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I bought the original Meaning of Liff not long after it came out When I heard about the Deeper Meaning I went out and hunted down a copy When I heard about After Liff well I never did hear about it I ust went into my local supermarket one day and there it was reduced to half the cover price So I bought two and gave one as a Christmas present to a friend who had also not heard about this third volumeI m not going to uote any of the meanings in this review since that is mocked uite clearly in Liff 1 But the concept of taking down the various combinations of letters from signposts and putting them to work filling in gaps in the language shows no sign of wearing out thirty years later And the sense of achievement when you manage to use one in casual conversation never wears offDouglas Adams is of course sorely missed but the general public has sought to fill the gap and John Lloyd and Jon Cantor have done a fine ob curating the selection and I presume creating many of their own entries This collection is possibly a little below the original Liff but I d rate it above the second volume there were several here that actually made me snort which happened only rarely with Deeper Personal taste will vary your own preferences of courseIf you ve. A liff is a familiar object or experience that English has no word for Afterliff its long awaited seuel corrects this disgraceful oversight by recycling the names found on signpostsThis brilliant successor to Douglas Adams' and John Lloyd's 1983 classic The Meaning of Liff features over 900 essential new definitions includingAnglesey nHypothetical object at which a lazy eye is lookingBadlesmeare nOne who dishones.

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PDF ONLINE Afterliff – lavitamin.us

Already and will make every effort to use them in conversation A fine continuation to the silly dictionary that now includes my home town Raised a few serious belly laughs I loved the Book of Liff and still use some of the words for everyday things I ve snorted over this second book and spent much time crying with laughter My husband hates me reading it especially because I want to keep interrupting him to share words He hates it most when I read it while drinking coffeeHeaps of examples to share but I love this one because I know the place I also know a fair few public figures who could be called thisPont y pant nAlpha male brought down by fraud or inappropriate sex I loved this book It s clever and fun I was sad it ended so I came up with my own Liffs and submitted them in order to help there be another book The sole reason I bought this was because I saw John Lloyd in the Hay Festival bookshop and believed that he may have thought me a tight bastard if I went up to Without the Douglas Adams edge but still as wholly witty and sublime as it was with him What can I say about this It is funny and educational and ust downright silly but lovely lovely lovely I enjoyed my free sticker as wellBlog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy. H nThe false gusto with which children eat vegetables in advertsSorrento nThe thing that goes round and round as a YouTube video loadsUralla nA towel used as a bathmatIn 1983 John Lloyd and Douglas Adams authored The Meaning of Liff a bestselling humour classic which went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies John Lloyd's other books include 1411 I Facts To Knock You Sideways and The Book of General Ignoranc.

Enjoyed either of the other books you ll want this If you haven t tried them then this is as good a place to start as any as great as the other two The third volume in the Liff series suffers a great deal from the lack of Douglas Adams and also from throwing entries open to the general public who are on average less funny or original than Adams Too many entries in this book are crappy puns outmoded gender stereotypes or yet another word about some variation of there not being a world for a thing This is not to say there are not a few gems in there ust that they re fewer and further between than in its predecessors The new format also tends to prevent the wonderful clusters of definitions that appeared in the earlier volumes such as the words clustered around araglin A worthy successor to the original classic brought up to date with some invaluable new words for texting and Twitter related activities and dilemmas And congrats to Jon over there on his four contributions If you liked The Meaning of Liff or The Deeper Meaning of Liff you ll probably like this If you don t get the central conceit of recycling place names for everyday things that don t have words for them yet read something else I ve discovered several useful new words. Tly ticks the 'I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions' boxCaterham nAn overwhelming desire to use the Pope's hat as an oven gloveClavering ptcpl vPretending to text when alone and feeling vulnerable in publicEworthy adjOf a person worth emailing but not worth phoning or meetingKanumbra nThe sense that someone is standing behind youLjubljana interjWhat people say to the dentist on the way outLoughboroug.

John Hardress Wilfred Lloyd CBE is a British comedy writer and television producer Lloyd was Trinity College Cambridge where he befriended and later shared a flat with Douglas Adams He worked as a radio producer at the BBC 1974–1978 and created The News uiz The News Huddlines To The Manor Born with Peter Spence and uote Unuote with Nigel Rees He wrote Hordes of the Things with And

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