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Erland because all of the nonsense and riddilish speak made me crazy and not in a good way At one point even the narrator is ust speaking nonsense and throwing out random words That is not entertaining to me I understand that it goes with the plot of the book and the Wonderland aspect but it Powder Room just was not my cup of tea I liked seeing the characters from Wonderland being a little upfront I actually like Kitty after reading this book where in the past I did not Same goes for Lizzy and I actually kind of would like to see a DaringLizzy relationshipIust wish we got of the rebelroyal storyline instead of this and to build on that story I mean you got a piece of it with Cedar and the importance of. O infect Ever After High with a strange magic everything goes topsy turvy The students transform into animals and objects palace mice talk and the beautiful green grounds on campus fade to black and white Lizzie Hearts Wonderland's future ueen Cedar Wood daughter of Pinocchio and Madeline Hatter heir to the Mad Hatter's Hat an.

ChoiceThis book ust didn t meet my expectations especially after enjoying the previous two The problem with this book wasn t that it wasn t good but that it wasn t a good ending to the trilogy hence the rating It would have gotten a 4 if it weren t the end there is a spin off but I am not counting down As an adult male I sometimes get a funny look when I tell people that I only read Young Adult Juvie books In all honesty I enjoy them far than many Adult books Even though they may be written for a younger demographic they are written by Adults the subject matter is still very adult in most cases I am a huge fan of Monster High Ever After High the animated shorts the dolls so when the first. D Tea Shoppe seem to be the only ones who haven't completely lost their heads It's up to them to save their best friends forever after from a curse that threatens to give their school and their lives a very unhappy endingDon't miss Book #1 Ever After High Storybook of Legends and Book #2 Ever After High The Unfairest of Them

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( READ A Wonderlandiful World ) ì Shannon Hale – lavitamin.us

I think this book was great I liked finding out about the wonderlandians and getting to know about wonderland But the main plot never gets resolved We never find out what happens between Raven and Apple If Apple gets over herself and accepts the fact that not ever one has a great ending and they want to change it I need to know but that was the last book in the series and now that s it I m so depressed Overall it was a good book I always adore Wonderland characters and I m so much enjoy reading this book with all the Wonderlandian became the main character So I read this book pretty uickly but to be honest I think I read it so fast ust to be done with it I don t think I am cut out for Wond. At Ever After High everyone is expected to sign the Storybook of Legends pledging to follow in their fairytale parent's footsteps But when Raven ueen came along things became fairy fairy confusing Now no one's destiny is certain not even for the most royal of them all Apple WhiteWhen a mysterious being from Wonderland begins

Shannon Hale is the New York Times best selling author of six young adult novels the Newbery Honor book Princess Academy multiple award winner Book of a Thousand Days and the highly acclaimed Books of Bayern series She has written three books for adults including the upcoming Midnight in Austenland Jan 2012 companion book to Austenland She co wrote the hit graphic novel Rapunzel's Reveng