Free read A Broom of One's Own Words on Writing Housecleaning and Life AUTHOR Nancy Peacock –

Free read A Broom of One's Own Words on Writing Housecleaning and Life AUTHOR Nancy Peacock –

Yone you can even hazily recall but then realize later that you aren t really interested in all their thoughts I did that with books on the to read list so now I m trying to clear them outNancy Peacock is a published author with two novels in print However her writing was not enough to support her so she kept doing the job she found most tolerable cleaning houses This is a book of essays that are meditations on her writing process and her employment It couldn t really decide if it wanted to be a clever set of stories with witty barbs about the houses she cleaned or a standard book about the writing process and how to overcome the blank page Regardless it didn t do either very well The housecleaning stories are a little too cutesy and the writing bits are too cliched tortured artist I just don t care how hard writing is for you I feel a little bad giving her a low rating because I was pulling for her to succeed at the end of the book But it s just not very good and I imagine her novels are ite dreadful Nisht ahin nisht aher not one of the most often sed expressions but one familiar to those who grew p in households where at least bits and pieces of Yiddish were spoken In her focused memoir or collection of related narratives Nancy Peacock captures the experience of being nisht ahin nisht aher neither here nor there She hauls her cleaning supplies and euipment to and through and from the places where she is the cleaning lady Captivated by the Millionaire uite a number and variety of living and work spaces were over a fifteen year stretch straightened scrubbed polished vacuumed mopped you know the list by Nancy the housecleaner And then there are those two novels and short published pieces that were scrubbed straightened polished etc after she hadnlike the houses built them Weighed down by the baggage of bills and self doubt Peacock was during a sizable chunk of her life everywhere and nowhere neither here nor there Her yoking of her two lives in A BROOM OF ONE S OWN illuminates than the obvious connection between writing and housecleaning both reuire cleaning A Mighty Big Wish up messes Aside from the general link between the jobs the author reveals a personal link shame Identifying herself as a housecleaner embarrasses her referring to herself as a writer embarrasses her The world of the housecleaner is beneath her but she can reach down and grab it the world of the successful writer feels beyond her reachI told myself that I should read A BROOM OF ONE S OWN because of Peacock s avoidance of her calling her dependence on a safety net that for a long time kept her from claiming her place in line with the acrobats and aspiring acrobats her eventual commitment to reaching out andp instead of. OnIn A Broom of One's Own Nancy Peacock whose first novel was selected by the New York Times as a Notable Book of the Year explores with warmth wit and candor what it means to be a writer An encouragement to.

One of the best books I ve read in a long time Her candor and powers of observation won me over as did the fact that she livedlives within her meansLOVING this book Can t put it down Local author endorsed by one of my heroes Lee Smith One of the first dates with my husband was when I was a student at NCSU in Raleigh We went to hear Lee Smith talk about writing She stressed the importance of writing what you know Nancy Peacock knows a lot about people and writing This book also made me very proud of how I have treated housekeepers over the years as people worthy of respect and gratidude Nancy Peacock is a writer whose first two books were written with great depth of nderstanding Life Without Water is one of the few books I have ever stayed p into the early morning hours The Italians Stolen Bride unwilling to put downntil I had finished it all in one sitting Home Across the Road surprised me even by the depth of the generations of the characters and the overriding sense of loss that ran through the character s livesA Broom of One s Own is Peacock s book on writing life and her job cleaning houses Her job pays the bills her fantastic writing does not and also affords her a look into the private lives of those families for whom she cleans house This along with her reflections on her work her reflections on the people she works for and their environments and her reflections on her writing make The Greek Tycoons Mistress up the majority of this book Peacock has a wonderful way with language She also has annderstated honesty even when it s expressed in anger longing or confusion She presents herself as a writer should as a complex not at all tidy collection of thoughts and feelings who is trying to make sense of herself her life and her writingThis is a great great book This collection of essays is just what it says it is words on writing housecleaning and life Peacock s stories are Tikki Tikki Tembo uite interesting and she tells them is an engaging style that is also somewhat humorous Anytime I picked this bookp I wanted to keep reading and see what she had to sayPeacock doesn t deny that housecleaning is hard work but she doesn t feel sorry for herself and she doesn t denigrate the people she cleans for Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, unless they deserve it She admits to not liking offices but she doesn t veer into what I call the hipper than thou brag that is when people write in a faux self deprecating tone that they can t do a real job or work in an office which is really just code for I want to sound cooler and interesting than those who doShe also talks about writing and offers encouragement and tips to those who might want to pursue it In the first heady days when I joined Goodreads it was like when you first join Facebook you add ever. For the twice published novelist reading an article about herself in the National Enuirernder the headline Here's One for the Books Cleaning Lady Is an Acclaimed Author was than a shock It was an inspirati.

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Down into somebody s clogged drain But to be honest I have to say that what really kept me interested in the book was not Peacock s changing relationship with her writing but the candy wrappers littering carpets and the shit floating in the toilet I love this book I want to own it and be able to go back to it for later reference Nancy Peacock hits so many nails on the head that seem to directly apply to my own lifeIn this book she recounts her experiences as a published Author who still cleans houses for a day job It s an interesting process she goes through from having writer s block to almost being fearful of success and to even becoming comfortable with simply being a maid And then finally her strength and foresight to slowly Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island uite cleaning houses one after another and write It s all very inspiring As a current janitor and author in progress I found this novel to be very hopeful at times funny and ridiculously relatable I devoured this book in two days finishing it today and I already miss it Nancy Peacock is both a published and well received novelist and a professional house cleaner As you might imagine she receives different feedback from people depending on which of these roles has her currently engaged A Broom of One s Own is a refreshingly brief and humorous book about the author s writing career and the fifteen years she spent earning her living as a housec A very interesting book about writing An encouragement to all hard working artists no matter how they make a living That s on the back of the book From its clever title to the pithy writing tips at the end this book is simply wonderful Nancy Peacock tells her story withnflinching honesty in tight vibrant prose It s a sobering story but told with such fluid grace it leaves you gasping for A great choice for a writer s bookshelf this book will encourage beginners as well as seasoned writers I found it hard to put down and irresistibly fun I m not going to lie I have stacks of books in pretty much all of my closets come at me Marie Kondo and I was looking for something else last week when I found my copy of A Broom of One s Own and inexplicably got a strong feeling that it should be my next book Clearly my hunch was right because I flew through this in a day a day I feel compelled to add that included 7 hours of sleep and an 8 hour workday I just loved everything about this A Broom of One s Own is a memoir of Nancy Peacock s life as both an acclaimed novelist and as someone who cleans houses for a living Although the book is 10 years old it s ite timely in this age when it s hard for any writer to make a living from their writing So Peacock dusts bookshelves that contain copies of. All hard working artists no matter how they make a living Peacock's book provides valuable insights and advice on motivation craft and criticism while offering hilarious anecdotes about the houses she clean.

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