ONLINE BOOK All Night with a Rogue Lords of Vice #1 –

ONLINE BOOK All Night with a Rogue Lords of Vice #1 –

D mentioned briefly and by then they were in I Am a Teamster love I really would have preferred to actually watch their feelings develop Also I never saw any real redeeming traits in either of the protagonists to actually make them interesting to me They both seemedike weak shallow people Also why was Sin so ok with what his sister did When he finds out all the facts it doesn t really seem to impact him Later in the book when one of the characters points out what role Sin plays for his sister I couldn t agree with their assessment All Night with a Rogue Lords of Vice WARNING this review contains some spoilers is ranty and may offend sensitive readers Perhaps No Just no no and NO This is one of the worst books I ve read in a while I did not want to say this but it is true This book was so annoyingLet s see if I can write something that isn t too ranty yeah right So this book takes place in 1820 in English society The heroine if you can call her that starts the book pretty well fleeing from the unwanted attentions of a Heartlands lecherous guy She even climbs a tree which I kind of thought was cool Then she meets the hero His name is Sinclair and he is a rogue Heooks up while he is getting a blowjob from a woman sees her thinks he d Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj like to bang her trust me I m being way subtle andess rude than the book itself and there you have it Next day his sister tells him she wants him to seduce this young girl named Juliana because she is totally stealing her beau He is Literature Circle Role Sheets like ok anducky Juliana happens to be the girl in the tree Seduction for this rogue is basically half stalking the girl and sort of mauling her even after she said no It was so freaking disgusting I mean WHAT Then to help matters the author decides she doesn t really care how Victorian society was and she is going to write a scene where Juliana s mother ets her unmarried daughter enter a carriage alone with a known rogue damn it was a man She also decides that everyone will coo when Juliana an unmarried woman receives an expensive present from a man who is a bachelor and a rogue Hello Are we in alternate 19th century England Well after he bangs her they decide to be overs but we re never shown the development of their relationship yep it s a sentence telling the reader that they had a torrid sex based affair Because soon new villains that are intent on having our heroine appear out of nowhereAnd that s it they re in Jane Does Return love not the villains the hero and heroine So As you can see I thought the plot was the most contrived annoying thing ever well not ever but It was ridiculous it made no sense and some of the scenes were creepy As much as a rogue is a player I don t want to read about a creepy man that is the hero Sin the hero promises the heroine he will bed her He takes advantage of her innocence mauls her and I m supposed to think that is romantic Sorry people are free to think it is but I sure don t Character development was null Oh wait the heroine was sort of spunky for the first few pages but then she noticed the hero was hot and she turned into a whimp Sin was an idiot there was no reason for his stupid behavior and he only slightly redeemed himself at the end Chemistry between the characters there was none As I mentioned above it wasn t even explained how they fell inove The author just told us they did but from the sex to the drama there was no development at allThe supporting characters were eually Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas lackluster Overall very weak Definitely not my type of book Iike my heros with some redeeming ualities and my romance to be actually romantic Oh and heroines with some backbone I will say though that I thought the writing was ok Lady Juliana Ivers is in the garden at a ball hiding from a echerous escort she hides in a tree While in the tree she sees Alexius Maruess of Sinclair known as Sin to his friends being plesured by their hostess Sin sees the innocent girl in the tree watching Sin is one of the 7 members of The Lords of Vice Titled gentlemen who spend their time in drink and debauchery and they all have nicknamesSins sister Belle is jealous of Julianas frienship with her over Kyd so she asks Sin to seduce and deflower Julianna Sin agrees and when he realises that she is the girl in the tree he is even determined to have her This is just the description of how the HH are thrown together I wont go into any detail as it might spoil the story There are subplots that keep a fast pace throughout the book and Beyond the Mist loads of saucy sex scenes This is a debut novel and I have a hope that this series might get better I give it a 4 instead of 3 because of the fast pace and the premise of The Lords of Vice is interesting SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERI really enjoyed it and my main gripe was that the bratty cruel sister Belle got off scot free Belle and Sin had a strange relationship that had me raising an eyebrow on occasion Then we have Juliana I think 5 people kissed her against her wishes add the selfish mother and sometimes the sisters and some very unrealistic scenes Juliana went back to the ball aftereaving the tree with a torn dress did no one notice There was a couple Phemes Regret like this and then after seducing Juliana the book jumps weeks ahead Where did they meet how often Overall it isn t a bad book and Reign s story is next which I will read. E her family's finances even if she secretlyongs to make a iving through her musical compositions A dalliance can only complicate matters though not even practical Juliana can help succumbing to the aptly named Sin But one unforgettable night will draw her into a scandalous affair and a seduction begun as sport will soon become deliciously dangerously re.

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What Sin or Hussy did after first 100 pp Knotted dogs display romantic behavior Finished by skimming it The author hopes to touch the reader s heart she says She tickled the back of my throat instead I iked the story and it moved at a good pace without too much filler It is on the steamysleezy side The story begins with the heroine being stuck up a tree hiding The hero arrives with the married hostess of the ball and she proceeds to pleasure him The basic plot is Sin the hero is asked to do a favor by his sister Seduce and cast aside Lady Juliana Ivers So he goes forth with the plan Without giving any spoilers I will say I did have issues with certain events in the story and the hero was a real jerk at times but still all in all I did Chimerica like it Sometimes when you pick up a book you don t know what you re getting yourself into I was thinking this was going to be a formulaic regency romance It turned out to be aittle bit than that One review I read Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story labeled it at sleazy but I m going to have to respectfully disagree It was along theines of steamy I Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 like steamyI think the biggest draw for me was that Juliana wasn t a bubbleheaded society girlooking for a husband She fell into Sin s bed with very The Probability Pad little prodding from him and she was passionate about her music To start with the fact that she wasn t unwilling in the sex department elevated this book for me I really do get tired of the innocent girl who has to be tricked or blackmailed into falling into an affair Let me rephrase that Sometimes I get tired of that Sometimes it s exactly what I want to readI alsoiked that Sin s original intentions were to bed her and Calendula leave her If that makes me sick and twisted so be it Iiked that his character was scandalous and unrepentant about the woman he fell into bed with I have to admit that his blind devotion to his sister s wishes kinda made me nauseous but I believe he rose above it in the end Meaning that I can totally overlook things that the characters Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, learn fromAs far as the book itself it s a romance with big dresses petticoats and corsets The menike to screw Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide like bunnies and the woman are bound by the rules society sets down for them There s not much to it Unless you throw in a strand of pearls winkIn the end Iiked it It was a uick read with fun characters and a weirdly convoluted tale of blackmail and ust Which is pretty much exactly what I was ooking for Kelly Reading the Paranormal Pretty good reminded me of a historical version of the movie Cruel IntentionsWe meet our heroine in a tree Yes really We meet well our anti hero until Soy Sisters later hero seducing a mistress below at a ball Her feather falls off her hat andands on Sinclair our Maruess She s nor discovered he keeps her secret they go separate ways with each other on their mindsSin is Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems looking for her He has no idea her nameJuliana is a pianist composerooking for Lord Ryd to see if he can publish her works before she s married off Sybil like her mother wants for all her girlsUnfortunately for her Lord Ryd has caught the eye of the evil sister of Sins She wants her destroyed Sin agrees He s bored it s a game He doesn t realize yet his uarry is our Lady Julianna His sorceress in the tree that he s beenooking forLots goes on in this story What starts out as a seduction game for a bored rake ensnares him as well He falls She s crushed by the truthEtcMy biggest star off for this book was what the feck happened to the sister No really That was it She was a nasty bit of goods and I felt robbed of her own comeuppance The ending was too abrupt and unfulfilling with all the drama that occurs at the end I really feel A Womans Guide to Fasting like aarge chunk of this story was missing The book reads Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy like an outline than an in depth exploration of two characters falling inove The premise sounded I Know Who You Are like the movie Cruel Intentions and since I enjoyed that I figured I d give this a try Unfortunately I didn t enjoy this set up or the characters very muchAlexius Sinclair otherwise known as Sin agrees to a plot his half sister Belle hatches Sin is to seduce and then discard Juliana Ivers because she is heartless and is trying to steal Belle s beau Sin is than happy to help out his half sister but is shocked to discover Juliana is a woman he had met previously and been intrigued by Juliana s mother has brought her and her sisters to London in hope of arranging advantageous marriages for them The family has fallen on hard times since their father died five years before Juliana is not very interested in marriage but becomes intrigued by the rakish Sin after their first meeting togetherThis story seemedike it was designed solely to make Juliana suffer in every possible way Not only is Sin horrible toward her but her own mother is even worse It s bad enough to be betrayed by a man you re interested in but it is so much worse to be betrayed by someone who Spring Girl loved and raised you It wasn t aittle betrayal either It was a huge one that shocked and disgusted me I couldn t understand why all the characters weren t upset with the motherWe get the Menerjang Batas lead up in Sin and Juliana s relationship and we get the conclusion of it but the middle part where we would be expected to watch the characters grow toove each other was only told not shown Weeks were skipped over an. He ton is happy enough to oblige especially when he catches a glimpse of his target Juliana is completely unlike the empty headed chits who barely hold his attention for a week A true gentleman would eave her to find a worthy suitor But then a Lord of Vice would never claim to be a gentlemanWOULD IT END IN FOREVERJuliana is expected to marry well to improv.

I don t even know where to begin with this book Nicknames of hero his friends reminded me a ot of Stephanie Laurens Bar Cynter seriesSin Vane Dare Reign Frost Saint etcHero is basically whored out by his sister and told to seduce the heroine then dump her because heroine was so much younger than sister who feared she was going to No Apology Necessary lose the one guy who paid her any attention at ballsMother dearest is a compulsive gambler and to pay off her debt she practically sold the heroine to some random titled idiot for the summer so she could play his mistress If that wasn t enough she was saved from that only to beocked in a room tied to the bed in her cousin s house because creepy cousin has wanted to marry her since he saw her when she was 13 years old PervertHero comes in saves the day blah blah blah but there is NO groveling no confrontation with the harpy of a sister and nothing to make up for the humiliation of everything the hero and his sister put the heroine through and she the brainless twit just takes him back once he says I The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag love you Blech Spare me Ioved the concept of the book It was very Cruel Intentions However the delivery just fell short of my expectations It started off well with some steamy scenes but the actual romance in the story was Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) lacking I never really feltike the characters even really cared about each other They spent a couple of weeks boning with no real emotional attachment shown followed by the heroine spending the rest of the book than half of it trying to escape the two douchebags who blackmail her for a relationship There wasn t much character development either it was actually almost Whoops! like reading a wiki article describing the story You get a basic idea of what s going to happen without any form of emotional attachment to the characters something I feel is essential in romantic novelsI also feltike the story was Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. lacking in research on the time period The heroine s mother encourages her to go off with men on her own ALL the time There are never chaperones despite the fact that she and all of her sisters are supposed to be finding husbands Everyone knows very early in the book that she s sleeping with the hero but they all just accept it she s never shunned by society there are no negative effects for her family etc In fact the blackmailers keep talking about how important it is not to shame her sisters so they can still get married but everyone already knows that she s alreadyost her V card That should have already happened Plus everyone should already know her family s financial situation so that alone would have made the daughters completely unacceptable They re in a time when beauty didn t necessarily matter so much as money since most of the aristocrats needed the dowry That s why so many of them started marrying upper middle class girls I almost didn t finish this then realized that if I don t finish it I can t give it bad review It was bad The basic plot setup is that a woman asks her brother to seduce a virginal young woman because she s jealous The hero does it but only because he wants to anyway How romantic The historicalsocial stuff was way off This was supposedly a Regency concerning aristocrats A man introduces himself to a marriageable young woman Young woman accepts a gift of jewelry from a man he gave her a pearl necklace No really He gives ALL his The Sheep Book lovers a pearl necklaces only he gives it to them by putting them into their vaginas first because he s a sweetheartike that Everyone knows young woman is the mistress of this Maruess of Slutbag but people still talk to her anyway A mother pimps out her marriageable daughter to perverts not ONCE but TWICE also expecting the hero to rescue her but DOESN T TELL HIM ANYTHING WTF I think maybe Hawkins could have pulled off something Laduma like this if she made her heroine of aower class or did anything to acknowledge the vileness of the mother or at The Gangs Birthday Surprise least stage something satisfactorily awful to happen to the villainessbut no This was really not worth the time or the discounted price Not a Regency not a romance Manslut meets virginal crypto hussy sex ensues Big surprise This one made me grouchy SorryCharacters were all anachronistic vague hormonally motivated and one dimensional dots not even dashes The men of the Vice Club are interchangeable mansluts the hero Sinclair is nicknamed Sin If you think about it hard the subtle significance will become clear The heroine is a down on heruck maruess daughter and supposed spunky composer who s run afoul of hero manslut s half sister who wants her deflowered for hijacking the attention of one of her musical beaux Without realizing it Sin has already noticed the doomed heroine while getting serviced under a hazel tree the heroine s climbed to avoid a Earth lecher of her own and got herself snaggedWhat s not to warm the cockles of my heart the way they meet cute He sees her while his membrum virile is down some other woman s throat So romantic While treed the heroine s craning her neck for a betterook too a titillated voyeur while the slurping goes on below Sweet And he does ruin her Such a HEA in the worksUnclear inconsistent historically inaccurate characterizations skin crawling plot points NO ikable characters and so forth Just didn t care. Notorious handsome and decadent the Lords of Vice prowl the glittering ballrooms of Regency London breaking rules and hearts with eual aplomb But even the wildest rogue must eventually meet his matchIT BEGAN AS A FAVORSeduce Lady Juliana Ivers and then cast her aside Those are his sister's instructions Alexius Braverton Maruess of Sinclair known as Sin to

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