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Against Ambience diagnoses in order to cure the art world’s recent turn toward ambience Over the course of three short months June to September 2013 the four most prestigious museums in New York indulged the ambience of sound and light James Turrell at the Guggenheim Sounding.

Pdf Free Against Ambience » Seth Kim–Cohen – lavitamin.us

Es for an art that acknowledges its own methods and intentions; its own position in the structures of cultural power and persuasion Rather than the warm glow of light or the soothing wash of sound Against Ambience proposes an art of cracks crevices disruptions and deconstructio.

S at MoMA Robert Irwin at the Whitney and Janet Cardiff at the Met In addition two notable shows at smaller galleries indicate that this is not simply a major donor movement Collectively these shows constitute a proposal about what we want from art in 2013 Against Ambience argu.

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