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Or deportation and this was even happening to US citizens who had never lived in MexicoEstrella and her family 5 for ALL THE STARS DENIED by guadalupemccall Stunning cover alert Captures the book erfectly leeandlow WTG I love how historical fiction can both teach us about the Boneshaker (BA 43-500, past and help us better understand theresent This stunning middle grade book about family separation wrongful deportation and dehumanization of A Star Is Born people of color is captures a forgottenart of history that is even relevant today Estrella loves to daydream and write CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition poems about nature It is 1931 the Great Depression is in full swing and Estrella s Mexican American family lives in Texas in a border town Mexican Americans are discriminated against by the local Anglos but when Estrella and her family speak up her home is raided in the night and her family is repatriated to Mexico without their documents She her brother andarents are American citizens and yet they are treated worse than animals In Mexico they are kept in an outdoor en and given far too little food Even worse her family has been separated Can Estrella and her mother withstand the challenges keep her little brother healthy find her father and get back home This owerful story will illuminate a forgotten chapter of our history in which over 1 million Mexicans 600000 of whom were American citizens were deported to Mexico Although this is historical fiction this story is all too familiar in today s climate The narrative is interspersed with Estrella s oetry as well as lyrical emotional letters to her Abuelita who fought her own struggle in a companion novel Shame the Stars My only gripe is that at time the story felt too lot driven I wouldn t have minded a longer book with space for. Tackles the hidden history of the United States and its first mass deportation event th.

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I finally finished this book after months and months of reading a few Rant pages here and there For me the writing style fell a little flat and clunky AND YET I believe that every one of my middle school students should read this because it tackles the hidden history of the first mass deportation event in the US sending hundreds of thousands Mexican Americans out of the country during the Great Depression As I was reading this book I was aware once again about my ignorance around so much of the true history of this country and am grateful to Guadalupe Garcia McCall for opening my eyes and telling Estrella s story Sadly her storyersists today The day I finished the book I read about Francisco Erwin Galicia a US Citizen who was detained in Mexico for 23 days after a mistaken immigration arrest McCall s book is a reminder that we must always be willing to see clearly fight for justice and give voice to the voiceless Review copy E ARC via EdelweissPublisher with final copy via libraryEstrella is a fifteen year old with an appreciation of nature and Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM poetry She loves sitting outside observing and reflecting on the world around her That world is beginning to turn upside down though People are disappearing Restrictive laws and violence targeting Mexicans are both increasing Estrella s family had kept her feeling safe and secure but things were changng rapidlyGuadalupe Garcia McCall allows readers to get a glimpse of Texas in the depression era and theicture is not a retty one Most history books skip over the details The depression was a difficult time yes but there was an added challenge if you were Mexican or even seemed to be Mexican Families were being separated and repatriated Of course repatriation is just another word In a companion novel to her critically acclaimed Shame the Stars Guadalupe Garcia McCall.

Reflection and Estrella s stunning oetry Parts of the book are in Spanish which lends authenticity and engagement A glossary is Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons provided in the back but many words can be figured out in context The author s note as well as information for further reading is helpful as well librariansofinstagram librariesofinstagram allthestarsdenied mglit mgbooks ilovemg guadalupegarciamccall bookreview Plot During the Great Depression 15 year old Estrella and her family are repatriated to Mexico despite the fact that they are all American citizensOpening line I ve been thinking a lot about the desparecidos in Montesco My Reflections As an avid reader of history I have read many books about the unjust incarceration of Japanese American citizens during WW2 I was unaware During the Great Depression times were bleak for mosteople but especially for Mexican Americans living near the border as they were often used a scapegoat More than 1 million Mexican Americans including 600000 citizens were repatriated to Mexico Author McCall tells the story of fifteen year old Estrella del Toro and her family who are doing better than many on their ranch in southern Texas However racism is mounting in the local town and some neighbors have disappeared ie been deported to Mexico At a local town meeting her father and Estrella speak out When their home is burned to the ground her father is taken by the olice and Estrella her mother and sickly younger brother are taken first to Ciudad and then to Mexico City They become refugees barely surviving on meager rations hoping for the kindness of strangers while they search for Estrella s father I would have given 4 stars but was annoyed with the author s freuent unnecessary use of Spanish words I do not kno. At swept up hundreds of thousands of Mexican American citizens during the Great Depressi.

Books online All the Stars Denied –

I was born in Piedras Negras Coahuila Mexico My family immigrated into the US when I was six years old I grew up in Eagle Pass a small border town in South Texas Eagle Pass is the setting of both my debut novel in verse UNDER THE MESUITE and my 2nd novel SUMMER OF THE MARIPOSAS fall of 2012 from TU Books After high school I went off to Alpine in West Texas to study to become a tea