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Pathy for or connection to the characters After 50% I skimmed some chapters because the war thing isn t really my cup of tea in books I liked Cassandra s ersonal journry but I didn t like how it all turned into a faction war and alliances and Worldviews of Aspiring Powers politics It just didn t feel real The new characters involved were a little bit too flat to work I think Also the tension between Roan and Cass had totally evaporated at thisoint and Adorkable personally that was what made the story interesting Even though there were many aspects that left me well a bit disappointed there were nice aspects too The book doesn t drag theacing really nice The characters are witty The writing is good and engaging It has a happy ending though not reuired for me Discover the Seasons personally The thing is it hadotential to be better That left me with mixed feelings I can still recommend the series enough eople who really enjoyed itFun fact I liked Odin the best of all secundary characters A great conclusion to the series 3 STARS This was a truly exceptional series from start to finish I loved it I did think things were going way differently after book two but luckily it didn t I ll definitely be checking out books from the autho. To decide if I want to live forever in the world of the humans or the world of the fae with Roan Sure he’s gorgeous and loyal but do I want to spend forever in this chaos As the Seelie encroach on our territory it’s time to see if Roan and I terror and love can really change the world togeth.

Ebook Books Agent of the Fae Dark Fae FBI #4 – lavitamin.us

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One and I highly recommend it 35 stars I think this is currently Crawford s best series It s leaning towards dark urban fantasy and yes I totally just made that up This book is the conclusion to a four book long series or so I hope I really loved the start of this series especially the first and second book I liked Cassandra s struggle her wit and flaws I liked Roan even though he was a douchebag He was mysterious Eventually the characters backstories become known and all thr mystery falls away and even Roan s ersonality changes for 100% He became like a lovesick mate in the turn of a How To Take Care of Your Human Pet page I disliked that Cass and Roan suddenly were mates and I disliked even that events in theast were suddenly explained and dismissed For example that he didn t want anything to do with Cassandra in book 3 because he was angry that she had come back for him for other reasons than love I didn t find the explanations credible or well they didn t feel that way It felt like the author had made up excuses for Roan s behavior in the To Be Read Before Midnight past and needed to clarify herself Besides that I like it when some mystery remains The same for backstories It was all sad and drama but I didn t feel any kind of em. Ed to unite the six Unseelie courts to fight back Unfortunately centuries old feuds make this almost impossible To make things worse there’s no good reason for anyone to listen to us After all I’m just aixie bastard Did I mention that my dread owers are gone If that weren’t enough I need.

I loved this tie to the end of the series Everything came together so well but it was not an easy ride for Cassandra and Roan The Seelie are on the war ath literally Siofra and Abellio are determined to make Cass What Lies Beneath (Newbury and Hobbes, pay for things that have happened before yet Cass and Roan s relationship goes from strength to strength To defeat the Seelie Cass needs her dreadowers back she has a trickle but ever since the loss of the Stone she can hardly do anything with them They also need to unite all the Unseelie factions but that is a mammoth task in itself but Cass and Roan are not ones to take no for an answer Eventually things take a step forward only to be thrown back again but they get up shake off and low on ahead for the next obstacle Of course there are casualties on both sides of this fae war but those who deserve it get what s coming to them I loved Cass and Roan in this book they finally revealed their true feeling She finally understood what it means to love someone with all your heart And that love will get them through anything and everything I even took a liking to Elrine once she explains her hatred of Cass but not necessarily Cass ersonallyThis series was a brilliant. The final book in the Dark Fae FBI series The Fae war is coming and I'm caught right in the middle My father the ruthless Unseelie king is dead It should have been our moment of triumph Instead we find ourselves hiding in London from our ancient enemies the Seelie From Roan’s city mansion we ne.

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