juno in 1991 the sixth person born in the United Kingdom to